Why didn't Liu Bei dominate the landscape? Who is the driving force behind the death of the dead?

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Why didn't Liu Bei dominate the landscape? Who is the driving force behind the death of the dead?

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Liu Bei is always figure in the history of the Three Kingdoms authors and readers prefer, as written in the annals of the Three Kingdoms Chen Shouhe write the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong's pen, Liu Huang Shu is portrayed as a representative of the justice of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the ideal incarnation, self-improvement, although repeatedly defeated, repeatedly and stand up, is simply a immortal Xiaoqiang. Liu closure of the Taoyuan three sworn brothers, the Duke Guan thousands of miles go solo, shuiyanqijun, Mai Cheng, Liu Bei Guan Yu revenge and start the battle of Yiling, story touched thousands of good people, however, the truth of the history, what is how to Nirvana?

In my opinion: Guan Yu's death behind is not others, it is a brother of Liu big ears humanity, justice and morality!

Liu Bei has twice held in Xuzhou, did not grow up. The first is by Lu Bu stole, three brothers cast Cao Cao back and hit Lui Bo made the gatehouse of the white cup. The second is by intercept Yuan Shu's chance to steal in Xuzhou, but Cao Cao easy to destroy, Guan Yu is also reduced for prisoners, Zhang Fei lost, he ran to the Yuan Shao there defected to the Ming Gong Yuan Shao. Quack, Guan Yu's death, is at this time under the curse...

The world, when it comes to the best people of Guan Yu, not Liu Bei, but Cao Cao, Cao Cao magnanimous magnanimity and vision, Three Kingdoms matchless, meritocracy is the old Cao, at the end of these hypocrites rampant mouthful of virtue and morality maocai Xiaolian Chinese, from only Germany is give change for meritocracy, Cao Cao is the first, the most typical example is the Guojia, big Jincai Guo Jiayou. Virtue is very poor, greedy and especially lewd, tossing small body bone splinters of wind blowing is just going to fail.

The thorn, when Liu Bei of abjection is buried in the depths of the heart, but is the seed will sprout, the battle of Chibi, before, is Liu Bei Military Adventure of the trough, Changbanpo defeat after Liu Bei group huanghuang ran all day, in the summer mouths with Liu Qihe in an altogether soldiers also 10000 people, after the battle of Chibi, Liu Bei had a small foothold, half a Jingzhou.

Before Changbanpo, Liu Bei in Xinye to Jingzhou Biao when barrier a when is seven years, from Jianan six years (201 BC) mix to the Jian thirteen years (208 BC), Xinye a tiny area, the north is Cao Cao Liu Biao is south, Cao Cao is the sworn enemy of, Liu Biao is the grace of God, you called Liu Bei to where? Liu Bei can only wait, wait a full seven years, from 40 years old to 47 years old...

Liu Bei probably in Jian'an twelve years invited Zhuge Liang, but one can't make bricks without straw, Zhuge Liang a small youth, although quite intelligent, is unable to persuade Liu Bei to seize Liu Biao of Jingzhou, not also, but not also, Liu Bei in Xinye tiny will not pass a, soldiers, but thousands of, Liu table suppress dead six years can not find the opportunity, do Zhuge Liang way will be able to find opportunities? And Liu Bei in Xinye bribe popular feeling all these years, suddenly bite the hand that feeds one nest, rebellion is coup success of Liu Biao, also can't pack soothed Jingxiang people, have not a leg to stand on.

Liu can not everyone in the eyes of the dopey, then single handedly wore the hat of a governor of Jingzhou Jingzhou, banquet yiguoduan off large local despots of the master of the house, the romance of the Three Kingdoms load: in Jingzhou during the period, Liu Biao Enwei and, they wisely, eliminate thousands of miles. The people heartily admire. And by Li Xue, Aimin Yang Shi, calm self. From Yuan Shao, near the junction of Zhang Xiu, nenagh Liu Bei, according to thousands of miles, with a more than 100000, rule the roost in the Jingjiang River, to kill Dong Sun Jian, after anti Cao Cao is one of Cao Cao's enemies.

