There is a pair of mother and son, called Song Meiling and Jiang Jingguo

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There is a pair of mother and son, called Song Meiling and Jiang Jingguo

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Chinese history,

Relationship between a lot of people

Simple and complex.

To respect and not to kiss.


In April 1937, Jiang Jingguo returned from the Soviet Union in Hangzhou for the first time to see his own reputation of the stepmother, Song Meiling.

Be away from home12In the year, Jiang Jingguo in the letter to Jiang Jieshi has always used the "parents" under the knees",But have to see the real man, Jiang Jieshi let Jiang Jingguo called Song Meiling a "mother", Jiang Jingguo refused.

One thousand nine hundred and thirty-nineYear, Jiang Jingguo mother Mao Fumei died in the Japanese bombing of Fenghua in the home.

Jiang Jingguo angry book "blood" of the four characters, the oath to recover the ashes.

(first lady died at the mercy of Mao's cry book)

After Song Meiling's tone to write the telegram, telegram to the United States, by the United States to gannan.

Said the stepmother qindie and do not good, if any good when? A good chairman.

(Jiang Jieshi, Song Meiling, Jiang Jingguo)

But Jiang Jingguo and Song Meiling are at this stage.

Thirty-eightIn the letter, only1Feng Jiang songMother adult", and the rest are allMadame chiang".Jiang Jingguo from no any person called his wife Jiang Fangliang for the wife",

He wanted everyone to know that the Republic of China, "Madame Chiang" is only one Song Meiling.


Near the cold, cold to freezing point


In 1948, Jiang Jingguo Jiang Jieshi's orders to Shanghai Dingxin currency in corruption.

Prince Ye "tiger" released a relentless:

"When will head landing!"

"Beat the philistine"

Can not think of this "tiger" hit the stepmother to the home - -

Song Ailing and Kong Xiangxi's son: Ling kan.

"My son Du Yuesheng is facing the stock reselling sentenced to 8 months, I do not know how to handle hole son to ask",

Jiang Jingguo only said a word:


The film "the founding industry" segment, Du Yuesheng Jiang Jingguo

But the hole caught Jiang Jingguo McCain front office, Song Meiling went to the rear.

"Kong Ling Kan? Go, follow me." This one put away.

Song Meiling life without children, Chiang Ching Kuo, Chiang Wei brothers had grown, Chiang Kai Shek ageing itself in her family no a backer is not.

Song Meiling selected patron is elder sister and Kong Xiangxi's eldest son, Ling kan.

Man, is bound to get;

But the enemy, but also means less than.

Who knows two people did not say a few words actually directly pulled out a gun to pointing at each other.

Ling Kan angrily: "you Chiang is clean? To make my company, I put Jiang, song, hole house of wealth in the United States,

Death master a piece of dead!


The film "the founding industry" segment, Tong Dawei Kong Lingkan

Song Meiling finally realized the seriousness of the situation, to Peking is duzhan Jiang Jieshi power immediately:

"Shanghai is a big deal! Quick return!"

It is said that Jiang Jieshi is not the plane, Song Meiling took a step to make the hole McCain Jiang Jingguo Jiang Jieshi to sue.

I personally think that this argument is not a letter.

Means of communication is very high so how Madame Chiang will make public solicitation appoint a paternity pro? What is the difference between this and the mountain village?

The "tiger" in the end who is playing, does the chairman really do not know?

Some people say that this picture of the two people's face is the true portrayal of their relationship

Prince Ye's "Shanghai tiger" for 70 days will end, chairman of order:

Harmony.Frustrated Jiang Jingguo with his wife and children to leave Shanghai to go to Nanjing, drinking all day, even to the chairman of Qing Zhi to the battlefield.

One side, Shanghai tiger side, Liaoning Shenyang failure; failure of war.

The chairman of the heart must be sad.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Perhaps it is because the domestic war situation further serious; perhaps the tiger affairs that Jiang Jingguo thoroughly discredited,

After 1948, Song Meiling began to reach out to Jiang Jingguo automatically.

In the letter to Song Meiling, Jiang Jingguo claiming to be


, and repeatedly lead Jiang Jingguo to quitDrinking habit".

Song Meiling and Jiang Jingguo

In 1948, traveled to help the United States Song Meiling lasting not inspired by Chiang Kai Shek's dissatisfaction, many matters all by Chiang Ching Kuo to convey.

Song Meiling and Jiang Jingguo communication is very frequent.

This stage, Jiang Jingguo and Song Meiling each time the phone first city in Ningbo, passion to shout

"Mamma, I was in"

, Song Meiling also often external humanitarian"The country is always the most polite".

