Learn to Tu? Don't make fun of them. They are all fake chicken soup

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Learn to Tu? Don't make fun of them. They are all fake chicken soup

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[guide]Today, someone invented the so-called "famous" Tu "quotation", but also can lead to loopholes appear one after another, sought after, on the Internet frequently forwarded, many people drank the poisonous fake chicken soup, but also frequent praise, or if the enlightenment, or inspired, learned that the true meaning of life. From the Tramp to tycoon, Du Yuesheng is really a man of ability, EQ IQ is high, but such people can really become a mentor? The so-called "learn" with Tu, is not completely ignored the key point: "learn", what is for what?

The first: April 21st, Xinhua Daily Telegraph grassland weekly

Author: Guan Shanyuan (Xinhua Daily Telegraph columnist)

The recent WeChat circle of friends is very popular "Du Yuesheng" "Du Yuesheng quotes," true, specious, even "learn" with Du Yuesheng for a class of the chicken soup - this is absolutely a bowl of poison chicken soup".

As we all know, do not cooperate with rogue; similarly, do not be a rogue when life mentorDu Yuesheng is a rogue hundred-percent, even if he is a long gown, full of loyalty.


Unlike the general children of rivers and lakes,Rogue heart, there is no right and wrong, only talk about interests.

Du Yuesheng is a gangster, and he's a big gangster. This is nobody denies -- no matter how Du Yuesheng said enough friends, "will a man," and Meng Xiaodong's "love, generous in aiding needy people"...... There is no escape from the fact that Du Yuesheng is a rogue.

Of course, it was also said that the rogue how? Liu Bang was not a rogue?

But he is not an ordinary rogue, he is a drug trafficking on the establishment of a huge business empire and has not given up the crime of rogue.

Du Yuesheng was born in a poor family, when she was very young parents died, at the age of 14, to the Shanghai fruit trade apprenticeship, trained stunt and cut off one hand featheredging pear pear skin rising. But he certainly did not want to just when a Shanghai master on the road to the evil he designed, youth development, petty theft, gambling, and rogue, the company who.

He was fired for theft and went to another fruit store. Of course, it does not have a future, he later called worship a rogue head for the old man got home when Huang Jinrong went rogue giant opportunity.

He is clever cunning, considerate, quickly get Huang Jinrong wife's appreciation, thus become a confidant of Huang Jinrong, by the Commission for lifting up bad opium, and is responsible for the operation of three French concession of public club casino.

Drugs and gambling, become the pillar of the cause of the war, especially the sale of opium and drug production, so that he quickly accumulated amazing wealth.

He built in his hometown of du Temple, covers an area of ten acres, completed successfully, tens of thousands of people. The guard of honor, even Jiang Jieshi sent a plaque, a letter to "forever filial" -- but ironically, the temple became Du Yuesheng's underground morphine and heroin processing factory.

Du Yuesheng not only rich, more potential, called Shanghai underground EmperorOr, the drug business is so good to do? Jonathan Fenby, a British scholar, "the biography of Jiang Jieshi", a detailed description of how the operation of the drug business in the year of Du Yuesheng:

By 1927, as noted by Shanghai police historian Flick Wickman that did not allow green, almost no what things can be illegal business. And those who despise it are likely to find that they will be shot, kidnapped or broken with a fruit knife.

During the Spring Festival in China, Du (Yue Sheng) invites important drug dealers to the party, and tells them how much they pay for the protection. Those who fail to pay will find a coffin sent to his home as a warning.

In a dense fog of the incident, three French officials do not love Du, after he set for them since Ningbo mushroom featuring died after dinner.

The gangster's black hands can be seen everywhere, shortly after the mushroom feast event, a ship carrying a report on drug trafficking in the territory of the Paris to the ship's sinking in the India sea.

Report the loss, and the dead one famous reporter Albert Lundelaisi, he had declared a "explosive" news home.

Naturally, the sinking incident should be attributed to du. Obviously he is the one who has to deal with anyone who wants to control Shanghai.

Du Yuesheng fortune after a change in the traditional hooligans dressed bunt, wearing rings, rolled up their sleeves, laugh up, but four wearing a gown, dress gentle, collar buttoned up the details, let some of today touted Du Yuesheng pleasantly surprised.

But if you dress up, you can change the nature of a person, then, the world has long been a beautiful paradise.


That year, Shanghai's three largest rogue giant, "Huang Jinrong greedy, Zhangxiaolin good play, Du Yuesheng will be" said.

Many people believe that Du Yuesheng eventually replaced Huang Jinrong, Shanghai became the first rogue, because he will be a man.

