The emperor, but is the history of the students on duty

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The emperor, but is the history of the students on duty

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In fact, the so-called true emperor, pushed to the root of the premises, is nothing more than the history of the students on duty.But he is China history excellent students on duty, the duty is excellent. We hours are done student on duty, we (even the class the student on duty) do not too good, song Taizu (but the Chinese history duty) doing so good, too good. This is a virtue he said.

- the south of the Yangtze River

Don't kill the sons of Chai

His virtue is also reflected in his view of the former positionHe is from the hands of others to mountains and rivers "demise", Houzhou Chai Shizong's son is only seven years old, the regime fell song Taizu's hands. Song Taizu also wrote a ticket to the surname Chai, then under the iron order,As long as the Song Dynasty is still in, Chai's crime is not the study, seeking the inverse can only be secretly executionCannot pull into the street, beheaded Chicheng people, more cannot plant who won.

Song Taizu's power is from after weeks of Zen to make, but song Taizu is a not forget, he felt sorry for the people, so that they will have such iron coupons, has always been to the end of the Song Dynasty, Chai Shidou enjoy the highest treatment.

The railway tickets for the National Museum of China

Also, song Taizu made a poison oath, man in the Song Dynasty, said Song Taizu made a vow monument, find a stone engraved with the oath, and with a red cloth covered, put in the temple of his home. The temple and mausoleum are different, the tomb is the body buried in the side, the temple is to commemorate his premises.

He designated in the future regardless of who when the emperor, when the emperor before first to the imperial, uncover the red cloth, to memorize the inscription, followed in the heart and then go out when the emperor.

What is written on the stone tablet? Three instructions,, don't kill Chai's sons, the second, don't kill studying and give you the opinion of people, don't kill scold you criticize you. Third, the sons of violate this oath and persons, Huangtian woo! We old Zhao Jia now the when the emperor, cannot kill Chai's, cannot kill people reading, as long as the two, which emperor violates, whatever the period, only if, Zhao's children, God would not bless our Zhao Jia Shan the, at any time can take away, our national, he no longer has the legitimacy and rationality, God would not bless us.

This will not, this is the ego of the ego vows. So in the Song Dynasty, the intellectual policy is very good, at the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, "Chen Qiao rebellion" of the past Taizu no curb the imperial examinations, and implementation of civil politics, proposed the slaughter and quite by studying people, don't kill the scholar doctors and letter said that, and identifying the most reasonable.

What's the biggest in the world? Living in the utilitarianism of the air people in the city said, the country what is the biggest, even this all don't know?Is not the power of the big thing! So the master or is desperately trying to catch the right to make money.

Don't tell this song Zhao family,He is the most sensible man., you tell me the truth, you have the power to make me, why do you call me, why do you take the work to the purpose of this subject, you have to tell the truth.

Only the reader knows, the more read, the more reasonable, soThe Song Dynasty created a civilian politics. Civilian political model not only to China, of human history to make important contribution, we now see in the East Asian society, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and so on, their civilian politics are from the song Zhaoxue. So the Song Dynasty of human history to make the indelible contribution.

And because he respects the intellectual Taizu everything with studying people have historical and cultural knowledge of preparatory meeting, song Taizu have so much power, but never easily to use its powers, he told you raise proposal, national affairs, in the country with a strategy of Taizu once wanted to first hit the northern Han. He felt Qidan old harassment of the Chinese nation, the North Han total to the Khitan as precursor, I put it out, they are so bad, then took the opportunity to recapture the sixteen prefectures.

Song Taizu was not prompted by a sudden impulse according to my instructions, the master said to do. He let him drink with the prime minister, and his brother, and they discussed. Often drink Song Taizu and minister to raise the palace itself, in the drink, drink to the prime minister. He borrowed a drink advocate itself to first hit the North Han tried to, but prime minister and his brother differences meaning, of course, there is no clear that, but said such less cost-effective, although North Xiao Han, but old Khitan support he, difficult to play. South of these seemingly large, but it is very easy, first to the south to finish up and then hit the North Han is easy. Song Taizu, without confrontation itself to try, in accordance with the meaning of the master, according to the original plan, is still to go to the north south of the procedure.

