Japan is more cruel than the country, killing 40 million soldiers and civilians, even the little girls spoil

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Japan is more cruel than the country, killing 40 million soldiers and civilians, even the little girls spoil

2017-05-19 20:10:19 360 ℃

If there were ever more ruthless countries in Japan than in Japan, it would have been germany.

During World War II, Nazi Germany under the leadership of Hitler, praised the "national higher theory", making the camp, the domestic Jews spare none. According to statistics, during World War II, slaughtered Jews reached nearly 6 million, accounting for 60% of the total population of Europe, Germany, basically no jews. Nazi concentration camps have become the darkest page in the history of the world.

The German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 suddenly, be caught off guard, the Soviet Union suffered, retreat. The Nazi into Soviet territory, began a frenzied slaughter, every village, men and women are all children killed, raped and killed, it does not leave a live, not more than Japanese in poor China atrocities.

Under the influence of Hitler's "racial discrimination" speech, the German soldiers did not regard the Soviet people as adults, and in their eyes, this is a group of slaves, they can be trampled at will. Especially for women, they are more cruel and less human. Once, a German Sergeant caught a Ukraine girl, only 15 years old, just a child. The sergeant was pleased to take note of it, and wrote shamelessly, "I slept with Holland women, French farmers, and soon I shall have a little lover of Ukraine."."

The girl is like a frightened rabbit, looks very panic, constantly crying, begging him to raise a hue and cry, let her, struggling in the sergeant scratched, he is very angry, then she stuck up, spoil after the kill. Later, all the tactics in the Soviet Union, the German retreat, forced to surrender in May 8, 1945.

According to statistics, during the Second World War, Germany has a total of more than 20 countries including the Soviet Union, the United States, France and other countries and war, killed a total of about 40000000 people, only 27 million people at the expense of the Soviet Union, means cruel, even more than japan. Germany, too, paid about 7000000 people. So how strong was the German army's fighting capability at that time?.

In order to make peace, the people all over the world paid huge casualties in World War II. In today's peaceful society, we should cherish this hard won peace.