Why did the Germans fail to build an atomic bomb during World War II? Because there is no Einstein?

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Why did the Germans fail to build an atomic bomb during World War II? Because there is no Einstein?

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In the Second World War, the level of science and technology in Germany was the highest in the world, and they had a large number of world's top scientists, as well as the academic hall - University of Gottingen. As a rule, Germany was the first to invent an atom bomb, but in fact, everybody knows it was the first atom bomb invented in the United states.

So, why is that?

Some people say that because the Germans out of this baby Einstein, so can not build the atomic bomb. This statement is simply brutal, far fetched and unreasonable.

Einstein has nothing to do with the atom bomb! If we have to say something, we can only say that the atom bomb has applied the theory of Einstein's relativity, but the X ray machine in the hospital has also applied the theory of relativity. Why don't you say so?

Moreover, Einstein's theory of relativity is an open theory. Anyone can use it. (how many people can understand relativity? Einstein is a theoretical physicist, but we all know that Oppenheimer is the father of the atomic bomb, one is responsible for the theory, "write the formula", one is responsible to make theory into reality, the difference is very great. So Einstein had no direct connection with the atomic bomb.

In fact, Germany did not produce atomic bombs during World War II, mainly for several reasons:

1, a large number of Jewish scientists brain drain

Jews in Nazi concentration camps

The Jew is very clever, Hitler persecuted the Jews led to a large number of Jewish scientists and engineers from Germany who immigrated to the United States, the German scientific research talent shortage (at least in the atomic bomb this sophisticated areas, talent is not enough). The so-called "shift", the influx of Jewish scientists into the United States, greatly enhance the ability of scientific research in the United States, the study of the atomic bomb has played a huge role in helping. Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb, was a Jew, too.

2, Hitler's war needs

Hitler was bent on controlling the world, so much of Germany's scientific research was started from the perspective of war. The Germans placed rocket weapons at the top of the list, costing Mark 550 million! The atomic bomb project, the uranium program, is only about 1000000 Mark. As soon as they compare, the latter's attention is immediately dwarfed. As can be seen here, Hitler did not attach much importance to the study of atomic bombs, or, at that time, Hitler did not put the atom bomb research in the first place.

You might say that the atomic bomb is more powerful, and if it is from the point of view of the war, the study of atomic bombs should be placed in the first place!

But you have to understand that the circumstances of the atomic bomb is a bottomless pit, said serious point is that can not see the future, don't know god knows how long to research. And rocket weapons are "visible" weapons that can be used in warfare once they are invented. You see, the German V-2 missile took 7 years to study and put into war in the late World War ii.

So, from that point of view, Hitler's choice seemed right. Just, we often afterwards Zhuge, think Hitler's choice wrong.

3, the destruction of American agents

Some people say that the German atomic bomb research was completed in World War II by 90%. I don't know how this 90% figure came from, but I know it must be an exaggeration. Germany's atomic bomb research should have made some major breakthroughs, which is no doubt, but always the final one of the trembling, and this "a shiver" is the most important.

The American atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, "little boy""

There is such a legend, I do not know whether it is true, we can take a look at their own discretion.

It is said that German scientists used graphite to do nuclear reactor experiments, but the graphite used was impure. Infiltrated by American agents to SIEMENS, calcium was added to the graphite produced. So the scientists of the German uranium program had to endlessly look for problems in their theory, and they would never have thought that there was a problem with the graphite.

World War II beauty spy

Mouth brother think this is more suitable for the legend of 007, and there are exaggerated suspicion Its loopholes appeared one after another. However, the destruction of the German atomic bomb by American agents was a fact. For example, Americans destroyed the German heavy water production plant in Norway, and heavy water was an important ingredient in the production of atomic bombs.

So why did the United States study the atomic bomb so soon?

I think there are three main aspects, one is the strong support of the Roosevelt administration; two is the study of a large number of top scientists led by Oppenheimer and Einstein himself personally round the clock care; three American agents got the German atomic bomb research materials, this point has been accepted by many people. It can be said that the American bomb is on the shoulders of giants, and this giant is germany!

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