Discuss is to respect people, including the view that bribery zhaopu. Zhao Pu Song Taizu is the prime minister, and Wu Yue Zhao Pu of the southern country to give gifts, Zhao Pu is afraid, put this thing to tell Song Taizu. Song Taizu said that this is a contribution to you, you are the contribution of the Song Dynasty, why? Others feel that you are the Song Dynasty headed, just like you, it is like our song dynasty, or to close down is we are too stingy.

This is Song Taizu's idea. He discussed with others, including the treatment of people, before with others to raise,All the democracy came from the discussion, he did not force the promotion of their own will.

The figure (Li Yunzhong Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Pu painted)

So at the moment the Japanese many scholars of the quintessence of Chinese culture, them on China's Song Zhaoyou a deep understanding of have a common feeling.The Song Dynasty has reached Chinese human history autocratic classical democracy typical peak Era. What do you mean? Basically reached the monarch rule, of course, do not call the constitutional monarchy, but the not just emperor a person, is the Song Dynasty. This makes common sense to try hard actively, actively involved in the construction and innovation of the country, which is his respect for the common sense of a phenomenon.

In the Song Dynasty Intellectuals face back, many people cannot read, said the Song Dynasty is of light re Wen Wu, Wen Chen, the generals is not good. Incorrect, Emperor Taizu of election he when the emperor of the imperial army generals, give them so good premise, let their own stated that my body owe good, arrow wounds healed, so to retreat with the second up.

The Northern Song Dynasty civilian travel map

This approach, both to their solemn, and the risk of the state power to solve the identity of the identity of the. The song of the generals of the good, good to what level?Not only did he kill the literati, you see him on the generals.

(to give a example) he has a general stationed at the junction of the Song Dynasty and the Liao state premises, the person called Li Hanchao, is very powerful, good years hit the Khitan did not dare close to the border of Song Dynasty. But Li Hanchao has a disadvantage, he likes to rob a farm woman.

Results a will report to before the song Taizu, Emperor Taizu summoned the people appeal, saying your daughter Li Hanchao snatched up, you would not mind, said he or grab your daughter have any final it? Two final. One is to marry a popular old homes, lifetime countrywoman living; another, General Li Hanchao should not so brave hold border, your daughter earliest Khitan snatched up, isn't that much worse.

The Song Dynasty Maldini

The old man said that the emperor you look at the problem, ah, this is the environment, but he robbed my daughter how to do? Song Taizu said here, I will give you some compensation, this thing is not Li Hanchao discovered the. Then he find Li Hanchao, in the future will not be allowed to do this thing, the Li Hanchao to protect down.

If you stand in the city today, we say that this is not the Song Taizu? Not, before the law, equality is the concept of modern people, there are some tools cannot be equal, if it is ordinary farmers to grab the girls, people, Emperor Taizu maybe beaten half to death, but Li Hanchao divergent samples, he to the state to defend the border, meritorious, without him Qidan early call in, so song Taizu was so treat him.

"Song Emperor: really a Dairen Jun Zhao Kuangyin"

The hero is the founding emperor Taizu Zhao Kuangyin, brought the life activities around the content including: open song born five generation background, song Taizu early hone, Emperor Taizu in the growth process, the Chenqiao rebellion, a cup of wine release for the same, from the motherland, establishment of civil political system (three, transport the civil magistrate, and county premises tax), responsible for civilian management, reform of the imperial examination system, the same planning military system, national criminal law, the punishment of corruption, financial access, advocate reading, appointment, supervision, examination, rewards and punishment, and water conservancy projects, reduce the tax, concerns of national people, disposal officials around the family, afforestation, animal protection and so on, it brought life as political, are the written content.

In the attractive style, life passionately wrote generation days - Song Taizu darling. The legend and the truth, the truth and humor, passion and reason, is a characteristic that distinguishes it from other similar or related writings.