These "traitors" affects the development of history, do you know who it is?

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These "traitors" affects the development of history, do you know who it is?

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Is a traitor we hate, but some traitor just in order to survive in the history of the unnamed, but some traitor was live in infamy. Some of the country's major events, some of which affect the fate of the country. When war appeared beyond count traitors, they help us play Japanese China, who has been spurned by the world. Let Xiaobian to explain to you about five influence in the history of the history of the development of the "traitors"!


Wu Sangui, do not want everyone to know, he betrayed the Ming Dynasty to take refuge in the Qing Dynasty to the end of the Ming dynasty. If it is not his surrender, the Ming Dynasty may not be destroyed, the Qing Dynasty is difficult to eliminate the Ming dynasty. Maybe everyone from "the deer", can also be seen as Wu Sangui! Let the following is a small series to introduce Wu Sangui bar! Wu Sangui, job length, word month, the Ming Dynasty Liaodong, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty famous political and military figures, Wu week regime established Wu Zhou Taizu. He is a Chinese, but with the Qing Dynasty collusion, leading to the fall of Dashun regime and the Nanming regime Chinese regime, and he had killed permanent calendar emperor of the Ming Dynasty Royal family, Minister and the traitors directly to the Ming pulled the destruction of roads and affect the development of the history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

2 Fan Wencheng

Fan Wencheng, the word constitution, No. Hui Yue, Shenyang Liaodong people. Once things founding of the fourth generation of the monarchy, Qing generation of fame of distinguished founding saisuke, Wen Chen leader, was listed as one of the "ten major Advisor" in the history of China. Fan Wencheng less good reading, in 1615 in Shenyang County schools are eligible for the hygienist (scholar), when he was 18 years old, his life Li Qing IV and assists the third principal, as Manchu entered China set a Hanmagonglao, Kangxi Emperor handwriting the "Yuan auxiliary high winds" four words to evaluate the fan Wencheng, but he in the Ming Dynasty, he is a traitor, he is a wicked traitor, he helped the foreign national to win the Chinese in the world, and he also said "Daming bone, the Qing meat", which shows his own for a variety of disguise. Standing in the national perspective, because itself may not be reused, and mutiny of the country and the nation is for personal gains, and betraying the interests of the Chinese nation, is not only one's ancestors is completely "traitors".

3 Liu Zheng

Liu Zheng, Wu Zhong Henan word, Deng County, had to ride 12 hit broken Jin Xinyang, the army called "race (Lee) deposit of filial piety". Song LiZong scene set in either from Tongchuan RD to appease the side make and know Luzhou, because of the fear of a traitor Jia Sidao persecution, so he took 15, the state, and the account 30 universal Kublai Khan, Kublai Khan) mutiny. The Southern Song Dynasty has lost more than half of Sichuan, a sudden turn for the worse situation of the war. To drop, photography around the Yangtze River and Jialing River Shangyi defensible mountain, from the Xiangyang road breakthrough. Yuan soldiers was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty Ling'an flew out.

4 Zhang Hongfan

Zhang Hongfan, Zi Zhong domain, a native of Hebei Yizhou Dingxing, a famous strategist and commander of the yuan dynasty. The early Yuan Han Marquis Zhang soft ninth. Had participated in the battle of Xiangfan, followed by Marshal Bo Yan Song out. He is the same as with the fan Wencheng are not loyal to their country, mutiny, which is what we call the "traitors", and he rebelled against the Jin Dynasty, is festive deficit, he helped the Yuan Dynasty destroyed the Song Dynasty is no national integrity.

5 Hong Cheng Chow

Hong Chengchou, Yan word speech, No. nine Chen Heng, the late Ming and early Qing dynasty. He is also a "traitor", betrayal of Ming dynasty. He in Chongzhen years, officer to Bingbu Shangshu, Thistle Liaoning governor, pine brocade was defeated in World War I was held captive in the Qing Dynasty, after the surrender to the Qing Dynasty, the Han Qing Dynasty scholar. Hong Chengchou in advocacy of the Qing Dynasty Confucian scholar, for Han confluence hit the foundation, in order to consolidate the Qing Dynasty, Hong Chengchou also proposed to Xi Hanwen, Xiao Chinese ". To understand the Chinese customs, weaken the differences between han. For the Han and Manchu people lay a good foundation for the development of good.

The above five "traitors" although betrayed his dynasty, it will trend. They do but better, so that the world can be stable. For the later to contribute, they sentenced reduced, most of them are for the sake of the people, and not for their own interests, most of them have become ministers, so that when "traitors" when such a "traitor" we're taking, but as Wang Ching Wei such traitor heinous, the world would despise him, his reputation will live in infamy.