The Northern Song Dynasty and Laoshan tuidi "historical truth: a one hundred thousand Xixia army repulsed a brothel

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The Northern Song Dynasty and Laoshan tuidi "historical truth: a one hundred thousand Xixia army repulsed a brothel

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Shen Kuo in the "dream pool essays" in one book, recording a strange thing. Yuanfeng period (1078 - 1085), the mother sent one hundred thousand soldiers laid siege to the Empress Dowager Liang in the Northern Song Dynasty Bao Shun Ning Zhai (Shun Ning Cun Shaanxi Zhidan County),"Number of girth. When the village soldiers at least, people fear"The situation is very unfavorable to against heavy odds, the Song Dynasty army.

She defied retreat one hundred thousand

The critical moment, I do not know who had an idea for a brothel female boss (and Laoshan, commonly known as "madams") Lee, the female boss is not the common people. Lee very aware of the many privacy Xixia Liang's mother.

Lee boss calmly"Lift the clothing anti curse at the parapet, as the private." When all the dirty beam empress Chen sesame rotten millet Gossip Gossip romantic piece. At that time, the Xixia emperor was only six years old, the actual control of state power is the queen mother.

"A big statue", "queens" mother of the country be scold was exposed in nature's garb injured all over the body, a public occasion. The soldiers are afraid, although these scandals within the ruling group all by heart, but ordinary soldiers, people do not know. If this spread to domestic Xixia, everyone has the rumor "disrespectful". So the soldiers have to cover their ears, can not bear to listen to.

Some soldiers put an arrow to kill Lee, but did not shoot. Lee called high spirits, what bad scold what, eight generations of ancestors and reproductive organs, adjectives, auxiliary verbs took turns, lip, shitticism Everfount ejected from the mouth, like a thousand arrows volley.

Xixia army,"Then he gave him a chance to go through the night." The soldiers fear convicted, pig does not blow - fade ham (back), the army had to "Torre grain feed", selected in the middle of the night quietly retreat. Shen Kuo to say: "Jiminggoudao are used, the letter of." What people are useful ah, I took!

Shen Kuo is a famous statesman and diplomat in the Northern Song Dynasty, and also has an important identity, scientist, who is very strict in his study of the people of. In addition, Shen Kuo in Yuanfeng period served as the extension of the state (Shaanxi Yanan) lontuge prefect, straight degree and other duties, this thing happened in Yanan is not so far, "said tuidi and Laoshan" is a historical rather than a legend.

The emperor and his wife

What the country has what empress mother beam privacy, make one hundred thousand army scared the spirit has left the body? He was originally a Han Chinese, who looks very beautiful, is not noble Dangxiang Xixia lovingly pathetic, Tibetan family phase, I didn't hide falsely Pang (also have history have a correct [m ng] Mang Zang) son home to marry the wife, Liang was later Xixia Yi Zong Lee dare to stare at last at.

Li Liangzuo was as good as his father, Li Yuanhao, and used to eating grass,"I love too fierce, everyone about women in UAE ho Noir"Men who minister beautiful woman, can not escape him.

Li Liangzuo's mother is not correct Pang sister later married the daughter of not falsely Pang didn't hide for the Queen's, he is also a father and uncle, exchanges, saw the beautiful young daughter's father-in-law, was soon hooked. The fourteen year old emperor li during the day in the work of understanding and blessing, affectation dealing with military affairs, the night quietly came to the laozhangren, and his 3-year-old cousins Liang betrayal.

No Tibet's son was plotting to ambush Jiashi, ready to assassinate the emperor. Liang brainteasers, she weigh the pros and cons between husband and lover - cuckold husband is at best a two generation, while Lee understanding and blessing is somehow a limitless future emperor.

He eventually did not help fatherinlaw and her husband, but the choice of the lover to informers, and assist the lover brother Li Liangzuo will not hide a daughter. The family of more than 80 people are killed. The Queen's not deposed, soon perish. He replaced the Queen's not an easy job to do, go from high-ranking daughter-in-law identity for Xixia mother.