This is wrong! Du Yuesheng from the younger brother to the boss, because of Jiang Jieshi. Jonathan Fenby wrote in the "Jiang Jieshi biography": the big three, "Jiang (Jie Shi) became the most important ally is third characters, poor rice shop boss Du Yuesheng orphans, because the reason is very obvious," said Du big ears. "......"

Du Yuesheng, who has a big mouth and big ears, became a loyal ally of Jiang Jieshi in April 12, 1927, when he helped the Communist Party member of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai to kill the Communist Party members in. "The Cambridge history of the Republic of China" in reference to "four - one or two" the coup, "said the Shanghai gangster Gang as an accomplice" is "mafia".

The history, it is through this event to see Du Yuesheng Huang Jinrong backstage, extremely cruel and merciless, then playing for second, let Du Yuesheng become Shanghai green -- the first person to know that Wang Shouhua is Du Yuesheng's "friend", the night of April 11th, he was invited to the Palace Banquet Du die, it is out of Du Yuesheng's trust comrade, refused to let him carry security advice, start a solo run.

After Wang Shouhua was entering the Du, Du Yuesheng, Gao Xinbao, Rui Qingrong ordered his rogue Ma Xiangsheng and leaves Zhuoshan et al after sacking unconscious, cruel alive in West Shanghai Maple Bridge, only 26 years old.

Du Yuesheng obtained the enormous benefits he wants: he was awarded the rank of major general Jiang Jieshi, Jiang Jieshi in the so-called "more specific concessions", a company of the Shanghai area opium right to Du Yuesheng, and arrange for police to help protect the Opium transportation and warehousing green. The most ironic is that Jiang Jieshi also let the Opium traffickers, Du Yuesheng became the director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of opium......

One American diplomat wondered why every time Jiang Jieshi went to Shanghai to see all the holidays?

A Chinese official explained to him: "the generalissimo to Shanghai, the first thing is to cast Du Yuesheng mingtie...... The relationship between two people is a kind of arrangement: Du Yuesheng led by his henchmen and other undesirable elements do not bundle the Communist Party in exchange for him to act rashly, drugs, gambling and prostitution industry's freedom of action."

In order to meet the social status of Du Yuesheng's pursuit of desire, Jiang Jieshi appointed him as a "Communist Shanghai correspondent". Not only that, if the failure of his opium monopoly business, Du Yuesheng also asked for a refund to him -- but he paid the government $six million start-up costs -- Song Ziwen proposed to government bonds to pay.

Unfortunately, the Song Dynasty, Du Jiexin know, government bonds not worth a hair. In July 23, 1931, it was not surprising that the death of Mrs Ni was attempted to kill Song Ziwen. We can be sure that, in this scene, Du Yuesheng's refund will soon be paid in cash.

"Jiang Jieshi biography" in one book, also mentioned such a detail: because some mistakenly believe Song Meiling sister Song Ailing provides insider information, Du Yuesheng investment failure, he found Song Ailing's husband, the finance minister Kong Xiangxi to ask for compensation, the latter refused, the book wrote: "the night", a British consultant Frederic Leahy - Ross recalls, "the first six dimensions of the coffin was put in the hole, the funeral home." On the second day, the central bank agreed to pay compensation to a "patriotic citizen" who suffered losses."

For the money, French officials, Du Yuesheng can kill the concession of foreign journalists, but also death threats and brother-in-law Jiang Jieshi's brother-in-law. His privilege, which is the old man Huang Jinrong can compare?


It should be said that Du Yuesheng is a special figure in the special background of the rise of a special figure:At that time, the Jiang Jieshi administration had to rely heavily on the management of the mob".

In Pearl Harbor before the incident, Shanghai is a separate city all forces, divided into Chinese and American dominated international settlement and the French concession, the three pieces of the administrative, judicial, public security system, the Kuomintang government forces, only in the Chinese community and effective international settlement and the French concession, too long in no state who ignores.

The fragmented state, provides a broad space for the rise of the green group, like fish generally three rogue shuttle between the plates, forming a huge underground society, Huang Jinrong Du Yuesheng the ringleader of words, is more effective than the official.

While the official, whether it is Chinese or concession, are willing to use to manage the rogue rogue, especially provides the living space of the concession to the gang, they are too few number and no public opinion colonists, the social management ability is very limited, so never wanted to help remove black, and even some prominent Gang he entered the police station, in order to achieve the "Hua Zhihua" belongs to.

Therefore, it constitutes a kind of strange balance: the gang to help the concession to maintain public order, while the concession is to engage in illegal activities in the power of the Mafia, Du Yuesheng's drug business, is bigger and stronger in the French concession.

It is because the official ability is low, the gang was able to control a wide and effective form in the folk, the violence and immorality control was based on official fancy, the two sides form a cooperation, each one takes what he needs, share the spoils.