To force the truth on Xu Chu kingdoms:

By this person is very characteristic, is a weak case is not strong, strong not weak, and:

This is vs 1, Xu Chu Dian Wei tiger crazy before his debut, playing for a long time, did not win! Considering Cao Cao's love of the heart, not to die under the hand of Dian Wei is the main factor

2, xU3 chu3 vs xuhuang Xu Chu 50 failed to win xuhuang, and good 20 Hesheng xuhuang, Ma Chao 30 Hesheng Xu Huang, Zhao 20 Hesheng xuhuang, by not more than three people is determined

3, Pound VS dozens of close to the end

4, Xu Zhu vs Lv Bu 20 after not, Cao Cao let the herd group P saved Xu Zhu

5, xU3 chu3 vs Ma Chao 200 synthetic greatly, xU3 chu3 tired to unload heavy armor can continue to play, and then to dodge a fatal blow to Ma Chao, machetes are lost with his arm caught machao lance, obviously at a disadvantage, the arrow anti body after the first fled and xU3 chu3, can say basic defeat to Ma Chao

6, by vs Zhao Yun battle, be

7, xU3 chu3 vs Yan Liang Yan Liang 20 defeat Xu Huang, Xu Zhu no initiative Qingzhan, Cao Cao also pressure root can't let him go up good PK, but sent to move Guan Yu, Cao Cao's eyes can't go wrong, by playing but good do not go to die

The romance of the Three Kingdoms is wonderful, with a look at the ultra first-class master showdown, xU3 chu3 best results also draw is that difference is 20 defeat Riboud, 200 after Ma Chao fall leeward, 50 take xuhuang, lizhan Zhao greatly, dozens of close not take pound, simply did not dare to Doo Yan Liang, such xU3 chu3, do you think he is super masters baa?

In the battle of Chibi, led by Zhou Yu Jiangdong main defeat Cao Cao, Liu big ears in the battle of red cliff, only to shut down the governor 2000 symbolic of war, after Chibi, Zhou Yu and caoren seesaw day for South County, Liu Bei took the opportunity to quickly occupied the Jingnan 4 County, of course, big ears hit the banner is Liu Qi to the identity of the uncle embraced Liu Biao's son inherits the Jingzhou possessions.

Big ears Liu Qi provincial governor of Jingzhou, and the South four counties. Wuling Prefecture, Changsha Prefecture Jin Xuan Han Xuan, Guiyang Prefecture, Lingling Prefecture Zhao Fan Liu all down. Lujiang Lei Xu: rate of export to tens of thousands of big ears, so far, Liu Bei in Jingzhou an early scale, but... The crisis still exists...

Jingzhou Qianliang, most in Jiangling, Zhou Yu and caoren for South County, compete for the main battlefield is South County South of Jiangling tomb, hit later caoren not Zhou Yu's opponent, retire, South County South is occupation of Soochow, so Sun Quan appointed Zhou Yu, partial general, and Rennan Prefecture, and the Juan, Hanchang, Liu Yang, Zhou Ling as his Feng Yi, let him troops stationed in legacy Jiangling... South County is then split into two, northern South County is the old Cao established Xiangyang County, where the rule of Xiangyang City, South County South is accounted for sun also called South County, where the rule of Jiangling, and Liu big ears that time table Liu Qi when Cishi Jingzhou, poor legacy can only be placed in the public security, on the opposite side of Jiangling, separated by a river.

What does it mean to mean a river? Liu means big ears marginalized, Cao Fang in the Xiangfan line, Zhou Yu occupied the middle of the Jiangling line, big ears with Cao Cao was isolated. The benefit is said to have Zhou Yu for he blocked Cao Jun, at worst, not with the enemy without borders, the development of space, to the north to the East is the battle of Chibi allies in the land of Sun Quan, and strength than big ears, Chibi after Sun Quan and Soochow, Zhou Yu's popularity is called a fierce, as the winner got most of the baggage and weapons Cao Cao south, morale and strength that a strong, called a fierce ah, this time with big ears no strength may be a crisis of Wu Ying Han, come...

At the moment of Liu big ears, a deep sense of crisis, Jing Nan four counties, only an enlarged version of the Xinye, the moment of Liu Bei, was in captivity up...