One thousand nine hundred and seventy-five

Jiang Jieshi died on the eve of his years, hold the hand of Jiang Jingguo road:"Honor your mother, then I can feel at ease on the ground!"

Jiang Jingguo king:

"Son when I follow the father's life, the past is so, today is so, day after day is always so."

Song Meiling at the funeral of Jiang Jieshi (right two) Jiang Jingguo (right three) Jiang Weiguo (right)


Consolidate the rights from Taiwan to the United States


Behind Jiang Jieshi, the relationship between Jiang Jingguo and Song Meiling once again to deteriorate.

in the first place

Taiwan's "communication" from the Jiang Jieshi alive, Song Meiling, a person in charge of control, which makes Jiang Jingguo very unhappy.


Elected "Minister of finance" candidate, Song Meiling again suggested Ling Kan, and threatened

"For people, make more appropriate than McCain hole by country".

But don't make holes McCain, is the younger brother of Song Meiling Song Zian, Jiang Jingguo also has no mercy.

Song Meiling and Jiang Jingguo in his later years

Attitude, cold on the mainland



982 years in July 24th, Liao Chengzhi, vice chairman of the National People's Congress Jiang Jingguo issued an open letter to inspire great vibration.My younger brother:

Right close by, there is a Haitian...... In three years, our party has repeatedly advocated your party structure and, with donations hatchet, were actually the same industry big country......

We remain brothers in a wave, again smile vanishes ".Jiang Jingguo did not respond to this.

Interestingly, August 17, "the old man" Soong Mei Ling unexpectedly issued an open letter reply, beginning with "Chengzhi world nephew", seems to have a pair of teachings tone.

I read the letter and nephew, this can laugh at...... To still hope three cooperation is a dream? How much to pick three unknown Huangtaizhigua Liye?"

In Song Meiling's view, is a joke of the so-called "third KMT cooperation" foundation.

Song Qingling was seriously ill, Song Meiling refused to visit Beijing, just reply sentence "my sister to New York treatment".

Song Qingling behind, Song Meiling deeply hate themselves did not drag her sister apart from the mainland.

The Soong Sisters

Song Meiling's public cues:

One day, the form does not change, Jiang, song, family, who are not allowed to bury the hole!Song Meiling is always Song Meiling who is elderly, Dynasty, change is just her high heels.

Song Meiling's tough stance on the mainland and Jiang Jingguo has always pursued"No contact, no structure, no improper Association"

Does the same.


Return to the mainland.


One thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight

In the beginning of the year, the three suffered heavy losses:

The death of Jiang Jingguo, the death of Jiang Xiaowen, the death of Jiang Xiaowu.Chiang Dynasty, seems to really want to quit the stage of history.

The Jiang Jieshi family portrait

At the same time, Song Meiling also found that Taiwan, fear is no longer have her

Madame chiang"


Lee took office less than three years, Chiang Kai Shek's office was moved in is memorial hall; symbol of the Chiang dynasty ruled the grandee was open for public occasions of repose, the Song Meiling absolutely cannot be tolerated.

Taiwan Memorial Hall

Li Denghui several times in Taiwan before the media face blame Song Meiling intervention authorities.

But that is island in the Kuomintang in the media, also support Li Denghui remove old Mrs. politics "with" the Chiang family dignitaries politics ".

Song Meiling's heart, it's really cool.

When Li Denghui announced to Jiang Jieshi, Jiang Jingguo's tomb guard removed, Song Meiling finally reluctant:

"This is expected. It looks like it's about to consider the shift."

First to Lee Teng Hui of Ling shift of, then is hospital treatment of Chiang Wei Kuo, often talk about the matter, Chiang Wei Kuo tearful:

You can walk to think. Do not say that I am a son and a brother, even as a

Will, if the accident is the tomb, to escape the blame!"

Chiang Wei

Anger response:

"People have ordered two mausoleum garrison optional retreat, had two mausoleum leave ready for opportunities to attack the. Kaohsiung county to so many statues smashed my father, is not a very reliable in?!"

Song Meiling, her side, hope to go to the Jiang Xiaoyong family, the Senate shifted Ling issues;

Side, KMT Central Standing Committee mostly in the Standing Committee that: to Chiang Kai Shek and Chiang Ching Kuo Lingshu migration, bury a thing, currently there is no urgency, on both sides of the same in the future.

Yes, today, I have not the Chiang family......

Jiang Jieshi and two son

Mother and child? Comrade in arms? Enemy? Who can say clearly?

Song Meiling's life was not an autobiography; although Jiang Jingguo love diary but almost never mentioned in the log Song Meiling.


Right and wrong,

All to future generations.

Right one for the left, the back right three for Jiang Jingguo

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