14 photos hit the real picture of China's first atomic bomb after

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14 photos hit the real picture of China's first atomic bomb after

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In October 16, 1964 15, China exploded a bomb in the western region, successfully achieved the first nuclear test. In early 1955, China began to build nuclear industry. At that time, Mao Zedong said: we are not only to have more aircraft and artillery, but also to have the atomic bomb. In today's world, we should not be bullied, we can not do without this thing." Facts have also proved that Chairman Mao said nothing wrong with the explosion of the first atomic bomb in China, which has changed the world situation and China's position in the world. To China's first atomic bomb successfully trial started "two bombs and one satellite" career, for our country's national security provides important strategic support, has a profound impact on the pattern of the world. The following picture is the real picture of the atomic bomb.

On October 16, 1964, China has independently developed the first atomic bomb in the Lop Nur in Northwest China successfully detonated. This is the mushroom cloud rising after the first atomic bomb explosion success, and China has become the world less can develop one of countries with nuclear weapons, the success of the nuclear test, is a major achievement in China's national defense construction and science and technology. It is a symbol of China's modernization of national defense construction entered a new stage.

China's first atomic bomb explosion moment

This is the first atomic bomb explosion after the success of the rising mushroom cloud and researchers as cheerful as a lark. The detonation of the first atomic bomb has made China's political, diplomatic, and even Chinese industries a major change.

Before the explosion, people and animals were put on a radiation shield.

A discarded aircraft was pushed into the experimentation area.

In the core area of the antiaircraft gun explosion test power at the time as the main air defense forces nuclear experimentation area.

Contrast before and after the explosion

After the explosion, the search personnel to carry out radiation inspection

A train head is out of track

The tank was blown up by a powerful shock wave.

After the explosion of the S19S Rocket Launcher

The barrel and tank body separation

An aircraft has been completely different

Figure: Zhou Enlai announced the success of China's first atomic bomb explosion

The nuclear test was carried out in October 16, 1964 15 (Beijing time) in the western region of china. On the same day, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council jointly called for participation in the first nuclear test of all personnel and all engaged in the construction of national defense comrades, warm congratulations to the first nuclear test a great success. The message pointed out that the first nuclear test success, marking the China defense modernization has entered a new stage. This policy of U.S. imperialism nuclear monopoly, nuclear blackmail is a powerful blow, the world of all peace loving people for peace is a great encouragement.

At the same time, the Chinese government issued a statement on the success of the first nuclear test, a comprehensive exposition of China's position on nuclear weapons. The statement pointed out that China's nuclear test, the development of nuclear weapons, is forced to. Facing the growing American nuclear threat, China can not sit still. The statement solemnly announced that China at any time, in any case, will not be the first to use nuclear weapons. And the proposal to convene a meeting of world leaders to discuss the comprehensive prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons.

Although we have promised not to use nuclear weapons first, but the nuclear test has been successful, enhancing our country's voice in the international political arena, after decades also shows this point. Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said: "if China does not have the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, did not launch satellites, China would not call have important implications for the country, not now such international status. These things reflect the ability of a nation, but also a nation, a country's prosperity ". Let us not forget the two bombs fathers; Tsien Hsueshen, Deng Jiaxian, Zhou Guangzhao, Wang Ganchang, Qian Sanqiang, etc..

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