When surrounded by the allies, for a local forces is the most dangerous moment, because lost the expansion and development of space, Jing Nan Si county wide dilute, while the Yangtze River to the north is Liu Biao in the operation and development of the 20 years of South County and Xiangfan district that is Jingzhou is the most affluent areas, but were occupied by Cao Cao and Sun Quan, Liu Bei of mind at the moment of fear and who can know? Even if it is four counties, but also under the banner of the name of Liu Qi's income capsule... What should we do next? Longzhongdui strategy how to implement it?

Trapped in the four counties with much land and few people Jing Nan, Liu Bei day and night on tenterhooks, old so it is a way ah, so in 14 years, the son of Liu Qi died (no doubt a big ear is behind, because the four Jing Nan county is stabilized, and for a governor of Jingzhou behind it will the self, Liu Bei) led the Jingzhou animal husbandry, seeing Liu Bei kill Liu Qi is ready to tone, this time for Zhou Yu Sun Quan had an idea: and, Sun Quan's sister married elderly widowed (Mrs. Liu Bei died), Zhou Lang coup tranquility, 48 year old Liu Bei married the more than and 20 year old Sun Shangxiang. This year Sun Quan is only 27 years old... Liu Bei was the son-in-law of Soochow, Fu Xi misfortune?

Zhou Yu and Sun Quan wanted to marry Sun Shangxiang played well, Liu Bei made it his wife, after a year or so, give birth to one or two offsprings won a peaceful evolution in the future, the line is entirely possible, Zhou Yu Sun Quan's wishful thinking, Liu Bei's men were also at the door, Zhu Geliang pangtong had is certainly this to Liu Bei said: Lord, lady sun to tell you how to love all of you two cut his bed things, but must not let the LORD have Madame Sun and your flesh, nor gave birth to a son, it's a matter of life and death of the event, once the Soochow offspring, it is the LORD your death warrant. At that time, if the Lord will have an accident, Soochow justifies seized master's inheritance, so.. Avoid by all means!

Big ear thief how can not know the terrible? So you see he and Madame Sun honeymoon again how loving and preventive measures that do is meticulous, so until Ken Liu Bei 16 years in Sichuan and Lady sun separately, sun Shangxiang in two years time can never Huai, Liu Guxie, also does not have the ultimate goal of complete Zhou Yu and Sun Quan the beauty meter, fudechouxin let Liu Bei's heir into the offspring of Soochow, then in captivity do away with Liu Bei, take possession of the Liu Bei.

Lu Su Wu, Sun Quan selected successor, Zhou Yu Lu Su, in fact, only Lu Su, the Lu Su can not the romance of the Three Kingdoms demonized the good old Lu Su, the Lu Su but in the future to inhibit in Jingzhou, Guan Yu did not dare to move, the Lu Su even dare in front of Guan Yu play pole will, not the kingdoms of Guan Yu with a week Canglai Lu Su side pole will, history is Lu Su single pole to Guan Yu over to uphold justice scold a Guan Yu staged a single will.

History Lu Su, courageous, skills, and knowledge are extraordinary, Longzhong of strategy, the earliest similar advice is Lu Su to Sun Quan, and Lu Su do not play false, Kuang Fu of the Han Dynasty that a set of function words directly suggested Sun Quan swinger achievements of the world king hegemony industry, which is the Sun Quan appetite, to tell you the truth, Sun Quan like Lu Su too much like Zhou Yu, respect Lu Su too much respect for Zhou Yu, Lu Su to help is achievements of Sun Quan industry, Zhou Yu to do is Kuang Fu of the Han Dynasty, not a road

So when Zhou Yu's death, under the hand of the episode only 4000 people, Sun Quan to Zhou Yu prevention and suspicion is not a two, not a day two days, one of the reason why this is Zhou Yu's untimely death, is the second big ears hands! So Zhou Yu's death, Sun Quan had appointed Lu Su replace Zhou Yu when the Soochow viceroy, Zhou Yu's tunes and under the command of various will, guarding the Jingxiang front.

