The first one: special robbery criminals after the death of foreigners to vote for him as president

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The first one: special robbery criminals after the death of foreigners to vote for him as president

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In the early morning of May 6, 1923, a train from Tianjin to Shandong was hijacked by more than 1000 bandits in Hebei, Lincheng.

Ride the train passengers, there is a district of Shandong to participate in the the Yellow River house of Xiangjiaba Dikou completion ceremony of the foreign journalists and foreign visitors. In addition to a British man tried to resist was killed on the spot, they all become the bandits hostage.

This was the "Lincheng hijacking" which caused a sensation at home and abroad.

Lincheng carjacking chieftain named Sun Meiyao.

Sun Meiyao: listen to this name, you would think it was a young woman. In fact, he is not a young woman, but so many people afraid of the first bandit.

As everyone knows, the period of the Republic of China, the national disaster banditry. Even the Northeast king and Zhang Zuolin, a warlord, had had the experience of being a bandit in his early years. In these innumerable, to work for the group of bandits raid homes and plunder houses, Sun Meiyao was out of the ordinary, stand head and shoulders above others.

First, large scale. Although the "unity is strength", but also pay attention to the bandits in the bandits, take to the forest, but there are hundreds of dozens of people, can help all, even if the "numbers". Sun Meiyao, however, had thousands of people, with seven thousand or eight thousand people assembled at the most.

Second, sophisticated weapons. Ordinary bandits have no weapons in their hands. A gun with a loud noise, even if it is armed. Sun Meiyao Department of weaponry comparable to those of the regular army, sometimes even stronger.

Third, the bandits, when the object for many local tycoons to raid homes and plunder houses, rarely provoke foreigners. For example, the Northeast bandits, there is an unwritten rules, foreigners are not allowed to rob. Sun Meiyao, however, was forced to rob foreigners. The Lincheng robbery is only one of the most famous robbery cases they have made.

Sun Meiyao was born in 1898, is the North Town People Shanting District of Shandong city in Zaozhuang province. His family is a local rich and prestigious family. His brother Sun Meizhu, a scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, was a famous local intellectual. As the official persecution, 1917, sun Meizhu rose, to sell their assets, contact the local armed forces and various "pole", the formation of "the founding of Shandong autonomous army" in Baodugu pitch camp officially became a heroes of the Greenwood.

In July 15, 1922, Sun Meizhu died in a fierce battle with officers and men. Sun Meiyao inherited the position and became the new commander in chief of the founding army of the Shandong.

Why would Sun Meiyao make a Lincheng hijacking and hijack a large number of foreigners? This is because, for many years, the soldiers besieged, Sun Meiyao suobu suffered heavy losses, almost to the point where the end of hills and rivers. To this end, they decided to fight to win or die, do a large, direct to foreigners hostage, negotiation to the Beiyang government, the government is required to incorporate.

Sun Meiyao will be hijacked to the foreigners Baodugu, and do not harm them, but we can provide food, ensure they will not starve to death. Foreigners can communication with Yamashita Michinobu, the den that Shanghai "China Weekly Review" published a description of foreigners Powell Ebisu life and mountain landscape "".

It is worth mentioning that they have also offered to release women and children from foreigners.

Lincheng incident after the announcement, Chinese and foreign public outcry. Britain, the United States, France, Italy, and the ministers of the five countries successively submitted the severest protest to the northern government.

In the period of the Republic of China, there was a very interesting phenomenon: people were afraid of officials, officials were afraid of foreigners, foreigners were afraid of the common people. Foreigners angry, the consequences are very serious. The Beiyang government put all the government break, concentrate on discussing the rescue issue of aliens.

Soon the two sides negotiated. After difficult and bumpy negotiations, Sun Meiyao and the northern government finally reached an agreement. The core point of the agreement, the Beiyang government promised to incorporate Sun Meiyao's.

In June 12th, Sun Bin released the last batch of foreign hostages. This marks the end of more than 1 months of Lincheng robbery case disappeared.

Subsequently, Sun Meiyao suobu all wear uniforms, as government forces. Sun Meiyao became a brigadier. However, only half a year later, Sun Meiyao was instructed by killing cao.

The Lincheng robbery by Sun Meiyao had a great impact at the time. Lu Xun praised the "Baodugu is the outstanding figures, the Bing Sun Meiyao in Baodugu act as the hero of behavior.

Interestingly, after the death of Sun Meiyao, President Cao Kun, who also voted for Sun Meiyao.