A fifty thousand army suddenly disappeared, more than 2500 years later, in a cave was found

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A fifty thousand army suddenly disappeared, more than 2500 years later, in a cave was found

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The country is the special social organization of human animal only, a group of the same origin, the same ancestors who establish a unified country, can make individual soweak better human reproduction.

Of course, in order to ensure the normal operation of a country, the army has become the basis for ensuring its existence. Throughout history, all powerful empires have basically been armies of great strength. This is true of China, as well as foreign countries.

Unlike China, which has always had a history of written records, the history of many European countries can not be examined because of the changes in the language and culture. And because of technology and other reasons, the army sometimes will suddenly disappear.

Because of the vastness of the world and the presence of many unknown places, such sudden disappearances are commonplace. Even in modern times, there have been many disappearances of large armies. But in ancient times, the traffic is very convenient, once the wrong way, it will fall into the abyss of the doomed eternally.

Especially in Central Asia, where transportation is convenient, it is often possible for a careless person to walk to a completely strange place. There have also been many armies from Central Asia to China in history. But they have throw away everything when fleeing, utterly routed.

In history, there was a Persian army that eventually disappeared mysteriously. They entered the vast sea of sand in the expedition, then disappear.

Until recently, an archaeologist in Italy had discovered the last place for the fifty thousand people's army. The archaeologists found the army places was in Egypt Siwa area, it is really fantastic!

It turned out that after the rise of the ancient Persian Empire in the sixth Century, the mighty Egypt became the greatest enemy of persia. Therefore, the Persian army and the Egyptian army often quarreled, and even war.

It is also a very powerful at the time of the Egyptian state, but because of the ignorance of the monarch so the Persians destroyed. In order to enlarge the territory of his victory, the Persians decided to crusade against ammon.

Read here, you may be a little confused, because for amon this little-known small country, we may not quite familiar with.

In fact, amon is a country in the desert oasis, although very small, but it is very important. In order to pacify here, Persian talent sent fifty thousand armies.

However, the army did not reach Amon, but disappeared on the road of attack.

Because is a amon around the desert oasis established by the state, so I want to conquer here must be across the vast expanse of the sea, and in the desert are endless sand, very easy to get lost.

If there is no guide, it is difficult to go to Amon, plus often desert storm, so guess the descendants of the Persian army is likely to be encountered in the desert storm, which buried in sand. Historically, many people have searched for this branch of the Persian army, but most of them failed.

Unexpectedly, the Persian army that had never been found before was finally discovered by two italians!

They are looking for a long time in the desert, from 1996 to 2004 officially began to pay attention to the story for the Persian army, the two Italy archaeologist Agno and Alfredo spent a lot of effort on this matter.

Fortunately, the technology now, they rely on advanced technology and finally found traces of the Persian army in Siwa area.

Of course, the time has passed for more than 2500 years, the two archaeologists actually did not have great expectations.

But two of them are likely to be God's favor, in Siwa, they came upon a cave.

The caves there are a large number of corpses and weapons, beside the body also scattered a lot of accessories. These bodies have been turned into a mummy, this is probably because in the desert.

Those weapons, in contrast, were eventually identified as weapons used by the persians.

According to the style of accessories we can also be sure that these are silver casting style during the reign of cambyses. As a result, the identity of their owners will be vividly portrayed. It is said that the Persian army eventually all-powerful is killed in the sea, the vast desert blocked their offensive pace, while they died in a foreign land.

Of course, this is only a cave, and there are only a few hundred skeletons in it, which are still less than fifty thousand of the Persian army.

The evidence, however, is a bit flimsy, so the two lucky archaeologists think there may well be other Persian relics. Only more relics will be able to confirm the identity of these people.

As a soldier, the Persian soldiers only followed orders against trek Amon, died in a foreign land ending or some sigh.

After all, the bodies were not collected after their death, and they were exposed to the sun and eroded by wind and sand.