The Japanese invaders and get excited thin tanks: a division China dare to challenge the ten divisions

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The Japanese invaders and get excited thin tanks: a division China dare to challenge the ten divisions

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After the Japanese army provoked the Lugou Bridge incident in 1937, the Japanese tanks battalion and the independent armoured vehicle company were sent to the Chinese battlefield. At that time, because Chinese almost no what tanks, Japan had looked small light vehicles not only become the battlefield siege weapon, also serves as a battlefield reconnaissance and liaison, the infantry support role.

At that time, the Chinese Army lacked not only tanks, but also anti tank weapons, and even anti tank tactics were not understood. So the Japanese tanks on the battlefield in Chinese has been highlighted in many battles swagger before others, then the.

In the 8.13 battle of Shanghai, the Japanese attack Shanghai, a direct threat to the capital city of Nanjing, in order to attract and annihilate the local Chinese army, to solve problems Chinese. Therefore, we have put in a lot of troops and weapons. Japanese planes, tanks, warships combined firepower, let the bloody China army cornered.

China army an army into battle front, a week before the Japanese firepower was beaten down to supplement a division after the kick often only one group, a dozen minutes even up all the dead. Therefore, during the entire campaign, the loss of Chinese military forces reached a tragic division of the army every day.

We want to know to participate in combat in the battle of Shanghai and Chinese most elite 88 division that German advisors, even if they can be matched with a Japanese division, but the rest of the central army and even the Japanese there is a big gap in the battlefield weapons, not to mention the local forces. Therefore Chinese forces face the joint fire net Japanese tanks, aircraft, naval gun components, can persist for three months, it is not easy. This is the myth of the "three months of destruction" completely broken with the flesh and blood of Chinese soldiers".

In the battle of Shanghai, the battle of Nanjing tasted the sweetness of the tank into the uninhabited land, in the battle of Xuzhou in Japanese is a large investment of more than 200 tanks. Therefore, the Japanese sedani detachment and Sakamoto detachment together, dare to a division of troops, supported by tanks, it Chinese against the army ten division. But two of them surrounded, with tanks for the pioneer, eventually most can break, and China forces because of fear of the Japanese tank fire and had to give up the pursuit of.

The Japanese army relied on the maneuverability of the tank, and pursued 250 kilometers in the battle of Nanchang. In the battle of Henan in 1944, 2 kilometers and 150 kilometers were used to cut off the battle links of the Chinese army.

But with the development of the war, the characteristics of the Japanese tank "thin skin" are also exposed, and the Chinese army can only destroy it with cluster grenades.

Although the Japanese tanks lacked mobility and shock, the Chinese army, which lacked heavy weapons, could often achieve greater results after concentrated marshalling. But when Japanese tanks arrived in the Pacific, they were repaired by American tanks.

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