In stance towards the Liu Bei military bloc, the idea of Lu Su is anti - Liu Cao, Jingxiang ago is Liu Biao's territory, Jingxiang group and a lot of talent to the removal of a small portion of Peitou Cao Cao, most of them are big ears furled separately in men, like Zhou Yu at the same time the North refused to Cao, Liu Bei southward, just like playing with fire, one day, this situation was out of control, because Liu Bei is circle in Nan Jing to development, one day will be desperate to come up with things, and Soochow rule in Jingxiang originally is something to get twice the result with half the effort., because of Soochow to Jingzhou because the firm Sun death the enemy is not a day for two days can be solved. Then put forward the strategic "by Jingzhou Lu Su to Liu Bei!

Sun Quan this person, I always feel that his pattern is too small, "put forward by the Jingzhou Lu", in fact, several birds with one stone, is the great wisdom of big strategy, borrow the first advantage of Jingzhou, the tigers of the generation of large ears, from Jing Nan liberated directly to first-line anti Cao Xiangfan. Liu Bei, you are not all day shouted Han Dynasty Kuangfu, Cao Xu Connaught, thieves are not far away from the north, you can go to the top of the pile to complex of the Han Dynasty, as the north, let Liu Bei military group to become the Soochow firewall again, let Liu Bei's military power is consumed in the containment and Cao Jingxiang first, lest Liu Bei all day do not know to suck side development...

A second benefit of Jingzhou, told Cao Cao, although you most afraid of Zhou Yu Hang, but now our Soochow with Liu Bei group formed a Chunwangchihan alliances, you don't under the banner of disintegration of divide and conquer pick our faction then you picked the peaches, big ears that die Xiaoqiang, resistance to Cao that is not our Soochow mobilization drop!

Borrow the third advantage of Jingzhou is: Tell Liu big ears, Zhou Yu in the obsession of Sichuan revenue for the state of a good thing, our Soochow now abandoned, not to go, Yizhou is for you to pick up the, in exchange, etc. after you Liu big ears took Yizhou resting place for the sole of your foot, then we now lend your Jingzhou, you need to come back!.

So-called by Jingzhou, in fact, borrow is half of South County, is South County line Jiangling, Jingxiang nine county that is after Chibi names, Chibi before the late Han Dynasty Jingxiang a total of seven County, after the battle of Chibi Cao Fang Zhan Nanyang County, and the original South County Fancheng Xiangyang, sun Fang Zhan the Jiangxia county and southern county of Jiangling, Liu Bei is accounted for Jingnan 4 county of Changsha Guiyang Wuling and Lingling, Cao Fang later, the yourself in the hands of Nanyang County and South County Xiangfan first divided again for a while, set up new Xiangyang County and Xiang Nan county, so as to become nine counties. Borrow after Jingzhou to Liu Bei Xi Chuan before, Cao Fang possession of Nanyang County, Xiangyang County, South County, sun Fang possession Jiangxia county. And Liu Bei in addition to Nan Jing Si Jun, standing with South County (in fact, is half of South County, is Jiangling line

Borrow after Jingzhou, Liu Bei is really too proud horseshoe disease, to Xiangfan first went to Cao Cao's uncomfortable it is both sun Liu root pressure all dare not to think of things, in Cao Cao also alive, how Liangfang power and it will also be able to take a defensive. Especially Jingzhou after Cao Cao in the south of the Yangtze River and the battle of Chibi the vigor of the injured, to restore is not a day two days of things, so big ears after four and a half counties of Jingzhou, the first time to looking to Yizhou Yizhou.

