If Wei Yan to the meridian valley of Hanzhoung, the unification of three?

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If Wei Yan to the meridian valley of Hanzhoung, the unification of three?

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If Wei Yanzhen can win the Tongguan meridian Valley, Shu can take off?

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[Sasha speaks 293rd sessions] (History Series 103rd)

Three times by the prime minister Zhu Geliang was the five expedition n reactive power, after a wonderful description of the kingdoms, to see Zhu Geliang as the reader has the novel and distraught sigh. But for some friends who have read the chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, they may not see it that way. Especially with Wei Yanceng's meridian Valley seeking, many people will think that Zhu Geliang only too cautious, dare not risk. To some extent, this shows that Zhu Geliang lacked the military prowess in history. So he repeated the northern expedition in addition to debilitating, eventually cannot get results.

Here I want to discuss: if Wei Yan can realize the meridian Valley seeking army captured Tongguan, the annexation of Guanzhong can?

The historical records of Wei Yan meridian Valley seeking, actually there are two versions, one is the "Three Kingdoms" Wei Yanchuan records please soldiers million people, and Zhu Geliang road in Tongguan, such as the Han Xin story. The other one is "Wei brief" recorded by the Wei Yan led five thousand soldiers, five thousand auxiliary soldiers carrying food, from the praise of walking between the ten meridian valley towards Changan. Expectations of guarding the Changan Wei emperor Jaap Mao, cowardly escape by boat. So, there are no masters in Changan, Wei can rely on wharf granary and folk food to maintain supplies, and expect Cao Weiyuanjun within twenty days can not reach Changan. Zhu Geliang is in the valley before the arrival of reinforcements from the Wei troops arrived in Changan, and Wei Yan together in Changan, to seize Xianyang west of the Shu han. "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" also adopted such a statement.

As far as common sense is concerned, the plan of Wei Wei is too wishful thinking. Even on the road to Wei Yan is not affected by the loss in a timely manner in the city of Changan, the commander of the front Xiahou Mao did not expect Cao Wei to stay in Changan a strong city, but abandoned the city, it is not reliable? Wei Yan's ten thousand infantry light out of the meridian Valley, unable to siege the city. As long as Xiahou Mao promptly sent Qingqi letter, three days inn horses arrived in Luoyang. Reference Smapinmon Da eight day March, one thousand and two hundred Han arrived in the metro, the average daily march one hundred and fifty han. Luoyang to Changan in March nine hundred and fifty Han Wei, seven days from Luoyang to Changan. Zhu Geliang walked out of four hundred and seventy Chinese in the plank to valley seventy thousand or eighty thousand army, then east on about three hundred Chinese to arrive in Changan, so from Wei Yan in Changan Wei to reach a maximum of twelve days. In this twelve days for Zhu Geliang sixty thousand or seventy thousand army captured Changan even before arrival of reinforcements in the Wei Dynasty, really difficult. Coupled with the Guanzhong plain without insurance can observe, Wei forces can be mobilized nearly three hundred thousand troops into battle. With the troops more than 3:1 in Guanzhong, the plan is really very difficult to succeed.

What about the Tongguan program recorded by the Three Kingdoms? Wei Yan's plan is Zhu Geliang and the two forces were divided, he led the million army straight from Tongguan, as Han Xin did when expectations of Chu and Han hegemony to intercept reinforcements entering the Kanto Wei shut the dogs up to beat them. By Zhu Geliang, the army captured all the cities in the Guanzhong area.

The plan is very difficult, starting from Hanzhoung Bao Wei Yan, along the South Qinling Mountains east to the south of meridian Valley, the distance of four hundred Chinese, to the three day of march. The meridional Valley is six hundred and sixty north and South long, and the Han Dynasty is the most difficult one to link between the northern and southern passages of Qinling Mountains. All the way along the cliff, marching speed and peace can not be compared to the road along the cliff to destroy, but also repair. An average of fifty or seventy miles per day. It takes ten to thirteen days to pass through the meridian valley. From the north to the city of Changan meridian Valley and one hundred Han, han to Tongguan is about five hundred. Wei Yan left five thousand soldiers to contain Changan garrison, had five thousand soldiers with raid four days arrived in Tongguan. It will take seventeen days altogether.

