In 44 years the Japanese defeated million army, why in 38 years to stop the attack Chinese

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In 44 years the Japanese defeated million army, why in 38 years to stop the attack Chinese

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The Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan since the beginning of 1937, the Wuhan will be in 1938 after the war, the Japanese stopped a full attack. Since the Anti Japanese War entered a stalemate. Textbooks say is the Japanese lost the ability to continue the attack, Xiaobian in school is on this statement skeptical, because in Japan has reached the lowest ebb in 1944, the Japanese launched the Henan Xianggui campaign, millions of military defeat.

In 1944, the Japanese in order to open up the traffic line of China, in order to will be well versed in each part of the Japanese invasion of China, and connection is cut off the Japanese maritime traffic of Nanyang, and failure in China, the American air base, to protect the native and the East China Sea maritime traffic safety and launched Yu Xianggui battle. Philly, defeated the Kuomintang troops, military loss of 50-60 million troops, seven air bases and 36 airport, loss of land of 20 million square kilometers, 60 million people. So, the problem is coming, since the Japanese in 1944 also so can play, why in 1938 will stop the comprehensive attack on China?

First of all, we must first take a look at the situation in 1938, when the Japanese army has captured the eastern China is China's most economically developed regions, and part of the central region. The Kuomintang troops had to withdraw to the location is more dangerous to the central and Western regions. This time the Japanese Kuomintang troops to attack the stick in the dangerous area, must pay a high price. At this time of Japan, because of China's war, the economy suffered a great loss, the Japanese militarism can not make Japan as the Nazi Germany, like the country to conduct a comprehensive war. So, there is one thing we need to know, this period is a total war for China, and for the country or the country. There is just mentioned, Japan paid a great deal of the economic costs, then it must be to strengthen to occupy the area of domination and economic exploitation, which is need a lot of force to maintain, so this the Japanese troops in China is indeed catch similar to see the elbow. And in the battlefield behind enemy lines of the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army, has remained in the Japanese occupied territories within the Kuomintang troops to the Japanese army in the occupied area rule threatens greatly, so the Japanese have mobilized on the strength of these anti Japanese armed forces "encirclement and suppression". And the Kuomintang authorities in order to delay the Japanese attack, many times in secret negotiations with Japan, such as Shanxi's Yan Xishan on the Japanese to play several times. These conditions have prompted the Japanese to slow down the pace of aggression against china.

And in the autumn of 1943, Japan's situation became very serious, the Japanese in the Pacific battlefield successive failures, traffic lines are cut off in the sea, Nanyang Japanese face the dilemma of being cut, the U. s.military in Chinese air bases and airfields in air strikes on the Japanese mainland also makes Japanese executives fear and insecurity. Therefore, the Japanese army worm cornered, to formulate the concentration of forces from the battlefield in China to seek a breakthrough, attempted to stick to, adhere to the long-term war plans. The battle for the defeat Henan Xianggui, Kuomintang leaders are so liable. In the battle, the Military Council of the national government of the Japanese strategic goal made an error of judgement, in the battle command misconduct is an important reason for the battle. And failure of Kuomintang forces of corruption and degeneration is the battle; the most typical example is the in Henan area of Tang Enbo troops stationed. The army of Tang Enbo lax, conniving suobu in Henan area domineering. People, irrespective of had been affected by the drought severely afflicted people. Tang has also been known as the "Henan soup disaster", Henan people called shangenbo bandits. In Henan, the Kuomintang army 37 days lost 38 City, Tang Enbo fled all the way, a road of robbing the people, resulting in many people help "benevolent" chase the Japanese Tang Enbo troops.

The Japanese despite a attempt to combat, but unable to guarantee smooth, transit and US forces captured the Mariana Islands, get the better of air force base, increase the bombing of the Japanese mainland. So although the Japanese victory, but is also the last radiance of the setting sun.