She was regarded as a monster, and was dragged to the whole world exhibition.

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She was regarded as a monster, and was dragged to the whole world exhibition.

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She was seen as a monster show before her death. She wandered for 150 years, has finally come home.

The hero of the story is a woman named Pastrana Julia in nineteenth Century.

She was once known as the "world's Ugliest Woman", alive is regarded as a "monster" in the circus performance, behind also can not sleep, the corpse was drawn to show all over the world

Today, you tell her about her story.

In 1834, a baby girl born in Sinaloa, Mexico.

However, the birth of this baby girl, to bring the family is not a surprise, but the shock"

Her whole body was hair longgai, nose and ears are very large and very thick lips, mandibular protrusion, she grew up in the more like rough mad of primitive people and gorillas

The reason why the chairman of such a dense hair, because Julia is suffering from a genetic. In addition, she also suffered from gingival hyperplasia, resulting in her mouth shape deformity.


At that time, she had no one heard of these people, one that is her mother and the devil adultery was born this monster".

She was all kinds of experts to check it, some people say that she is a kind of earth has been extinct species, some people say that she is human and chimpanzee mating products, in short, is not normal

Julia has also been dubbed all kinds of nickname, ape woman, bear woman, Mrs.

Different from the ordinary people's appearance so that Julia much attention, but also let some people see her value"

A businessman named Lent Theodore bought her from her mother, taught her to sing and dance, read and write.

Lent even finally married Julia...

Julia felt that she was in love, met a man who didn't care what she looked like...

However, this seems to be moving behind.. but because Lent know Julia can give him a huge wealth..

People who have a strong curiosity about all kinds of "fantastic things", all kinds of "fantastic show" at that time was very popular at that time.

Lent taught Julia to sing and dance, so that she could perform on stage. Julia different from the ordinary people's looks so that she is quite a gimmick, is the guarantee of the box office.

Such, Julia was lent with in the United States, Canada and even a European tour, each to a place are subject to the audience warmly welcome, very full.

Even Darwin was attracted to the legendary monster "

When a Julia, Lent also earned pours.

However in 1859 Julia pregnant pregnant. Later unfortunately in production because of dystocia died, the genetic Julia hirsutism children finally didn't survive.

Although lost his wife and children, but Lent did not contain the brain itself to make money. He put Julia, and his son's body embalmed retained and placed in a glass box, so with their bodies all over the world exhibition.

He even married a and Julia have similar signs of women pay for wife, let the woman corpse beside the show in Julia

Behind him, Julia and her son died for a period of time.

The hour of 1921 was presented in Norway, and was then exhibited until 1970.

In 1994, the Norway government proposed to bury the mother and son, but scientists have to keep the confrontation, to facilitate their research

Until 2005, the Mexican artist initiative the Barbata suggests a requirement that Julia may roots, back to Mexico's protest activities

"Whether it is lifetime is still behind, she is just a a exhibits, she lost itself in all its grandeur, I only want to let she can probably go back to their own home, was for a proper burial.

After long protest and effort, Julia's body finally in February 2013 was sent back to Mexico and laid to rest

Julia life, have become a profitable thing, a contented curiosity "monster exhibits". Even after, she also can not sleep

She was 150 years... Finally go home....

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