Others are two, with what Jiang Jieshi in Taiwan five consecutive elected leaders?

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Others are two, with what Jiang Jieshi in Taiwan five consecutive elected leaders?

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(Figure) Jiang Jieshi, famous political figures and military strategist in modern China

Provincial Council and the following counties township head and people on behalf of the election rail system is relatively simple, is once every five years over the election, direct election. Throughout the election is only if constituency inside the adult citizens can be registered as a candidate; a direct election is a constituency adult citizens vote, ticket number was chosen. Is the whole society of Taiwan every four years on the busy time, ave lane firecrackers, gongs and drums to noise, each candidate wearing ribbons telling anyone take a bow bent, approached handshake, pronounces it "please please vouchsafe a vote", a pair of flattery.

Taiwan these premises election from 1935 November 22 began, then is a Japanese according to Showa era of ten years, the election for the first time in the history should thanks in 1927 Chiang, Hsien Tang Lin, Tsai Peihuo et al established the Taiwan public party and the next Taiwan place autonomous union try to spur, instead of the Empire of Japan's "gift".

The second year after the victory of the war of resistance against Japan on the restoration of the closed down due to World War II, "the place of election, after is unshakeable every five years selected time. Decades down Taiwan residents to form a habit, did not feel county mayor, members of this class of political figures have what good prestige, reformed is my chosen; elected if swing the body to look less good for my way of doing things, might as well, wait and see, five years after you have kind again for me?

(Figure) Taiwan election event

Taiwan people's feeling instead led the government to operate from a strategically advantageous position to be mysterious, every day in the busy what we don't know, don't see, just watching TV, reading newspapers and other media. The media said lead very busy, we'll just have to trust to lead very busy, because without it, because we did not choose the lead and never kowtow to us to vote.

Don't look at small places of Taiwan, the organization system, style, but not small. The system enough complex and unique in the world, than centralized system, is not a constitutional monarchy; not cabinet system, but not the president of, reformed the rail of write in the constitution of the people's Republic of China, in December 1946 25 proposed. In order to meet the test, I was in the "civil and moral" class to recite, got back to life.

When it comes to choosing the "President", it is a series of historical stories. The Republic of China first elected president of the National Assembly on behalf of the Republic of China in November 1947 by the 47 provinces and municipalities directly under the people's Republic of China directly elected. Which is since Pangu, the first national comprehensive election, elected 3045, choose the 2961. The 9 provinces in Northeast China and Shandong, Shaanxi Provincial Department of regional due to the civil war to the election and in April 1948 to Nanjing report have 2859, is that more than two thousand people in April 20, 1948 vote elected Chiang Kai Shek as the first president of the Republic of China.

Then this group of deputy to the National Congress "in 1949 have 1573 people went to Taiwan, in 1954, elected for a second term as regional leaders, because, has lost to re-election, by the same people mobilized again vote, granted elected by Chiang Kai Shek.

Because of the regional leaders for a term of six years, who also led the regional vice presidency for six years, won a re-election can. By 1960 the third election, so, Jiang Jieshi can not run for a second term, when people continue to lead?

Trick, without Jiang Jieshi's lead, how can we survive? Is to, under the "military and civilian compatriots" consistent expectations -- as is not really is a "fellow soldiers and civilians" consistent expectations, due to say, but then newspapers are so written, as it is, this batch of "National Congress represents" make a "drive counter insurgency during Gu and entry is by Chiang Kai Shek is such and the third, fourth, fifth term lead people.

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