Peerless handsome but can compose and perform military exercises, for "family" by his cousin killed

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Peerless handsome but can compose and perform military exercises, for "family" by his cousin killed

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Said China ancient four handsome measure master can echo out, and today we speak of the in ancient times can also row to the ranks of the top ten ancient times handsome, maybe it can row to the northern and Southern Dynasties ten Fu to the ranks of the ego is known as the Northern Qi Dynasty Lanling vanquo long Gong.

In the TV series "Lanling Wang" I believe a lot of people have been Lanling Wang appearance to deeply fascinated with (or is William Feng), according to historical records: he "appearance soft heart strong, voice and beautiful" measure today put popularity are not what song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho's popularity than the poor, it may be said is then the Northern Qi Dynasty universal man of God. Lanling Wang Gao Changgong is Wei Dong Quanchen Gaohuan (grandson, the third son of Gao Cheng, may because the mother life humble, so is overhead, the fourth son, this kind of phenomenon in "mother by your son is still sub by age of mother expensive" often appear. Because his father inherited high Cheng "beautiful appearance" gene, adult Takashinaga Kyotoshiro, refreshed.

Then when the Northern Qi Dynasty and Zhou hegemony during the Northern Qi Zhou is adopted on the defensive face. 564 A.D., the Northern Zhou Yuwen nursing combined with the Turks on the Northern Qi Dynasty instigated the attack, northern city of Luoyang was the Northern Zhou Dynasty hundred thousand army regiment besiege, Northern Qi Dynasty emperor Gao Zhan hastily assembled army to be saved, sent the first Lan Ling Wang Gao Changgong, army general Hulvguang, after and sent Taishi segment Shao and the division. Lanling Wang led the 500 cavalry two times into battle, kills countless. Always hit the north of Luoyang is the city, surrounded by the enemy. City on the Northern Qi Dynasty guard saw the arrivals is wearing a mask, do not know the enemy is still friendly, hesitated, Lanling Wang pick off the mask, the handsome face let defenders immediately recognized his identity, immediately sent the archer city support, seething with anger, a flock of arrows shot the Zhou army. Below the 500 soldiers in Lanling Wang led is Vietnam is brave, the achievements of the Northern Zhou Dynasty army in the attack under the defeat and return, known to history as the "Mangshan victory". After the war to celebrate this hard won victory, soldiers compiled song "Lan Ling Wang into the array." to celebrate, Lanling Wang in the prestige of the soldiers is getting higher and higher, by the provincial governor of Bingzhou promoted Shangshu Ling, hence, the political stage of the Northern Qi Dynasty.

Why should Wang Bingge Lanling hour wear masks??? Xiaobian itself try to figure out the measure is the handsome face the, beautiful as a woman, did not see, afraid of showing in a hour before the enemy no deterrent so put on a face ferocious mask (or to armor concealed), will be able to play a walkover match target. Nothing more than to remind a little in the war with a mask (helmet) in the north and South Korea is not an occasional phenomenon, many people have done so.

Lanling king long and handsome and talented, aiminruzi and a layer of Royal identity, so noble identity doomed him without light, but still can not change the fate of his tragedy. To him, the greatest tragedy in life is the birth of a crazy, almost abnormal emperor family. "Mangshan victory", Wu Yuandi and reward the work, for he bought beautiful concubine 20 people, in order to avoid reactive Gao Zhen4 he "only by a", is too much fear quiet, envied. Other, served as our zhoumu, Qing Ying state governor and other officials, the popular rich Bribes ", also want to under the guise of the bad reputation of self-image of" Tancan ", in order to avoid" Wei sound too heavy "and reactive Gao Zhen4. However, no matter how careful careful Lan Ling Wang, still cannot eliminate the main high for his suspicion. Talk about "latitude and the king and the Czech Mangshan" when asked with concern: "so do too deep into the array, and no regrets defeat." The king listens, deeply touched, said: "the family warmth, feel and so." Well, this Lan Ling Wang's doomed tragic fate.

A high latitude was unhappy, the family? Is it your home?? The Northern Qi Dynasty are my family, so they suspect Lanling Wang Xiangmou anti, begin to doubt have Bingquan Lanling Wang whether to replace him, want to "state" and lead to "the family". Lanling Wang Tianran know ah, so full-time panic, but finally hide nothing more than "the king called Chen dead, Chen had to die," the tragedy of fate. The Emperor gave the wine to his house. Lanling King handed a poisoned chalice is very indignant, star Hulvguang have been killed by the high latitude, and itself to the country filled with loyalty is ignore such, despair of Lanling Wang eventually poison ended the life itself.

Is such a handsome, the Northern Qi Dynasty star Lan Ling Wang Gao Changgong is such in the positive Ding Zhuangzhi separated from the world, and later the young master high latitude is not satisfied with how long, the Northern Qi Dynasty star withered and eventually in the Northern Zhou Dynasty to attack decline the. High latitude students as well as the fate of the sad and dreary a forced by the Northern Zhou Dynasty emperor putto death and trampled him spoiling the hero of a retribution!