The seventeen Princess gold Moyu rare photos

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The seventeen Princess gold Moyu rare photos

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1948 Jin Bihui (Fang Zi) is absolutely not dead, was rescued. A family, will be Yuqing, she was not a damn. Say: "my sister Kawashima Yoshico" this article is full of mistakes, the author made up their own.

The most obvious mistake in my sister Kawashima Yoshico:

1.1928 years Bihui gold 21, the 24 year old wrote.

2 Jabu gangyur is Babu Jabu's second son, the ninth son wrote.

The 3 is the lineal Shanqi's grandson Nur Ha Che, the author wrote the descendants of Nur Ha Che's younger brother.

4 Fang Zi and Han 3 married after two years to run away.

5 eighteen gold statue of arhat? It is possible to sell money fled overseas life insurance, mahansan unnecessary to foreclosure a did not use value and has banlaoxuniang woman. Ma Hansan to the end are afraid of being a traitor. When, as soon as possible to the execution of sichuan. Besides, Jin Moyu's autobiography was completely written.

6 Fangzi when no ability to take gold Moyu. Reason: when the Sino US cooperation, the U. S. Army that be stationed in day kept all major ports in Japan, the sea is also the state of siege, Japan's population is not arbitrarily action, no American allowed, it is simply impossible to escape.

Jin Moyu in the wave bottomless, "the program personally say 14 Princess Jin Hui does not have spies and traitors of the capital.

He wrote "the wall" Hui Jin Xianjun of this article, this has been a lot of research Its loopholes appeared one after another., Fangzi argue over. It is also often said that "it is said that some people say." Ha-ha! Jin Xianjun wrote the purpose of his own mind the most clear.

Below is the author of the seventeen rare photos of the Golden Princess Moyu.

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