You don't know the story, Jiang Wei Zhajiang in Chongqing Fuling

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You don't know the story, Jiang Wei Zhajiang in Chongqing Fuling

2016-07-22 04:25:48 418 ℃

Three Kingdoms culture, is an indispensable part of the ancient culture of Chongqing. Now, most people know the Li Yan fortification, Zhang Fei breakage, Baidicheng Tuogu, Zhang Fei broken, not knowing in addition, Chongqing the real history of the Three Kingdoms still has a lot of.

Recently, Chongqing Times reporter visited more than Chongqing archaeology, history experts, a collection of evidence and celebrity memory more Chongqing related to the Three Kingdoms period, found in the following locations, are more or less with the Three Kingdoms period of famous people and events related.

Jiangbei City Map

The northern city of Jiangbei town mystery

Historical Geography Research Institute of Southwestern University Lan Yong said, is located in the northern city of jiangbeizui, suspected and Three Kingdoms period. The basis is, "Huayang - Volume - BA Chi" records, "Chinese world of county governance, Jiangzhou Ba Shui Bei, sweet orange house, now the northern Tainan is also, but also Nancheng."

According to the records, at the time of the northern city, is now a large theater area may have been the political and economic center of Chongqing, Jiangbei District, director Zhang said. But so far, the site has failed to find true north city, may still be sleeping in the ground. What if Li Yan still has been a puzzle in Jiangbei fortification.

Zhao Yun office in Ciqikou

The "Three Kingdoms" clearly documented, Xiaoting's wartime, Zhao Yunzhu Jiangzhou, Wu Shujun for backup syndrome. According to the Jiulongpo zouma town storyteller legend, Zhao Yun was in garrison, Yanwu zouma. "The Shapingba Local Chronicles" also recorded, during Xinian Zhao Yunzhu Jiangzhou, went to Ciqikou area office.

Jiulongpo District Department of cultural relics, expressed different views, so far, in the excavation of cultural relics, there is no any clues proved that go horse town has the legendary general traces.

Jiang Wei in the film and television drama

Jiang Wei to Fuling surrender bell

Chongqing Technology and Business University, Dean of the journalism school at duanyong born said, according to historical data, Shu Han late general, flip flops, had in Bishan stationed in. Duanyong born said that in the period of the Three Kingdoms Bishan was Quartermaster Town, Zhang Yi here garrison on the one hand is guarding the quartermaster, on the other hand also surround Yongan (Fengjie) to prevent attack Soochow.

In addition, Zhang wing also worked together with Jiang Wei, the surrender of the bell will be in Fuling.

White God City

Baidicheng real Shu relics is expected to appear

This year the city's NPC and CPPCC, the city CPPCC member Wei Jingyu said that the current public understanding of Baidicheng is not comprehensive. Now we can see the ahguda temple and other scenic spots, mostly during the Ming and Qing Dynasties building. And with the introduction of key projects during the city 45 planning of cultural relics, three subsequent cultural relics protection, key projects, Baidicheng site planning has been completed and reviewed and approved by the relevant departments of Fengjie, within the next five years Baidicheng will continue to carry out the work of the archaeological, really belong to the Han Dynasty, in the period of the Three Kingdoms of precious cultural relics ruins are expected to gradually appeared.

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