Zhu Geliang led the army to the valley, four hundred and seventy Chinese in the Valley Road although some meridian Valley than to go, but the sixty thousand or seventy thousand army and almost the same number of auxiliary transportation soldiers porters, the day is fifty Han, to spend almost ten days out of a road along the valley, surrounded around the city, arrived in the city of Changan, also need to at least three days. And the Zhu Geliang army is out of the question and can't keep it absolutely secret,. Not so and Wei Yan came out, otherwise the news, timely notification of Luoyang, probably not Wei Yan to the meridian Valley, Wei reinforcements has been out of Tongguan into the guanzhong. Therefore, we can only start when Wei Wei basically stepped out of the meridian valley. This Wei Yan in seizing Tongguan after almost ten days, the army arrived in Changan to begin the siege.

Assuming that this strategy in front of everything, Wei Yan in Tongguan blocked Luoyang Cao reinforcements, Zhu Geliang also led the army out of the valley. Is Wei Wei's plan likely to succeed? The answer is still no.. Because although Tongguan has been regarded as the key to Guanzhong, but from the central plains into the area, not only Tongguan road. In the southeast of Changan, there is also a Wu Road through Lantian and Shangluo to Nanyang. Wu Guan is in an important juncture, when the Warring States Qin Chu campaign, Qin is wuguan. Liu Bangqiang in the late Qin Xiang before in Guanzhong, also go wuguan. Wuguan pass from the Changan more than 400 in chinese. There is no way to force Wei Yan's forces to seize Wuguan, can only wait for the Zhu Geliang army to occupy. Zhu Geliang in the army of Wei Yan seized Tongguan ten days after arriving in Changan, and the need to divide Wuguan three days to reach the south of Shangluo. Would Cao Wei just sit back and watch?

When Wei Yan seized Tongguan news reached Luoyang, Wei will entry from Nanyang Nanyang to Changan Wancheng soldiers, about one thousand Chinese. Even if the reinforcements of only twenty thousand or thirty thousand people, and even can not be timely reinforcements in Zhu Geliang laid siege to Changan before reinforcements to Changan, also can hold the arms off, even in Lantian, the threat of force. Can divide from the rear to retake Tongguan. Waiting for the next army to fight Zhu Geliang in Changan. Zhu Geliang has to rely on more than half of the tens of thousands of troops, nearly nine hundred Chinese in the long supply line is difficult Shudao difficult to maintain a long battle logistics.

Wei Yan's strategic intentions are ambitious, but the Han Xin story is not that easy to learn. EChinaChem, Liu Bang Han Xin was able to capture the Guanzhong, because Xiang Yu is in Xuzhou and Pengcheng, are Qi Guotian and Rong battle, from entering the rescue. While Cao Wei's political center in Luoyang, Nanyang is also heavily zhuzhun wancheng. The north in dangerous roads, supply difficulties. The Wei Yan plan, two army offices separated by hundreds of miles of Qinling Mountains Valley Road, to achieve the perfect coordination, even in twentieth Century the communication conditions are very difficult to do, not to mention three times, so with this not be possible.

Zhu Geliang repeatedly Northern Expedition, the strategic intent contains two aspects. One is to attack, try to seize Longyou even in Fufeng, the expansion of the strength of the population; the other is to maintain a positive offensive posture, to show their alliance and Soochow aggressive and holding force. Direct annexation of Guanzhong, in no case Wei internal chaos, there is no possibility.

Zhu Geliang as prime minister, the need to take into account the national political economic and military strategy. Wei Yan is losing the meridian Valley seeking plan. The consequences of failure, is not only the loss of Wei Yan ten thousand army, but in the main sixty thousand or seventy thousand Shu troops may be lost more than half. Zhu Geliang won't take it. Wei, who has only been a general, sees only the benefits of Changan or Tongguan, but fails to consider the consequences of the failure of the plan. Such a man is not fit to serve as commander in chief. Zhu Geliang's military ability, should not because of not adopting the meridian Valley seeking and completely obliterated.

[Sasha speaks 293rd sessions] (History Series 103rd)