He is the last army killed by the boxers, the backbone, because the coalition was able to preserve dead bodies

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He is the last army killed by the boxers, the backbone, because the coalition was able to preserve dead bodies

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"Gray days, the vast field, eight in battlefield, red on yellow line in the sand. A bomb swept shoulder blood Pang Pang, a bullet hole flow chest intestines, general sat stiff dead. General Nie Wen Qiu Hu was well-known throughout the country, Mei Zhe, Su River generals no one does not love you." The general is Nie Shicheng.

Nie Shicheng, the word Gong Pavilion, the Qing Dynasty generals. Forty years Rongma career has involved in the suppression of twist, the Sino French war, the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, boxer variable, outstanding military exploits, in boxer Tianjin battle. Guns were killed. He was awarded the taizaishaobao, Shi Zhong festival.

In 1884, the outbreak of the Sino French war, Chen in the year to December crossing assistance to Taiwan, under the command of Liu Mingchuan participated in the fighting against French victory; in the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, Nieh shih-ch'eng with Ye Zhichao Yuanchao, lizhan active third rewards Batu luyong number for; after the fall of Pyongyang, Chen under various will dare to attack, stopping by woods on a snowy evening raid LIANSHANGUAN, kill very heavy, killed the Japanese generals rich just three, Qing is a few a few victories, because power fill grant viceroy of Zhili.

In 1899, the Qing government established Wu Weijun, Nie Shicheng armed r adapted for Qian Jun Wei Wu, equipment, including m1910 heavy machine guns and other new weapons, called the Qing army first army.

On 1900, the court yihequan ambiguous attitude, many people think that was available, support. Boxer once sent three thousand people destroy Langfang tracks, Nieh shih-ch'eng rate army to stop, being attack boxer, Nie Jun riposte boxer killed many people. At that time, Wang Zaiyi power end in order berate Nie Shicheng resolute et al.

In July 1900, the coalition and in eight Taiwan started battle. When the coalition first shot in eight Taiwan exploding, Nie Shicheng out of the army account, whispered: "brothers, started." The men said, "ask for reinforcements!" Nie Shi Cheng said: "the helpless can be increased, ready to fight."

Nie Jun and Allied war, boxer to Nie Jia caught kill Nie Shicheng mother, his wife and daughter, Nieh shih-ch'eng troops to catch up, and his men have a battalion of the army which has a lot of soldiers and the boxer collusion, shouting Nie rebel and shot firing:, Nieh shih-ch'eng fubeishoudi, in number of shells. In July 9th, Nie Shicheng in eight in the west of Taichung killed gun. The boxer to kill Nie corpse, due to the coalition to survive.

Facing the cook Nieh shih-ch'eng scarred body regrets unceasingly, for military special feelings and respect, he will personally Nie Shicheng remains with a red blanket cover, and hat fired mast. Nie Shicheng's body was returned to the solemn, of course, at this time, Tianjin is already the fall.

Nieh shih-ch'eng died. Toward the Qing court debate gift shirt, Zaiyi, resolute resistance and later under the imperial edict said Nie Shicheng "Wuguo killed, real worthy of hate, Gu read before the power, granted shirt code".

According to the records of the Eight Power Allied forces war correspondents, "Hua Jun, although many, all problems considered, the awful, Nie Jun door suobu ear; Nie Jun lack cover, each for the armies; guns, the former shoot, the latter into, the fierce place sincere non army he can match", also known as Nie Jun "the ordnance were excellent Mauser kuaiqiang, and have an excellent artillery, the soldier is new the cannon placement in Tianjin City Fort... The concession house no one does not fall...... From China jiaobing has never met the Han army."