He is a + direct descendant, Zhu Geliang determined to kill Liu Bei, crying silently

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He is a + direct descendant, Zhu Geliang determined to kill Liu Bei, crying silently

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Liu Feng this figure, in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the special. This is, first of all, because he is the son of Liu Bei, secondly he was entrusted with the task of Liu Bei Yong Shou will. At the same time, is also charged with Guan Yu and guarding of Jingzhou echoed the task. However, the object of such a special person and not the Acura, has become the works in one of the few is declining Shu group members, Luo Guanzhong is not going to put Liu seal molded into a hero. Sure enough, Liu Feng is not only in the novel as a. Guan Yu in Mai Cheng Wai, Liao Hua Yong came to help, Liu Feng at Meng Da's instigation to refuse to rescue decision.

The reader at this point, the metropolitan cursed seal Liu indifferent, allow private feelings to outweigh public duty. Therefore, although the Feng Liu later were not Mengda surrender, but suffered heavy casualties in Mengda attack, lost Yong and other places, and finally returned to Chengdu. Liu Bei was furious, it will be put to death.

However, if historical open, we will find that dead Liu Fengzhi far from the novel so simple, filled with the right bucket and conspiracy.

The character of Liu Feng "annals of the Three Kingdoms" on his biography. In Zizhitongjian historical also introduced his deeds. His life is like this:

Liu Feng, originally Luohoukoushi son, his uncle Liu, it is said that Liu Feng's name was Feng kou. He was adopted by Liu Bei and became Liu Bei's son time is approximately in 201 BC to 205 years. The truth of the history is Liu Bei was because there has been no son, so to adopt, Liu Feng as Yizi, Liu Chan was born is in Liu Feng was adopted after things.

A.D. 211 at the end of Liu Bei of Shu, Liu Feng and Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, who stay in Jingzhou, at this time, Liu Feng is 20 years old young man. Historical data, Liu Feng Wu Yi extraordinary physical strength. The following year Zhu Geliang entered Yizhou reinforcements Liu Bei, Liu Feng in Zhu Geliang's army. He and Zhu Geliang, Zhang Fei and others along the Jiangxi, all the way through, wherever ever-victorious brilliant. When Liu Bei was entrusted with the task of Yizhou put down after the post as vice Zhonglang Jiang Jun.

In 219 ad, Liu Bei sent Meng Da Yong Ling, on real attack area. Meng Da way, not only kill the original real Quine Kei Ling Prefecture, and the real tomb, and soon to Shangyong area offensive. At this time, Liu Bei suddenly ordered Liu letter from Hanzhoung along the East Mianyang, in support of Meng Da, Liu Feng and appointed Meng Da's army command. In the Feng Liu led, army soon occupied the mediocre, prefect of Yong Shen delays to mobilize people to surrender and sent will be their wives and families are sent to Chengdu for the mass. Liu Feng it is sealed to vice generals, showing him in the position of the Shu Han regime.

From the "Three Kingdoms", Liu Feng is not the biggest crime rescue Guan yu. And the historical records tell us: the truth is not the case. In the novels of Liao Guan Yu sent to Yong distress time after Guan Yu miscues. In history, this time happened during the battle of Guan Yu shuaibing in Jingxaing and Cao Ren. When Guan Yu it is smooth, far from such as described in the novel defeated Mai City and suffer besieged the, to Guan Yu is Liu Feng to send troops to reinforce attack on Cao, and and not in novel said lifting of Wu of Mai Cheng siege.

Here is a question, why not send troops to aid Liu Feng Guan Yu? In addition to the affiliation, outside the mutual relations and a novel no mention of the important reasons: three Yong county situation also makes Liu Feng not easily send troops.

Through historical records can be learned, although the capture, Liu Feng, et al. Yong of the three counties of the process is relatively simple and smooth, but the internal appears the shadow of a lot of internal strife, and later in Mengda rebellion events buried a foreshadowing. Meng Da Liu Zhang was a subordinate, along with the law is to take refuge in the Liu Bei, which was the appointment of Liu Bei. But in Mengda led troops to attack Fang Ling, mediocre, all smooth occasion, Liu Bei had suddenly sent to his descendant, seme, Liu Feng reinforcements, Liu Feng was ordered to command the Meng Da forces, which is equal to deprive the command of Mengda, which also led to the Mengda at the lower Wei.

Therefore, when Liu Feng took command and took the Shangyong area, a very bad attitude towards Meng Da. "Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Fengchuan" in "sealing and of arguing discord, search seized up advocate" and "restructure" "Shu general Meng Da Tun mediocre, and Deputy army Zhonglang will, Liu Feng not co; sealing infringing" is this internal battle results. This situation not only affects the solidarity of the team, resulting in just occupied housing Ling Yong, the area of instability.

According to the projections of the Sima Guang Zizhitongjian in time, from the Guan Yu killed to Liu Feng was killed, separated by the middle of the time in the last eight months or so. This is unavoidable make people have such doubt: if blame Liu Bei Liu letter without the aid of Guan Yu, the eight month period of time, Liu Bei at any time can be to find a reason to get rid of the Liu Feng. The reason why Liu Bei did not deal with Liu, Liu Feng, then put forward the reason is still a certain reason. However, for this story, "the romance of the Three Kingdoms", the author intends to Guan Yu for help to the time change in the moment of miscues, a matter of life and death, in this way, Liu Feng immediately becomes a one of the death of Guan Yu's indirect killer.

At the end of the same year, Guan Yu defeated Jingzhou, the final for Sun Quan. And Mengda surrender the Cao Wei, and Mikael Forssell, lead the Cao Wei general Xiahou Shang, Xu Huang together to attack Liu Feng occupied housing Ling, mediocre, Xicheng three counties. Liu Feng lost, lost three counties, the rate of remnants fled back to Chengdu.

On Liu's death, there is a detail is not mentioned in the novel, that is the role of Zhu Geliang play. But this detail was "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," the author deliberately ignored. The truth of history is like this.

Liu Feng's defeat at the back to Chengdu, rebuke of Liu Bei Liu seal not only failed to rescue Guan Yu, and lead to Mengda rebel, but did not kill meaning of Feng Liu. At this time Zhu Geliang stood out and tried to encourage Liu Bei to kill liu. Zhu Geliang: the only reason a person called Liu just fierce, worried when Liu Chan came to the throne when unable to control. At Zhu Geliang's instigation, Liu Bei finally Miss Liu feng.

However, Chen Shou in the "history of the Three Kingdoms" attitude to Liu Bei afterwards, but an intriguing records: "(Liu Bei) as a runny nose." How it is, can only be a riddle.