Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka's visit to China in 1972, why take the initiative to help remove the dust coat of Zhou Enlai?

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Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka's visit to China in 1972, why take the initiative to help remove the dust coat of Zhou Enlai?

2017-05-09 21:02:22 634 ℃

There is no doubt that Zhou Enlai is one of the world's best politicians and diplomats in the twentieth Century. Many foreign leaders at various occasions of rhetoric, appreciation and praise for Zhou Enlai.

Kissinger, a famous American diplomat and former Secretary of state, said in his memoirs: "Premier Zhou is a man of great wisdom....... I can tell you that I have seen many of the world's leaders, but no one has made such a deep impression on me as Zhou Enlai did."

On the eve of the founding of new China, Stalin and Mikoyan said to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: "you will not be in trouble in preparing for the government, because you have a ready-made prime minister, Zhou Enlai. Where can you find such a good prime minister?"

Molotov, a former Soviet foreign minister, told reporters in the West: "if you think I'm a hard nut to crack, wait for you to deal with Zhou Enlai." Zhou Enlai is much better than him.

While many foreign leaders in dealing with Zhou Enlai, always consciously and unconsciously to the prime minister to be fully respected.

Here is an example.

It was in the 70s of last century. Along with former U.S. President Nixon's visit to China, Sino US relations to break the ice, the establishment of diplomatic relations on schedule.

See the Sino US relations become better, Japan can not sit still. Because, since World War II, Japan's foreign policy is to follow the United states. What about the United States, japan. This time, the United States started diplomatic relations with China, Japan has also acted quickly, not only to establish diplomatic relations with China, but also before the u.s..

September 25, 1972, when the Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka came to China, an official visit to china. Zhou Enlai, Xie Jianying, et al. Welcome to BeiJing Capital Airport in.

The plane stopped at the airport. Kakuei Tanaka stepped off the plane. This is Kakuei Tanaka's first visit to China, but also the first time after World War II, the Japanese Prime Minister came to china.

Zhou Enlai stepped forward to welcome Prime Minister Tanaka and foreign minister. Kakuei Tanaka responded: "I am delighted to be here in china." The two men's hands were clasped together. Although it is the first time to meet, but the charm of Zhou Enlai impressed Kakuei Tanaka. Kakuei Tanaka after returning home, see the family said the first sentence is: should Obima Kiko (daughter, Makiko Tanaka) go!"

"Zhou Enlai and I hit it off. And Premier Zhou met, said the first sentence after I felt: and this person will be able to do a good job. If Premier Zhou did not meet my expectations, I would probably go back to japan." Kakuei Tanaka in his memoirs so evaluation of Zhou Enlai.

Later, Kakuei Tanaka also specifically praised as "poetry, Premier Zhou body swaying willow breeze, like a broken heart datao".

After leaving the capital airport, Premier Zhou has been sent to Diaoyutai State Guest House, the best condition of the building 18.

It was at the Diaoyutai State Guest House that there was an interesting episode. Had long served as Zhou Enlai's translation, witness the normalization of diplomatic relations in the whole process of Lin Liyun recalls: "to the hotel, Premier Zhou to take off his coat. The prime minister was injured because of his arm during the war. This time, Kakuei Tanaka will grab in front of our staff, took the initiative to help the premier trench coat."

"The prime minister then said:" no, no, how can let you come off my coat? "Kakuei Tanaka tells a very emotional, he said," you put me in the hotel building 18, these days I am the master here, you are my most valued the guest, should I serve you. Allow me to help you get rid of the trench coat."

Kakuei Tanaka Zhou Enlai's respect for and care shows between the lines.