Yi Zhongtian | "Three Kingdoms" novels and the true history of the gap between what?

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Yi Zhongtian | "Three Kingdoms" novels and the true history of the gap between what?

2017-04-21 19:26:03 138 ℃

Yi Zhongtian

Almost all the historical events and characters that have been concerned by the later generations generally have three kinds of images: historical image, literary image, folk image. The historical image is the official history or historians study, literary image is fiction or drama creation, folk image are the common people in mind.

There are three ways of reading, understanding and judging history: historical views, the views of the times, personal opinions. Standing in the position of the ancients is a historical opinion, standing in the position of modern people is the era of opinion, standing on their own position is a personal opinion.

Three countries, is the three image and the focus of the three places.

Of course, thanks to Luo Guanzhong. It is because of his "Three Kingdoms", the original is not very important in the history of Chinese culture circle almost known to every family known generally All the world knows., although not a historical image.

The question is: why?

One of the reasons is that the literary value of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is not low. One is the creation of idiom, it is a must. But more important is, this novel not only has the value orientation, and its value is still quite a long period of time by the official and folk identity, it was enduring.

So, what is the value of the romance of the Three Kingdoms?


This is always the. In fact, as the tendency of the "Three Kingdoms" is the "statue of Liu Biancao", it is the soul of "promote loyalty". It is not the first time Dong Zhuo came to Beijing, but sworn brothers. It is precisely because of this carefully arranged, history has become a different look.

What does it look like?

Yuan Shao and Cao Cao's line of struggle is weakened, the power struggle between Liu Bei and Cao Cao into a moral struggle of loyalty and rape; played a decisive role in the less important Sun Quan be cast into the shade, Guan Yu is shining.

Guan Yu is not very important?

Yes, at least not crucial. Really important people, it should be to change the historical trends and trends, such as the destruction of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo, the first separatist Yuan Shao, to fight the Central Plains of Sun Quan. So, Guan Yu's far less importance than win over Liu Bei Jingzhou Lu Meng, Lu xun.

However, Guan Yu was respected in later generations, even more than Zhu Geliang. He is in the Yuan Dynasty has become a God, and later Holy Buddha, known as the "Saint Wu" and "Gaitian gufo". This is clearly not because of his Wu Yi, but because of his loyalty. Thousands of miles is the faithful, the battle of Cao Cao is its release.

Guan Yu is the typical example, flags and loyalty.

The same is true of Luo Guanzhong.

In fact, he left Cao Cao, Cao Cao ordered to respect his choice, can not stop the chase; then defeated Chibi's escape, Cao Cao also did not meet him. Many of Guan Yu's stories and heroic deeds, including "wine chopped Huaxiong" and the like, are all by Luo Guanzhong's beautiful style of writing.

Even captured Guan Yu's surrender, was found the justification: cannot put aside the sworn brother, sister-in-law and captured the suffering the emperor, a man to his death. Conditions, of course, by the generation of Luo Guanzhong, said: Chinese Han cao.

It is Its loopholes appeared one after another.

What is called "drop Han does not fall Cao"? Liu Bei is a group of people who were against the big anti - government forces, and now decided to surrender the Han Empire? The other two things are also a big problem: over five off Cao Cao will be unjust to the, Huarong road to let go of Cao Cao is disloyal to the.

Luo Guanzhong series of these stories and rhetoric, can you believe it?

In fact, the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," the flaws abound, such as "three gas Zhou Yu" is impossible, because Zhou Yu never calculated that the Zhu Geliang. And Zhou Yu cultured, talented and refined extraordinary magnanimity, would be mad? Zhu Geliang and upright, how can it kills allies but also verbally frivolous?

Yes, Zhou Yu believes that to prevent Liu Bei, but it is in after the battle of red cliff, how will again set up in Zhu Geliang before the war? Similarly, Zhu Geliang is not a villain, how will the said over the "Zhou Lang plan security world, lost his wife of another soldier? Such taste and style, it is difficult to compliment.

No wonder Mr Hu Shi described as "ugly confucianism".

In this ugly strange country is Confucianism be not at all surprising, people do not think very much in the book but not; this flaw is not strange, strange is in no doubt about. Why is this?

In order to dream.

Traditional Chinese society, in fact, has always been a dream. The first is called "Datong dream", that is, back to the tribal era. The second is called "off dream", that is, to return to the era of state. The two dream can not begin to do "just dream".

This is the "Chinese dream"".

Just dream also includes three contents. First of all is to have a benevolent and wise good emperor, this is the "monarch dream". The second is that all levels of officials to be honest, this is the "dream"". If the monarch and officials are not to be counted on, hope someone at the sight of injustice is the "dream Knight draw a sword and render help".

Monarch, official, knight, is Chinese Millennium dream.

These three dreams, Luo Guanzhong helped us round. The monarch is Liu Bei, Zhu Geliang is honest, chivalrous knight or is Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Three dreams of Three Represents, in the Liu Bei group, Liu Zun censures Cao can not enjoy great popularity?

As for the truth of history, nobody cares.

In fact, the "Three Kingdoms" to create the literary image, to a great extent, originally from the folk, and later in the popular, become aggravated. Concerted efforts of the two forces, so that this history and its true colors gradually.

It's not surprising. After all, the society is yearning, loyalty is the core value of the. As an agricultural nation, or as a non-commercial nation, we do not have the spirit of contract, there is no concept of the rule of law, there is no sense of citizenship. The results, only the father son, ethics and brotherhood.

Loyalty is the core value, also came into being.

There is no denying that there is a good vision and good motivation: loyalty is used to regulate themselves, and righteousness is used to regulate others. I'm loyal, you can maintain the justice, order, relations will be able to maintain the world peace.

This is a peach dream".

However, loyalty is the core value, but very suspicious. In fact, its interior is full of contradiction and paradox. For example, "be loyal to my knight, monarch? Loyalty, righteousness, or in his body is not suitable.

So the emperor should not be unfaithful?

It is not easy for you, but also hard for him. For example, Zhang Liao to Cao Cao went on to do Guan Yu, Guan Yu will mean to go to report. Guan Yu had to do justice to Cao Cao and had to be unfaithful to Liu Bei. You know, he was general Yuan Shao, Liu Bei is there such as yuan shao.

However, don't kill Yanliang, cannot repay the great kindness of Cao Cao, also cannot go back to Liu Bei with a clear conscience, Guan Yu is not a dilemma?

Fortunately, Guan Yu has obtained the full understanding and sympathy. The only thing we cannot understand is why Guan Yu according to Cao, Cao, Cao, anti drop, Cao Cao Cao is not worthy, if Lv Bu is wrong?

Unfortunately, no one answered, no one asked.

Promote the loyalty of the "Three Kingdoms" took the wheat city: Ming Jun dream Liu Bei "long thick like pseudo" dream "; upright officials Zhu Geliang wisdom and Demon Knight dreams; on behalf of Guan Yu is surrendered to the enemy, and let go of the enemy. Does Mr. Luo Guanzhong think about this?

Probably not. Because he expressed their views of the times.

Times are different. The old one has finished, cheating art can also be. We need to establish a new social, moral, historical and core values, not so can not achieve the great rejuvenation of the nation.

This can only be achieved through reform and opening up, market economy and legal system construction. The "Three Kingdoms" can call, sworn brothers can wake up.

Now, let's go back to history.