The two countries that want to join China are annexed by one country, one of which is called "Little China" "

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The two countries that want to join China are annexed by one country, one of which is called "Little China" "

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In thousands of years of Chinese history, there are many countries want to be a part of china. Today I want to say that the two countries, there are too many similarities, they are longing for and close to China, are active to join China, are the same country illegally annexed, so far in the fight......

Occupation of their country called India, the two countries have now is one of India's 28 states, a name Sikkim, a called Manipur.

First of all, Sikkim.

(the king of Sikkim and his beautiful queen)

(Indian state of Sikkim Himalaya Mountains in the south, on the border with China, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal, area of about 7096 square kilometers. It has a population of about 60 million)

June 20, 1974, Sikkim National Party to the people of Sikkim and the international media announced the addition of China resolution, announced officially become an administrative region of china". They even in the headquarters of the top floor of the building, hanging up their five-star red flag, also sent a letter to the main countries of the world diplomatic institutions, Sikkim all foreign affairs announced, delivery in China.

Unfortunately, this "China Sikkim Administrative Region" exists only within 3 hours, it disappeared in the Indian Army artillery fire. In April 1975, Sikkim officially became a state of India, but the people of Sikkim struggle, until today, has not stopped.

To say that the manipur.

Manipur is the earliest does not belong to India is a free country, but placed in India and Sikkim, then do not go into details.

(Manipur is not rich in beauty, and Chinese looks like)

India can be said to be the most strange region, where the government has been blocked by the India, even if the Indians want to go there, but also to apply for a special permit. This is why?

Because although the Manipur belongs to India, but the extreme exclusion of India, always think independently. They have been as China Tang Dynasty, now also recognize Chinese and Chinese worship culture.

They not only looks and Chinese very similar, the west is known as Chindia, and customs and habits, living habits, hobbies and other are with the Chinese people is very similar.

(Manipur is located in northeastern India, an area of 2.2 square kilometers, with a population of 1 million 830 thousand in 1991.)

They don't speak Indian languages, but spontaneous learning Chinese; Indian musical, but watching TV series in China, Chinese pop songs to sing; they don't eat spicy, spicy Indian meal, but with rice as staple food, like light, good cooking, to the Dragon Boat Festival, and Chinese people will like to eat dumplings, dragon boat...

In Manipur, their "flag" once red flag of Pentacles, than our more star; national emblem and we is very similar, also has a dragon totem; local largest anti-government armed one, called "people's Liberation Army"!

(Manipur has used the "emblem" and the "flag")

(People celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival of Manipur)

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