He was Chairman Mao's guard, who had been silent for a secret for 50 years!

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He was Chairman Mao's guard, who had been silent for a secret for 50 years!

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In the history of the Communist Party of China, Chairman Mao's importance is self-evident, so it can when Chairman Mao's bodyguard, nature is also the master, such as Chen, Zhang yaoci, Wang Dongxing, Yinqiao, and so on. However, if you want to say to the lucky with this person, probably in the reputation is far better than Zhang Yaoci, Wang Dongxing, et al.However, Chairman Mao's bodyguard, it is naturally rare talent. So, this is what is special and lucky?

During the Anti Japanese War, with Mao Zedong as a lucky fellow, was born in Hunan area. In 1950, the new Chinese newly established on the outbreak of the Korean war. The same passion and lucky, take the initiative to join the United States to fight against coalition forces in the war.Three years later, at the end of the Peninsular War Against Japan, fengxiao because fight bravely, so was selected to the central security headquarters as our monitor.

For the lucky, not only the individual skill is very good, the same excellent political quality.Soon after, he was selected as the lucky with Chairman Mao's bodyguard. So, be lucky to defend Chairman Mao safety positions held out for five years.At the same time, fengxiao with follow the teachings of Mao Zedong, continue to enhance personal skills, continuous access to the "duty expert", "technical expert", "a shooter" and other honorary titles.

In 1958, for thirty lucky with, in Chairman Mao's encouragement, return to the home of the mountains. So to speak, from Zhongnanhai in Beijing to the mountains of Hunan, fengxiao with made a difficult, but never regret the decision.

Since, from the early 1960s to the early 1980s, fengxiao with although life is more difficult, however, for the people's Liberation Army secrecy, he meticulously stick. In particular they have done Chairman Mao's guards deeds, lucky with choice of tight lipped.Mao Zedong died in 1976. However, a experience during the Korean War, the test of military quality, promote fengxiao with continue to bite the bullet, without seeking assistance organization.

Since then, time flies, more than and 20 years passed in a flash. The beginning of 2005, a higher monthly subsistence allowance by the same lucky life. In 2012, the 85 year old has been lucky with the hospital.In this way, he had to Chairman Mao as a bodyguard, and stick to the secret more than and 50 years of deeds, was the people around him know.The seclusion of the mountain for half a century, the central guard, suddenly attracted the attention of the relevant departments and people.

November 16, 2013, with help from all sectors of society, since leaving Beijing in 1958, fengxiao at the same time, 55 years after, finally returned to Beijing. November 17, 2013 morning, Beijing Tiananmen square, the sky is particularly bright, accompanied by the family,Lucky you came the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to Chairman Mao, to meet the desire for decades. Lucky one side cried, while also facing Chairman Mao as a standard of Li jing.

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