The original Nanming for this reason, not like the same song sung half of the country

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The original Nanming for this reason, not like the same song sung half of the country

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IntroductionNanming and the Southern Song Dynasty is the Royal Retreat, South Dynasty established. The Southern Song Dynasty insisted for 150 years and Nanming only a short 15 years, what is the reason for it?

1,A formidable opponent, the Southern Song Dynasty in the face of the main enemy is the gold, and in around and Xixia, Mongolia and other countries tied to gold, so that the gold does not fully liberalized attack the Southern Song Dynasty. Nanming was in the face of the enemy is unclear, Chuang Wang Shun Dynasty in a very short time to be cleared out. And before the Qing Dynasty had passed and the pro war means to unify the north. Can be completely and against Nanming.

2, internal differences, between various fan li. In addition to NanmingZhao Gou Montevideo, Nanming is different. Since the establishment of the prince, and these people as a conservative estimate of about one hundred thousand branches. Hongguang emperor Chongzhen emperor blood relations between recent cousin, but Donglin Party - the society some people but to grandmother Hong Guangdi is Wanli Zheng concubine as an excuse to oppose, adhere to the crowned Prince Lu, provoked the Hongguang Dynasty faction. And several small imperial court are all so. Nanming has more than ten years of emperor, supervise the country dozens, each other, not in full force attack against the qing.

3, the people are not united, the Southern Song national anti gold. There are a lot of folk hero. Nanming has a lot of traitors, many government ministers of the Qing Dynasty to surrender.