Liu Bei in Sichuan, the wolf is under Liu Zhang ZS, is and Mengda, it sa Qiurong guy told us what is the traitor finally won't come to a good end, ZS is because in Liu Bei put smoke bomb said to withdraw back to Jingzhou when writing to persuade Liu don't withdraw, the result was his brother told a secret, then the Yizhou to destroy the family, law is it? After Liu Bei Sichuan become Yizhou group in under the command of Liu Bei's first Reds, the method is Liu Bei in taking Xichuan post was appointed Shu Prefecture County, Yang Wu generals, the method is to take Xichuan and process of capture the Hanzhong is the role of counsellor and mastermind, so Liu Bei when the Hanzhongwang and appointed method is for the Chancery decree, Hujun general. Law is the person with Guojia as seeking ghosts, but narrow minded, Liu Bei with Chengdu appointed method is Shu Prefecture, Ya is very wayward arrogant haughty contempt, for Zhuge Liang complain, Zhuge Liang had to say: the tetrarch in public security, North fear Cao Gong Tuo, Sun Quan Dong afraid the force, in fear of Sun Fu life change below the armpit of; when Si, advance and retreat of the wolf sequence, law of filial piety straight for the ailerons, and fly, can not be copied. But get out to return, as the glory law is a traitor, a good day to head in the year 220, died! At the age of forty-five... Law is dead, but it is a big ear for the children in addition to the thorn once again shot! Traitors will come to no good end, live the longest Mengda, although after the death of Guan Yu by rebel Shu escaped the big ear cleaning, but in the end still again betray Wei when Sima Yi was consumed.

After Liu Bei Sichuan personnel arrangements, is worth pondering, shut down Zhao Yun Zhuge a no, all in Jingzhou watchdogs, with military adviser is Pang Tong, general is mainly Huang Zhongwei extension, why so? I analyzed the main reasons are as follows: 1, Jingzhou Liu Bei is his half was according to, as the foundation of yesterday absolutely not lose, so Zhao Jia Zhuge shut down these a general left to ensure that Jingzhou is not lost, 2, Liu Bei Sichuan is the name of clan Liu Zhang against help Zhang Lu the olive branch into, plus there is Meng Da Zhang Songfa three kings should do, take the Xichuan difficulty in Liu Bei seems little, maybe like a trip to get, so more difficult enough, 3, finally got a pangtong to big ears when you take charge as chief of the opportunity, as a member of the Jingzhou group, pangtong in the Liu Bei group in the junior, afraid of their own. Real veterans Huang Zhong Guan Zhang Zhao, Wei Yan joined such big ears time is not long, not easy to exploit, control and manipulate, also because they belong to. The state of the group, must hold together all solid pet, so there will be such personnel arrangements... Tiger brothers, battle of Jingzhou soldiers.

Is not only the above reasons? I think there was a fourth reason, Pang Tong careful thinking, in fact big ears entirely clear, in fact, large ears, and did not consider this? Zhuo Jun revolted from the suppression of the Yellow turban began, well if brother shut down with Liu Bei has more than 20 years in a row, Li repeated exploits buchibuqi, shut down in Liu Bei group of prestige and cronies degree is unparalleled, reactive Gao Zhen4, too particular, not the Lord, if Liu Bei young age 10, 20 years old, that is a bit of a problem, but 16 years of Sichuan of Jian an, Liu Bei is over 50 years old, he must be planning for the future of oneself and fools, the closure of the prestige can't again high, can suppress suppression can suppress suppress, this is the real thoughts of his heart. To support the Jingzhou group as soon as possible to balance the former generals from the group's overwhelming advantage is the direction of Liu Bei focus...

History, big ears hang up after, fools by Zhuge Liang completely overhead, only a puppet emperor, Zhuge was alive, powers of Shuhan militarism Yigai palm in the hands of Zhuge. If the big ears hang up and shut down the undead, Zhu Geliang can completely control the military power of Shu Han? Zhuge is Wen Chen of the Jingzhou group for the first time, but his loyalists generals only Zhao, Zhao Yun in the army's influence and control force can not be completely and shut down compared to, Zhao at Changbanpo when just the role of a captain of the guard, closure is work independently of the generals.

Lang in the stronghold of several local county (Taishou Yin and leave big ears shut down Zhao Zhu Ge Zhen Shou Jingzhou, oneself with a pang Huang Zhongwei are into Chuan, left behind students, when Guan Yu's position is the Xiangyang Xiangyang at this time still in Cao hands), Dang Kou general, Zhang Fei's position is Yidu (South West) Taishou, Krupp general, Zhao door teeth general, briefly took Guiyang Prefecture. After changed to leave camp Sima (this is Zhao old bank, can be considered a guard captain), and our lovely Zhuge Zhi Liang students, just a small military adviser, is not general, do only in four counties of governor rate of forage work. So don't think Liu Bei Sichuan is Ming students leading closure Zhao guard in Jingzhou, in fact is shut down two co led the army left behind, probably of Guan Yu is stationed in Jiangling, and Zhang Fei is mainly responsible for the Navy patrol the river, while Zhao is guarding the public security headquarters and fools, watching the sun lady and her guard who.

