What are the things that the generals can't do?

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What are the things that the generals can't do?

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Since ancient times, Chinese goto, numerous, but they are very taboo do one thing the generals of the matter, mostly didn't get hospice.

This thing is: kill down!

Since ancient times, there is a saying goes: kill drop unknown! Both sides of the war, mutual casualties is a normal thing, because holding a weapon, you have to be killed consciousness. But the end of the war, defeated and lay down their arms. It is no longer a soldier, but a civilian, and ordinary people didn't what difference, their identity from a pawn, converted into a person's father, the son of a person, an ordinary masses, this time again they wielded the knife, that is a big sin, especially large-scale, organized kill drop, will make figurines industry fire ridden, mostly to hospice!

Do not believe? Look at these kill drop, many of them go down the illustrious star, are what!

1 White: white in Qinzhao Wang six, made a great contribution to Qin tongyiliuguo. Worked in Iraq que war broken Han Wei coalition, captured the capital of Chu are Ying City, Zhao zhangpingzhizhan hit the main, exploits hehe, Baiqi is following the Chinese history since the Sun Wu, Wu Qi and a brilliant military strategist and commander, and Lian Po, Li Mu, Wang Jian and said for the Warring States period, the four famous, ranked the Warring States four star for the first time. But is such a fame copious general, because in the battle of Changping, a battle pit kill Zhao 40 million died down, leaving only 240 young soldier news back. After this war is the disharmony, death in Du mail.

2. Xiang Yu: Xiang Yu's contribution to need not say more, as the only one in records of the historian not a king, he was deemed to be the emperor, its achievement is high, the failure of regret is evident, but stalwart such as he, in 205 BC (Han two years) winter, soldiers in new ah, worried that their hands under the state of Qin soldiers rebelled, pit kill drop died more than 20 million, and then lost the support of the people, layers of retreat, after the Treaty of gap is the battle of Gaixia, Wujiang River to commit suicide. There is a poem: birth, death is also a male ghost. The thought of Xiang, refused to jiangdong. Sadly! Pity the poor!

3 Li guang. We may have on: born under an unlucky star, talented but unrecognized. These words are also on the side of Li Guang for having heard it many times, large and small soldiers all Fenghou, he alone is difficult to meet. You know he is good at evaluation: monkey arm, the real negative. Unsaddle technique, circular array to destroy the front. Border counties, army again. See the number of odd unjust exclusion, not letter. Alas star, none such under heaven! Is such a person, in the expedition last errors, failed to arrive on time and the army and, without consciously face knife pen official difficulties, anger and suicide. That Li Guangzhen did not do anything wrong? Yes, "records of the historian, General Lee biography" recorded, Li Guangshu can not be Fenghou, so to engage in Wang Shuo's horoscope and complained: "since the Han Dynasty North attacked the Xiongnu since, I did not in them. However, other generals were Fenghou ranked three. However, I did not Fenghou, don't I was destined not Fenghou?" He said: "if you think about it, what do you do for someone?" Li Guang said: "the thing I most regret is that I killed eight hundred people have surrendered." Dongfang Shuo said: "evil than kill has been reduced, and the general Fenghou also may not be so." Kill prisoners in ancient times in itself is not a moral thing, and killed 800 people, so Li Guangbi will be punished. Indeed as expected after the surrender of the Hun from the tomb, Li Guangjia on the decline.

4. Chang Yuchun: that year with the moon "Ming Dynasty those things" fire, the history of the Ming Dynasty was also noticed people slowly, the height of the book do not have to say, time gentleman I read more than once. Book of the Ming Dynasty first fervent Chang Yuchun can be described as is rare cavalry generals, with the Central Plains war cavalry Mongolian cavalry and a unbeaten, can be described as is not a world of military genius. But the man has a bad habit: kill drop. Not good to what extent? Even Zhu Yuanzhang have advised him, you do not kill down, and kill the bad. However, do not listen to! Later development to massacre! Once the war of Chen Youliang, presume to claim killed 3000 drop army, let with to the emperor as a general Xu Dadai: is my Chang Yuchun killed, you can place I drop yesterday! However good and evil will eventually reported, in the second year of Hongwu, Chang Yuchun middle-aged, in chasing Yuan Shun Di, Quanjian yuan army, return the way, baobing died.