Collection of the world's 10 most morbid organs of celebrity

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Collection of the world's 10 most morbid organs of celebrity

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Throughout the ages, many collectors love to collect items used by celebrities, but little is known about the fact that some collectors are even "Crazy" to collect the body parts and organs left behind by celebrity deaths!

Einstein's eye, the lifeblood of Napoleon, Galileo, Abraham Lincoln finger skull pieces, Edison "last breath"...... There are some collectors or the museum as "exotic" collectibles, Napoleon lifeblood of the "quotation" is already up to $100 thousand.

In his new book, Napoleon's private part: unraveling the zipper of history, Tony Porotedt, American historian, detailed the collection of the world's top 10 most morbid organs of celebrity in 2500.

1, "Einstein eyeball" hidden into safe deposit box

Einstein's eye collectors is 96 year old New Jersey man Henry Abrams, who was Einstein's eye doctor, he will be stored in the eye of Einstein a bottle of liquid formaldehyde, was placed in the drawer in the home for 40 years; until 10 years ago, he took the bottle of "eyeball" transferred to safe New York City, a secret bank.

When Einstein died in 1955, his body was cremated, but brains and eyeballs were removed before his cremation by his pathologist friend Harvey. Harvey later gave it to Henry as a "souvenir", and Einstein's brain is still preserved in the Princeton University.

2, "Guevara hair" shoot 100 thousand dollars

In October 9, 1967, after the death of Che Guevara, a famous Latin American Revolutionary and guerrilla center theory, CIA agents removed a lock of hair from his body.

In October 2007, Guevara's hair was auctioned off in Dallas, USA, and a $100 thousand high was made.

3, "Beethoven's ear" disappeared after 200 years.

Beethoven, the great German composer, died in 1827. Beethoven's ear removed autopsy doctors, to analyze what causes Beethoven to become deaf.

However, Beethoven's ear was later stolen and missing, its last owner allegedly hospital handyman Anton dortmund. But in 2005, Beethoven's ear in nearly 200 years after the disappearance in Danville, California in the United States have resurfaced, DNA tests show that they are really belongs to Beethoven himself.

4, "Galileo finger" in the egg glass when exhibits

Galileo, father of modern science, died in 1642. His bones were excavated from the tomb, finger bone had been stolen. Today, Galileo's finger has been on display at the Museum of science and history in Italy, Florence. It is placed in a special glass egg.

5, "Lincoln skull" was shown with bullets

In April 14, 1865, President Lincoln shot himself in the back of the Ford theater in washington. The doctor removed the debris from Lincoln's skull and preserved them. These Lincoln skull fragments and the deadly bullet that killed him were all exhibited at the US health medical National Museum and the Voight Reed Military Hospital Museum in Seth, Maryland, us.

6, the "Cromwell skull" was recovered from the descendants

Cromwell, leader and head of the bourgeois revolution in seventeenth Century, died of illness in 1658. In 1661, Charlie II ordered to dig out the remains of Cromwell, his skull was 23 years in the exhibition show a pole, then by a sentry steal. In 1799, the skull appeared on a freak show.

The descendants of Cromwell, Higginson, later sought to retrieve the skulls of their ancestors. In 1960, Cromwell's alma mater -- University of Cambridge's Sidney Sussex College to receive Cromwell's skull, and bury it in a secret place.

7, "Shelley heart" by his wife and child preservation for many years

In nineteenth Century 1822 the British Romantic poet Shelley encountered a storm on the coast of Italy by boat, he had friends in Greece for the cremation ceremony ", and from the ashes of cremated out has not yet been burned the heart to his widow -- Mary Shelley.

Marie will be her husband's heart preservation in a slipcase made of silk Shelley poetry, until 1899, the son of Shelley Percy when Shelley died, his father's heart buried with the.

8, "the president of the malignant tumor" exhibition in the American Museum

In 1893, U.S. President Cleveland left maxilla found a malignant tumor, doctors in the United States through the operation of the malignant lesions were removed this. The dreaded malignant tumor remains at the Matt Museum in Philadelphia, USA.

9, "Edison's last breath" was saved in the test tube

When Edison, an American inventor, breathed his last breath in 1931, his son, Charles, caught Henry Ford's last breath in a test tube at the request of Edison, a car maker's friend". Because Ford believes that Edison's last breath may contain the soul of his friend.

After the death of Ford in 1950, his family found the test tube blocked with cork in the remains. Today, the test tube with Edison's last breath is still in exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, us.

10, "Napoleon's" biography of Jiabao

The French emperor Napoleon's lifeblood, is currently in the collection in an old suitcase in the American state of New Jersey.

It is reported that Napoleon's sexual organs have mummified, it was in an autopsy in 1821, was removed from the body of Napoleon illegally, and has been exhibited around the world.

It was not until 1924 that A.S.W Rosen Bach, a Philadelphia book collector, bought it. In 1977, the famous Latimer Columbia University urologist and spent $2900 to buy it, and put it in a small box, and put it into a suitcase, preserved in a residential bed itself in the city of New Jersey, Ward ngui under 30 years.

Napoleon is the lifeblood of a biography of Jiabao Latimer, when Latimer died in 2007, it was the daughter of Latimer Evan inherited.

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