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Studies in the 04: Napoleon and the

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Again, it assumed the masons. What new teacher wrote, expounds the relationship between the French Revolution and Napoleon with Freemasonry, shamming Jun to their own shallow knowledge, to and we discuss, between Napoleon and Freemasonry in the end there is no association.

We begin with the French revolution. The French Revolution of 1787 the government paranoia all over Europe, began to have some conspiracy theorists claimed is the revolution led by Freemasonry and other secret societies, governments have enacted community ban.

(pictured Napoleon Bonaparte)
After the French First Empire, Roman Catholic church with Prussia in 1817 and 1821 with Bavaria has signed an agreement together the Illuminati, freemasonry, secret societies again be suppressed, let throughout the nineteenth century the European continental countries Masonic will have to sink to eliminate.

(pictured in the French).
At that time, in French Freemasonry's biggest clubs for the French Oriental society, because of the Grand Orient of France interested in political activities and with the Catholic will poor relations. In the subsequent decades, from the Grand Orient of France and gradually split multiple always, such as the French assembly the and Lan Xi National Congress, and the earliest mixed Freemasonry will organization human rights society, but the only French national assembly is UK Council officially recognized.

(pictured Joseph Bonaparte)
By November 6, 1804, Napoleon I was crowned the first emperor of France, and then his brother Bonaparte Joseph became the master of the french. Did not recognize the new association of those clubs are all merged into the big east.

From the historical facts, we can deduce that Freemasonry between Napoleon and there is indeed, but behind the Emperor Napoleon whether Freemasonry support is debatable, after all, we can not always from the conspiracy theory perspective to observe the world. What do you say?