Before the war, the world's ten major powers have who? Eighth today is very poor, you can not think of who it is

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Before the war, the world's ten major powers have who? Eighth today is very poor, you can not think of who it is

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1, Britain

Britain has been in decline since its peak in 70s and 80s nineteenth Century and is no more powerful than Germany or the United States before the war. But in terms of overall national strength and global influence, Britain is still the first. Britain at least 100 years in the world for the world's first, not simple.

2, Germany

Before the war, Germany's economic strength of the world's second, stronger than the United States, although the economy is less than the United states. Germany, the strength of the world's first, the same as the strength of science and technology. Germany is the most fanatical war in the country, the challenger is positive. The rapid expansion of the national strength of the German people in this war is full of confidence, never thought that the failure of the German will be so defeated.

In the impression that the United States should be in the end of nineteenth Century than France, in fact, is not. France is the world's second only to the United Kingdom before the rise of Germany, France is the world's second only to the British colonial empire. To a war. France is slightly stronger than the United states. After the war, the United States was much more than.

4, the United States

The fourth is the United States, the United States in the 1890s economic aggregate is first in the world, however, the population of the United States more than Britain, France and other countries, plainly, economic water multi. The United States military strength is more than the United Kingdom, Germany, a big difference, and even weaker than russia.

5, Russia

Russia is the world's leading power in the economy the most backward, but a large number of Russians, the army's strength is quite strong. Russia in the world, is still more advanced countries.

6, Japan

Japan from the Meiji Restoration until 1920s, has been one of the fastest growing countries in the world, has defeated China, Russia and other major powers. Japanese militarism, economic strength not row in the back of the Austro Hungarian Empire, Argentina, but military strength a lot stronger.

7, the Austro Hungarian Empire

The Austro Hungarian Empire long is one of the five major European powers, stronger than Italy. Despite the decline, is still very strong.

8, Argentina

Did not expect it, Argentina is the world's eighth largest power! The United States probably had more than Argentina's economy in 1880s. Argentina has long been a powerful American rival to the United States! The nation was fairly rich, before World War II, and was higher than the American Standard of living.

9, Italy

Do not look down on Italy, on the comprehensive national strength, is definitely a powerful country. The war is weak.

10, Spain

Spain is the sixteenth Century European hegemony, after the decline for several hundred years, but is still a very advanced country. From sixteenth Century to today, Spain has been one of the most advanced countries in the world.

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