Liang family affairs of state monopoly

Emperor Yizong of Western Xia

Song Zhiping four years (1067) winter, Li Liangzuo to attack the Gyeongju city (Shaanxi Dashun Huachi County), shot to death. The six year old son Li Bingchang succeeded Liang Taihou regent, Queen Diliang B (a beam for buried buried) for the country. B embedded beam placed his cronies to hold military power, such as the younger brother of Wei malog Yuanhao case, be familiar with understand the military side things capable to exclude, Wei malog had refused to bow to his younger brother, was dismissed from office in exile.

Brother Liang Liang family controlled the power, became the highest level of Xixia nobility, patronage, crackdown on dissidents, control of Xixia country for decades. His siblings is Han, Han nationality is scum. Xixia country for many years with the central government's rule against aggression, launched several song of war, because the killing is overweight, caused by the domestic The people are boiling with resentment.

In order to win over the Tangut nobles, a Sister Li Liang's understanding and blessing period for Han Li, Li Fan and recovery. Dry for two years (1069), the Empress Dowager Liang under the guise of the name of his son, in the summer the recovery request fan instrument, was soon began.

A year later, his sister began to launch a war of aggression, in an attempt to raise the prestige. Dry for three years (1070 Xixia a Li Sheng national day first year, August), by the three hundred thousand Ma beam empress, "100 Ji diet of border road five" attack song, the Northern Song Dynasty's "shock formation Shaanxi right earthquake".

The horses to Gyeongju City, after the Tibetan leader Dong Xixia Xixia army felt headed attack, had to withdraw, after more than ten years repeatedly with the song of war, until the domestic financial constraints, forces fail to make peace with the song dynasty.

Li Bingchang began to reign at the age of sixteen, and the sub beam empress politics. Still, about the interference beam empress. Yuanfeng four years (1081), Li Bingchang listened to Han Li Qing's suggestion, to prepare a joint government of Northern Song Dynasty, his family forces weakened.

The Empress Dowager and Minister of useless design killed Li Qing falsely adorable, Li Bingchang was imprisoned in his mother in Xingqing prefecture (now Ningxia Yinchuan) west of imperial tombs where the water village.This has aroused strong dissatisfaction of Tangut nobles, many hand over noblesbegan Yongbingzigu, did not listen to the beam of the Queen Mother's commands Xixia country split situation.

Chaos led to decline in national strength

Yuanfeng five years, the five hundred thousand army, although the beam repelled the attack the Empress Dowager song, but the national recession, people exhausted by years of war. Xixia and Song Dynasty to befriend, can get the large number of "old gift" every year, bilateral trade and foreign trade. While summer and song against each other, trade off the market, financial deficits, too; domestic prices skyrocketing, the government and the people is the emperor's political Voices of discontent., more and more high.

Yuanfeng six years, in order to calm the situation, the queen mother decided to let Li Bingchang son reset beam. But the power is still in their own hands, in order to control the life, your son is the queen of Liang's niece. After the death of Liang Yimai, the Empress Dowager Liang's son Yibu (a Liang Yibu) succession, Gu Zhi two people continue to think the affairs of state. At the time of the Dangxiang regime is actually composed of Chinese rule, which in its history is a wonderful thing.

Emperor Huizong of Western Xia

Song Shenzong Yuanfeng eight years (eleven years of Xixia Daan, 1085) in October, eighteen years of the control beam empress died at the age of thirty-eight. The beam lost Yibu backer, alone can not control phase in jeopardy.

Xiang army commander, Royal Renduo yasutada open country and phase beam Yibu contend, Xixia rule group to "royal family" and "family" factions of the power struggle intensified, Li Bingchang is unable to solve the decrepit and muddleheaded, chaos, all day long and endless, Yuanfeng nine years (1086) at the age of twenty-six to die.

Emperor chongzong of Western Xia

The eldest son of Li Bingchang Li Qianshun became the fourth emperor, the three year old emperor to controlled by a new generation of Liang's brother and sister, until he was sixteen years old when the reign, destroy the Liang family forces.

A good woman can flourish the whole family, and a promiscuous woman can easily destroy her husband, son, a family, even a family, even a country.