World War II Soviet women on the battlefield, not wearing pants to wear skirts, women: not convenient

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World War II Soviet women on the battlefield, not wearing pants to wear skirts, women: not convenient

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As we all know, Russia is a fighting nation, not only can play the man, a Russian aunt tough degree, let you doubt her expert tear devil. In the Second World War, the Soviet Union has dispatched a large number of male soldiers have killed female heroine charge into the enemy ranks. But the strange thing is, in the Second World War the Soviet women don't wear pants, even on thebattlefield is wearing a skirt. Prostrate, creeping forward, even to the enemy, wearing a skirt is too inconvenient?

If Russia is a fighting nation, the Germans are the World War II killing machine. During the Second World War, the Germans drove the tiger, invincible. The Soviet Union has paid a heavy price, one of which is that the number of male soldiers has declined sharply. The Soviet Union is facing a very serious problem is the manpower drastically reduced, a serious lack of personnel, at this critical time, Soviet girl bear up half the sky duty, brave army.


First of all, they take on the logistics work, such as the Health Corps, the soldiers. But there are also a lot of women directly into the war, they are as brave as men, and men on the front line, they have some tanks, some gunmen, some pilots. Even some snipers. At that time the Germans to kill the most people is a Soviet soldier, her name is Lyudmila, she is the best Soviet sniper, German soldiers died in her hands reached 309 people, many of them was a German sniper, she is worthy of the name of the king.

Topic back, so many female soldiers why only wear a skirt on the battlefield? It involves an old custom in europe. No matter anywhere in the world, in ancient times is that, in Europe, pants is a symbol of male power, women do not wear pants power, only wearing a skirt. If a woman wearing trousers, it will be regarded as treason and heresy.

This custom has been maintained until World War II, we can see the strong traditional customs of the terrible, these Soviet women are on the battlefield, but also can not cross the etiquette half step. Even if the Soviet Union soldiers who is also good, brave enemy on the battlefield. But they also pay more than the cost of losing their lives. That is when they were captured, they die.

The German soldiers of the Soviet Union is a male soldiers killed, but the female prisoners on the way. Some German soldiers invented a metamorphosis called "red fireman" metamorphosis: the Soviet Union soldier captured all the clothes off, tied fixed on the column, with a red pepper, rub rotten, into the female body, the Soviet Union

During World War II, a German Corps captured Soviet soldier jorya, for her to inflict appalling torture, including round #, cut the breast, eventually tortured to death. The Soviet Union from defensive to offensive, the German army was surrounded by a total of 50 thousand people were lifted, the white flag, Stalin finally made instructions: no surrender, total annihilation.