Jian'an 16 years Liu Bei Sichuan, Ken Zhangsong 17 years were killed, Liu began to attack Shu, and adjust, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang Sichuan army, left Guan Yu Du Shou Jingzhou, during the period of Liu Bei to enter the Luocheng and Pang in the siege and accidentally shot to death, only 36 years old, Pang Tong's death, and an untimely death behind, there is no black, big ears. It is difficult to say.

Pang person, the fault is not in appearance, wrong too arrogant, in order to achieve the purpose of the means, character and ability, with the law is very a fight. But it is, after all, a traitor to the origin, so in the face of Liu Bei is relatively cautious, Pang Tong is self-sustaining is Jingzhou group is one of the veterans, in the face of Liu Bei is don't know the size of the severity, Liu Beizhan Yang Huaigao Pei volatile soldiers directed at Chengdu, all the way like gangbusters, through successfully overcome, soon they hit the Fucheng. In Fucheng, the Liu Bei assembly Zhijiu soldiers, and fully satisfied or contented. He took a drink of pangtong said: "today, there is music." Pang Tong said: "people of the country and that of non Huan, benevolent soldiers." When Liu Bei had drunk, angrily: "wuwangfazhou, with high morale, non benevolent evil? Your words properly, should speed up!" So the pangtong up and back. Liu Bei immediately regretted, and asked him to come back. Pangtong back to the original position to sit down, do not look at Liu Bei, don't apologize, diet at. Liu Bei said: "to the theory of the people, who is lost?" Pang Tong said: "the club lost"... Later Pei Songzhi evaluation of Liu Bei and Pang Tong the debate said: seeking passage of Yizhou, although for system. However, contrary to the meaning of success, the by way of deception, heart is guilty, Huanqing halberd, so the smell was called Le words, don't feel hastily and also. Preparation of banquet with music while intoxicated, and self than the king, had no kuise, this has not lost the. What 'the missing', cover slander words of ear."

Do not think that the imperial gas has been so large, pangtong in feast on publicly contradict Liu Bei, in my view is the opportunity to play completely vexatious, Xichuan is the established policy set by the Liu Bei group, Liu Bei in the process of pangtong Xichuan did play an important role, but the first time to engage in a small pang feast without the big ears have begun to alert Liu Bei and shouted for more than 20 years as the slogan, slowly put himself fooled into, so make yourself big ears to others are, not their people are, for other people in other words, Liu Bei in order to natural men have to use unscrupulous divisive tactics an alert, suspicion and prevention of similar...

By reason of pangtong highfalutin people in Huan thought in the celebration, not those of soldiers." Face to face against Liu Bei is person all can not stand, not to mention heart wangba gas of Liu Bei, big ears. I thought, this guy now but the exiguity of credit dare not put me in the eye and future fools who can town had to live for him just strange. Pull black... I think, pangtong fate at that moment has already been decided, then the so-called school Luocheng, pangtong mid sagittal... Only one case, who said that when listening to the siege of the generals and fine size division ahead Liu Shi was shot dead? Or behind the big ears behind in action...

Pangtong dead, who is the most happy? In front of the method is the most happy, Zhuge Liang in the rear of the most happy, Liu Bei although feel their hands a bit early, but after all he had in his early fifties, acupuncture can early except a is a, the indefinite future so suitable opportunity, hang a pang Tong, big ears on the appointment of the law is to seek the Lord, to go on the offensive. And at that time Zhao Yun Zhu Geliang Zhang Fei was still on the way to the river.

