What words were founding Marshal dying to leave? Zhu De sad words

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What words were founding Marshal dying to leave? Zhu De sad words

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Zhu De: this life is not enough to eat.

The life of Zhu De high wangzhong busily engaged in warfare. In his later years, he suffered from diabetes. This disease can not cure, the doctor asked him to eat more meals, but also can not eat very greasy food.

Zhu De is Sichuan people, for other food has a special liking Double cooked pork slices. However, in the doctor's request and family members of the "supervision", "quit" is completely Double cooked pork slices.

Zhu De died in July 6, 1976. Before his death, Kang Keqing to Zhu De half jokingly said: "I have no regrets in this life, is not enough to eat."."

Peng Dehuai: take my ashes to my hometown.

In April 1973, Peng Dehuai was sent to the hospital because of illness, diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer. Under the care of Zhou Enlai, the hospital to the operation of Peng Dehuai. Surgery was very successful, Peng Dehuai also recovered well, can be a long time to read a book.

But a year later, Peng Dehuai's condition deteriorated again, and died in November 29, 1974. Before his death, Peng Dehuai to his niece Mei Kui and other relatives said: after I died, my ashes sent to the home, and they do not say, do not bother others. You bury it, it kind of an apple tree, I finally return home land, repay folks."

Liu Baicheng: on my own, real to do good for the people.

Liu Baicheng's military command ability has been appreciated by Mao Zedong and Jiang Jieshi.

Mao Zedong said in the war of Liberation: I have Jiang Jieshi, Liu Baicheng can not be done." Jiang Jieshi said: "on the tactics of the odd number of Liu Baicheng China military must", "smart meter man, is worthy of the military".

Liu Baicheng died in October 7, 1986. "If I die, I will be on my tombstone," China's Tomb of the tomb of Liu Baicheng, "the twelve characters, that is my greatest glory!"

The son of Liu Liu Taihang recalled: "father no special leave a will, if really want to think about it, that was my 'self-supporting, real for the country for people to do some good.'"

He Long: the people are the real masters of history.

He Long two knives story of revolution, the world famous. After the founding of new China, He Long has served as vice premier of the State Council and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, and other important duties. He served as the national chairman of the Sports Commission in time, and the foundation of the China sports development.

June 9, 1969, He Long dies. Prior to that, he said: "the people are the real masters of history, is the most impartial referee. Who has done a good thing for the people, the people will never forget, who has committed a crime in front of the people, and the people will never forgive."

Chen Yi: keep moving forward, defeating the enemy.

Chen Yi is a famous poet in general, a "three chapter" popular Meiling, spread very far.

The afternoon of January 4, 1972, Chen Yi woke up from a coma, her daughter Shanshan said: "straight off...... Defeat the enemy......" At 23:55 that evening, Chen Yi died.

Luo Ronghuan: firmly believe that communism is a great truth, always a revolution.

Luo Ronghuan died in December 16, 1963, was the first death of founding marshal. Mao Zedong grief, wrote "Luo Ronghuan" - hanging qilv. "Jun this unfortunate from the world, the state-owned difficult to ask who?" A very high evaluation.

Luo Ronghuan on his deathbed asked lover: "when I die, and gave my house not to live, move to a house and need not special." For children, he said: "I have no legacy to you, nothing can be given to you. Dad left a sentence: firmly believe that communism this great truth, always do the revolution."

Xu Xiangqian: the ashes scattered in the Dabie Mountains, the bus mountain, Taihang Mountain, Hexi corridor.

Xu Xiangqian died in August 5, 1990. Before his death, Xu Xiangqian of sitting in bed, children leave the last words: "I said not much words, I want to say is, after my death a not to engage in bidding farewell to the deceased, the second no Memorial, three ashes spread in the Dabie Mountain, Daba Mountains, the Taihang Mountains, Hexi corridor. This is my left your words! "" you will always follow the party, implement the party's line, match words with deeds, says it will do. "

Nie Rongzhen: I hope that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits as soon as possible.

Nie Rongzhen is the last one died of the founding marshal.

April 12, 1992, Nie Rongzhen oral, Secretary General of the notes, leaving the last words: "I firmly believe that the party's policy of reform and opening up, now imminent return, Yiyi parting, seems to have many words to say still unfinished, I hope on both sides of the Taiwan Straits reunification as soon as possible."

May 14, 1992, Nie Rongzhen died. Data expansion: the Korean War in the end how strong fighting force? Nie Rongzhen Peng Dehuai commented

Xie Jianying: you have done a good thing to others, you do not remember; others if you do a good thing, you should never forget!

"Zhuge life only cautious, Lu end event is not confused", this is a poem Mao Zedong highly praised Xie Jianying. [data expansion: Xie Jianying opposed the invasion of the Vietnamese Communist Party patriarch Feng words let Deng Xiaoping determination]

Xie Jianying died in October 22, 1986. Xie Jianying after dying, the doctor forbade relatives into the ward, so it does not leave the last words. Later, daughter Ye Jianying Ye Chumei memories said: "his father did not leave the last words, but he always said to do good, gratitude, the family become disguised wills."

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