Did Wang Mangzhen cross to emperor in ancient times?

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Did Wang Mangzhen cross to emperor in ancient times?

2017-05-20 01:51:43 142 ℃

The references to Wang Mang, most people first thought is that he as a family, has usurped the throne, when the emperor himself. Wang Mang's rebellion came suddenly, the regime also disappear soon, come and go like an addiction, this experience is short, but Wang Mang has made many unbelievable things, people think he is a modern man to cross the Han dynasty.

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[the first thing] Wang Mang is very hostile to the Huns and Goguryeo, after unified the world, many soldiers fought against the Huns, want to put the Huns out of the northern grassland, but also to the Huns Chanyu's name changed to "customers service on", and the court before the letter to those few the national leader of the king down to the Marquis of Gaogouli, is the "Koguryo" to "the sentence Li" the insult of Koguryo way is really only a modern nationalists to want to come.

[Wang Mang] second things seriously and encourage scientific experiments and inventions, he heard of a man made of bird feathers flying aircraft can make people hundreds of steps, even met the man, and encourage him, he will continue to adhere to the creation, make contributions to the country, if on the modern can make people accept, but in the ancient feudal but people can't believe.

You know since the Han Dynasty adopted the views of Dong Zhongshu, the deposed 100, only Confucianism ", the China all Confucianism as the orthodox, for other knowledge all denounced as worthless. Wang Mang not only encourage others to invent, himself an inventor who invented a vernier caliper to measure the reunification of the country, but this is not the focus, focus on the vernier caliper is earlier than the West nearly 1700, and modern vernier caliper is very similar, it is in doubt that he is from the modern through the past.

Redistribution of land [Third things], Wang Mang first, whether rich or poor people, each household can only occupy 100 acres of land, more out of all must be unconditionally to the country, distributed to landless poor, and since then the land is a national, not private mortgage.

The idea of Wang Mang, just like the land reform, the rich land out allocation to the poor. But Wang Mang's actions undoubtedly hurt the interests of the landlords and the rich, and later rose up against Wang Mang.

[Fourth] Wang Mang hated the slave trade system and ordered the slave trade to be banned. He wanted to achieve the goal of not having slaves by not buying and selling slaves. He proposed the slave trade is "contrary to Tianxin, inverse relations", proposed "heaven and earth of your human" cause, want people to stop buying and selling slaves behavior. From this it can be seen that Wang Mang's heart has a thought that everyone is born equal. However, the owner Wang Mang is an ancient man in feudal society, which is so amazing.

[Fifth things] the money and resources of the country are very strict. In the old days, the rich were able to coin coins, but it was not enough for Wang Mang. The coins must be made by the state. The following figure is the currency of Wang Mang's "one sword, five thousand" and "sword five hundred"".

Moreover, as long as it is within the territory of the court of Wang Mang, it belongs to the state, for example, minerals, rivers and the like. If someone wants to develop and use these things, you have to pay tax and give you a "business license". You are not allowed to hold anything except you. Otherwise, you will be punished by the state. And Wang Mang's policy has been in collision with a modern system, the state monopoly system.

[sixth] thing Wang Mang does not want to see the traders hoard goods in order that they can make more money, causing the problem of material shortage, then banned traders hoard goods, and the provisions of the price of the goods must comply with the government regulations. In order to prevent accidents, but also to the government when the excess material from the merchant hands with the cost of materials purchased in order to not allow traders lose money when the shortage of materials to sell, to alleviate the problem of material shortage, Wang Mang think this way we can solve the gap between rich and poor. Let us first of all, whether Wang Mang will do anything to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor, and just look at the system he has implemented is very much like a planned economic policy.

[seventh things] government loans to farmers, so they can afford to go farming, and the income is only 1/10 of the profits, if the loan to sacrifice or funeral, the country can not a penny. Wang Mang loans this move is ahead, in 1000 after the Song Dynasty, Wang Anshi held a very avant-garde reform, inside have loans to farmers of this one, but Wang Mang was in 1000 ago, really have to say.

All the things in Wang Mang do in this matter is the most avant-garde, that is the reform of monetary system, he created the main token combination of "treasure", which made a great impact on the back, in the monetary system until today, the whole world is the use of this combination of main and subsidiary the currency.

In order to carry out the monetary reform, Wang Mang created a similar bill today instead of heavy gold and silver money, but because it is too far, can not be accepted, nor the actual productivity was accepted, eventually, monetary reform become a failure of Wang Mang the biggest reform, but have to say, Wang Mang issued all the money Chinese currency is indeed the most exquisite, the casting process belongs to the peak in the Chinese all the coins, now a valuable currency issued by Wang Mang.

In summary, if one lives in Ho family, grew to accept the influence of Confucian culture, and in a closed feudal society of the people, but can be respected modern ideas of equality, it is a ghost, he to reform the establishment of a new dynasty from the rebel, not like the same Dynasty people can do it, so Wang Mang is likely a jumper.

Wang Mang is wearing, modern people did not wear, Wang Mang is thinking ahead absolute wear, guards Wang Mang didn't wear, so I didn't hold the throne is open to see results