Guan Yu was in Jingzhou, this is his lucky, lord it over a district, but also his tragedy, a tragicomedy staged this time, Jingzhou's main force by Zhang Fei Zhao Yun Zhu Geliang. Sichuan, the power of Jingzhou in fact has been seriously weakened, Guan Yu has become a sacrifice and cannon fodder, Guan Yu is a great warrior and commander, Jian 17 Zhang Fei Zhao Yun Zhu Geliang Sichuan, Mai Cheng Jian 24 years Guan Yu defeated his death, 7 years, Guan Yu and his army of Jingzhou, reminded me of Rommel and his Africa corps, with weak shoulders to half of the country, the head of Cao Cao and his army in the millions, have proof of Soochow attack behind the stuck Mi Fang Fu Shiren two confidant thorn... Guan Yu's day had a hard time......

Behind the things as we all know, Guan Yu shuiyanqijun, chopped pound, grab bar, Fancheng is at stake, Hu, the provincial governor of Wei Jingzhou repair Xiang Nan (Zhi Nan Xiang, now in Xichuan County of Henan Province southeast) Taishou Fu Fang, were down to Guan Yu, Luhun (now in Songxian County, Henan Province in Northeast) Sun wolf, also kill officer revolted, response of Guan Yu, Guan Yu's momentum moment "Weizhen Huaxia", Cao Cao feel threatened, once moved the capital to be prime minister Sima Sima Yi and Cao Chuan Jiang Ji Jian check. They think: "ban and other water not, non defensive war of the lost, in state plans no damage, and moved the capital, both show the enemy to weak, and Huai Mian people uneasy. Sun Quan, Liu Bei, outside the pro inside and outside, feather of pride, the right to do not want to. Can Yu right, to drag behind, Fan Wei is self...

Sima Yi's vision really unique: "Liu Bei, Sun Quan, outside the pro inside, feather of pride, the right to do not want to also..." Sun Quan is not happy to see the success of the Northern Expedition Liu Bei and Guan Yu, is willing to? Guan Yu's credit and prestige is higher, the strength of the Jingzhou army more powerful, Liu Bei's heart is more uneasy...

In fact, falter cannot wear Pseudocaranx Lu, Guan Yu's defeat in the northern expedition, and not because the rear is Soochow attack, Fu Shiren surrender in the public security, MI Fang in Jiangling surrender, Guan Yu in fact defeat in the northern expedition, first of all is defeated by xuhuang reinforcements in the frontline Fancheng, after the failure of the front, rear can return, forces and scattered, which lead to the later took to the tragedy of the wheat city.

In fact, Guan Yu in Fancheng was beat xuhuang reinforcements in dilemma, until the confirmation of Jiangling has missed only army withdrawal, and Cao Cao ordered not to chase, let Guan Yu to retain their effectives return in triumph to with Dongwu LV Meng for Jiangling fight consumption, but retired army on the way a rations incompetent force deficit, on the one hand, the families of soldiers are captured enemy, the morale of the troops scattered, so return in triumph on his way to Jingzhou army disintegrated, Yu Jin of the reduction of army ran all, Jingzhou forces toward the Soochow. Guan Yu see not the road, sent to stationed in Shu Yong will, Liu Feng, Meng Da for help, two people with the above mediocre new grounds, refused to support. Guan Yu's dilemma was equally difficult to go on or retreat, the West have enemies in front and rear, Mai cheng...

Good people are always very strange, why Guan Yu can be sent to Yong find Liu Feng Meng Da move reinforcements, and is not directly breakthrough mediocre, fact Shang Yong, Liu Feng and Mengda, shoulder the task and Mi Fang Fu Shiren are by Liu Bei's instructions in surveillance and prevention of Guan Yu, Guan Yu afraid of defeat cast Yong are likely to be quietly removed, this not personally in the past.

So far, get to the bottom of the antecedents and consequences of the death of Guan Yu, Liu big ears is Guan Yu's death the driving force behind the scenes, purpose is reactive Gao Zhen4, life is easy to control, as to the fools in addition to stab, Liu Bei in his later years cleaning the large number of hero and his men, Pang Tong, Guan Yu, Ma Liang, MI Zhu,, Liu Ba, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Ma Chao and so on and so on, in addition to the Zhuge Liang's descendant and men to be cleaned out, ad 220 years ago, of the kingdom of Shu Han goto advisers fall a large. Liu big ear is all this behind the scenes pushing hands. (to be continued)