The launching time of China's type 055 destroyer is intriguing, and humiliation has gone away for centuries

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The launching time of China's type 055 destroyer is intriguing, and humiliation has gone away for centuries

2017-06-28 19:11:10 608 ℃

The morning of June 28, 2017, the latest China Navy type 055 bow ship in the expulsion of Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) limited liability company held a launching ceremony, this type of ship is our country completely independently developed new ton destroyers equipped with new air defense and anti missile, anti submarine weapons, with strong information awareness, anti air and sea combat capability, the navy is to achieve strategic transformation of the development of landmark warships. The launching of the ship marks the development of our destroyer to a new level, which is of great significance for improving the Navy's equipment structure, building a powerful modern navy and realizing the dream of "a strong army".

I believe many people do not remember the special significance of this day in June 28th, but the significance of this day should not be forgotten. 177 years ago today, in June 28, 1840, the British in the so-called "protection treaty ports" on the grounds, launched a brutal war of aggression against China, the first Opium war!

The direct fuse war is Lin Zexu in 1839 in Guangdong Dongguan emperor Feng Daoguang imperial collection in Humen after the destruction of opium, opium, and all this is because the British businessmen in the Guangdong sea China smuggled opium for more than 20 years more than the anti Sheng behavior cause, coupled with the Qing Dynasty when being implemented a policy of seclusion, Emperor Daoguang decreed forever cut off and the British trade, let the British thoroughly angry. In order to open China abroad, June 1840, British warships 16 armed ships, 4 ships, 1 ships, troop transport ship 27, 4000 people in the army of admiral Yi law, trade law led by, arrived in Guangdong Pearl River Estuary, the Haikou blockade, the Opium War officially burst.

The Qing Dynasty government class decadent, plus the Qing generals do not pay attention to the causes of the lack of troops training, training, the first Opium War to the final victory over the British, and this is particularly worth mentioning is that the Qing dynasty sea power is almost zero, in the face of British gunboats did not fight back this is the British force, can easily cause the Haikou blockade and northward along the road along the southeast coast of the block.

At that time the British capital ships actually is not gunboats, the main force is still large sailing ships, used in wood manufacturing, but the board thickness is large, equipped with 40-80 door guns, in addition to the British also sent a ship steam ship, carrying 10 guns, including a 110 pound cannon it is, the shells hit the wall, what the building is basically down immediately. But in the hand, is full of small vessels in quantity, firepower, tonnage far behind all the British in the war, only to be a hit.

If China had a strong water power then, the British would not easily knock China's doors open. But the world is not if, the final defeat of the Qing Dynasty signed a "Treaty of Nanjing", it also marks the beginning of the signing of Chinese one hundred years history of humiliation. It was not until October 1, 1949 that President Mao Zedong declared the founding of the People's Republic of China the end of the humiliating history of oppression and exploitation.

After nearly 170 years of struggle, now, we have established a strong naval forces, our ships have been spread across six continents and four oceans, the first aircraft carrier has been in service, second aircraft carrier has been launched, plus today launching type 055 destroyers, China surface combat forces have to achieve a qualitative leap. Although there are still some countries on China but we no longer look at fiercely as a tiger does, fear of any one of the world's countries, China has enough ability and strength to resist the enemy outside. And any attempt to learn the Opium War again in the Opium War, the British fleet of water to open the door of China's ideas, will face the relentless blow from the Chinese navy.

Of course, we must remember the history, because if not forgotten, Chinese experienced untold suffering for the peace and tranquility is not easy, and the peace and stability will require more powerful military forces to escort, therefore, China forces including China Navy still need to continue to grow their own strength to solid defense.