This paper out of the composition, then detonated not just friends circle, and even boiling the whole of China

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This paper out of the composition, then detonated not just friends circle, and even boiling the whole of China

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Jade can be broken and can not damage its white

Bamboo can be broken and can not destroy its Festival

Birds soar with the Luan Feng Yuan, people with good quality

In twenty-six years, in the year 221, Guan Mai Cheng, defeated zaoqin, refused to drop, and Sun Quan. The red horse was given to Ma Zhong Sun Quan mounts.

One day, Ma Zhong on the table: chituma fasting days, will soon be dead. Sun Quan frightened, anxious to visit Jiangdong celebrities like bo. After he is bole, said that he is proficient in malay.

Ma Zhong Beth joy back to the house, to see the red channel, but Mafu on the ground, more than whining. They don't know, but he knows it. "Hi the severance, caresses its back and sighed:" old Cao Cao "turtle is life", "laojifuli, One aims for the far-off future. Martyrs old age, I know, you read in high aspirations "'s grace, for from the underground. Although the day Lu Fengxian white gatehouse perish, there was no gentleman so dependent, why today this suicide, wouldn't it be negative Jun far-reaching ambition Zai? "

The red horse has a loud hissing, sighed: "for I," the bird is dying, its cry; people will die, his words are good. " We met Mr. Wu will tell words from the bottom of the heart. I was born in the cool, after the Dong, who kill the young emperor, become powerful and intransigent, Wolong bed, is Chinese thief, I hate deep."

Bo Xi nodded, said: "smell Li Confucianism advice, to grant Lv Bu Jun, Lv Bu but Tianxiadiyi Yongqiang, all who said, 'Lu Bu, MA in rabbit. Want to come when the volunteers are not negative."

The red horse sighed and said: "the word is bad. Lv Bu this person is no letter, for glory and kill Ding, beauty and thorn Dong Zhuo, cast Liu Bei to wrest the Xuzhou, Yuan Shu and cut off his marriage to make. "People have no faith"No, good faith and the people is my life as big! After I went to Cao Cao, his was a cloud, but no one can be called a hero. I fear this lifeOnly disgrace to slave hands, Pian died between stable. After Cao Cao will I give off a general; I have to see the Hulao before Wu Yong, the white upstairs to see the Enyi, admired for a long time. I also see off general rejoicing, thank Cao Cao. Cao Cao asked him why so, general replied: "I know this day thousands of miles, this is fortunate to have. In the future, if you know the whereabouts of the elder brother, one day to see. ' Its integrity is so. As the saying goes: "Birds soar with the Luan Feng Yuan, people with good quality". I dare not to the death report?"

Bo Xi Wen, sigh, said: "people are all said to close the general is a person of good faith, today heard, if so."

The red horse Qi said: "I have high Yi Bo, for the poor but never sway Shuqi.

First, the story of the novel.Author to be familiar with the stories of the Three Kingdoms is based, has compiled a chituma integrity and perishes the touching story, the imagination really rich.

The two is aspirational. The anthropomorphic chituma, let it show appraise of Guan Yu and Dong Zhuo, Lv Bu two kinds of characters in the same job like dialogue, and realize the "true heroes need to talk about the theme of integrity"; and to "bird soar with the Luan Feng far, Ban Xianliang high quality" a, "were still so, people how worthy" a sentence, and describe the life when the soul, only integrity defined, ambition, the conception of the article more upper floor.

Three is the old language. Throughout the task with skillful of ancient vernacular, San entire intricate, understand Chang Xiao, literarily, the sophisticated language skills is many candidates can not hold a candle.

(Jiangxinjie"Red," the death of the author, out of college entrance essay winner, after graduating from Nanjing Normal University, signed China Youth Daily)