It is a time of practical supremacy, which is what ethics and justice?

The settlement needs a mob, and Jiang Jieshi needs a gangster to provide him with money.

"Song Meiling wrote a biography" in the book: "the chairman of the" communist "campaign has always been to do big budget, he has been financed by two sources: one is the Minister of finance, a squeeze money from the drug trade. How Jiang Jieshi managed to get into the Opium market exchange "go" operations, and ordered the ban against drug abuse, but a politician say one thing and do a set of the most vivid illustration." Feng Yuxiang also angrily said: Jiang Jieshi is a dictator, his employer, no matter how corrupt you, no matter how bad you, as long as you can support his personal."

There is no denying that, Du Yuesheng is in the period of Anti Japanese war made great contribution for the country and the people made a contribution, Japanese face temptation, he also reveals Chinese integrity, which is today some people praised the main points of Du beauty.

Yes, we can not because Du Yuesheng is an opium traffickers and denied he active resistance facts, but we can not because he made a contribution to the war, and he deliberately ignored as an evil opium traffickers (even during the Anti Japanese war is still in opium traffickers).


The spread of the Internet, the so-called "Du Yuesheng famous", "Du Yuesheng quotes", a lot of unsound, apparently modern fiction, one called "Du Yuesheng": 1, the most quiet person in a group, often the most powerful. 2, timid boy can be a major event. 3, after war is true. 4, the tears of the man must have love. 5, love curse people, the heart is very afraid. 6, people who do not smoke do not drink, are very selfish. Generally not for life. 7, heavy feelings of people, it is difficult to have the happiness of love. When you say that word of love, you are in the passive.

In the popular words, "it's drunk."",From a rogue, Du Yuesheng turns into a poet, a psychologist and a master of love.

According to the historical data available for research are from the Tu mouth, one is "the worst man three bowls of noodles: the human face scenes sensibilities." There are "Chamber", in fact the real version, not widespread in this section: a chamberpot I am Jiang Jieshi, want to use, do not want to use the plug under the bed." In fact, his words is this: "you don't see many good men, with better, I address each other as brothers, that I want to be an official is very easy. However, they are in with me as a chamber pot, after use, will be quickly hid under the bed." Du Yuesheng and Jiang Jieshi do not specifically say this, even though he knew that he really is Jiang Jieshi's.

Before the fall of in favor of Chiang Kai Shek, after the end of the war, Shanghai concession has been recovered, the role of the gang began to decline, the value of the former is no longer. Later, the "Prince" Jiang Jingguo of Shanghai "tiger", speculation as to the arrested Du Yuesheng's son, Du Weiping, was sentenced to six months imprisonment. Du Yuesheng had already realized that his privilege had been lost.

In fact, there is a real famous saying, but was consciously or unconsciously forgotten, that is: Hua Yiwen money to receive a lot of money."

This sentence, is the true colors of Du Yuesheng.

Du Yuesheng is very rich, he spent a lot of money to invest with all kinds of people, contacts, from gangster to warlords, from the political to people he also made some men of literature and writing, charity, usually did not even others what airs, asked him to show when the fruit store clerk when he designed. Don't mind something today, so some people greatly: look, success is so great, so and so put down the face so good......

As long as the money is successful?

You know, Du Yuesheng's money is soaked with blood ill-gotten gains; Du Yuesheng skilled featheredging pear hand, infected and how much blood?


For a long time, popular pseudographs, poor bookseller under the guise of an imaginary foreigners name, looking for writers together a bunch of rather baffling words, can be sold.

Today, someone invented the so-called "famous" Tu "quotation", but also can lead to loopholes appear one after another, sought after, on the Internet frequently forwarded, many people drank the poisonous fake chicken soup, but also frequent praise, or if the enlightenment, or inspired, learned that the true meaning of life.

From the Tramp to tycoon, Du Yuesheng is really a man of ability, EQ IQ is high, but such people can really become a mentor? The so-called "learn" with Du Yuesheng, is not completely ignored the key point: "learn", what is for what?

This is undoubtedly a deep sorrow, one should be reviled by drug traffickers, but some people become idols, as Mr. Li Zongwu was used to irony criticism quothouheixuequot, but some people used to mix social textbooks.

In fact, life, there are many famous sages, far as the Mencius said "my good nourishing my magnanimous, nearly as Zheng Guofan advocated" Zhuo cheng".

Today, too many people are eager to succeed, this is a good thing; too many people smart, this is not a bad thing. But how to understand "success" and "wisdom" is a comprehensive test of social morality.

May not require everyone to have "magnanimous", but can not ask everyone especially those smart people "Zhuo cheng".

But,As with not renzeizuofu nor evil, to the teacher.All rights reserved.

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