Heavy rain in Beijing, secret the Imperial Palace 600 years without water drainage system

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Heavy rain in Beijing, secret the Imperial Palace 600 years without water drainage system

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In recent days Beijing heavy rain, many serious water, and after nearly six hundred years of the the Imperial Palace survived.

Beijing the Imperial Palace is known as the Forbidden City, is located in the axis of the city of Beijing, in 1406 by the Ming emperor Yongle ordered the construction, which lasted 14 years to build, is the two generation of China's Ming and Qing Dynasties Royal palace. Palace 961 meters long from north to South and east-west width 753 meters rectangular, covers an area of 720000 square meters surrounded by moat 50 meters wide and 10 meters high walls.

The palace of the housing and water well are built on the platform of high platform not only makes the palace is more ambitious, also makes the ground water did not enter the possibility of houses and contamination of drinking water. Especially the three main hall of the platform, a full 8 meters high! Area of more than 20000 square meters of the platform will accumulate a lot of rain, the designer of the platform designed to be high in the middle, surrounded by low appearance, platform of water nature also can quickly exhaust. At the bottom of the platform railing, is provided with holes for drainage, each pillar and a well crafted "dragon head" is also used to auxiliary rain water drainage channels. Every rainy day, the rain from the 1142 drainage holes ejected, showing "Qianlong water landscape", layer by layer flow to the hospital.

The Imperial Palace designers in the city design and excavation of a river within the river, the Imperial PalaceNorthwest turret partial East Nanhe help, there is a stone coupons hole, this is in Jinshui River into the palace, a water inlet is provided with a control gate, water level control, in case of flood, it can shut down. The ground floor of the the Imperial Palace is covered with bright or dark, vertical and horizontal drainage system, so that it has hundreds of courtyard in the rainy season, rain water can be discharged.

Within the courtyard of the palace all the ditches and ditch water, criss crossing the channel of the branch and trunk through the north south high low lying spilled into the golden water river outflow. There is a moat around the the Imperial Palace outside the city walls, the river and the the Imperial Palace in Jinshuihe. Jinshuihe water through the the Imperial Palace terrain into the moat.

A large area of water permeable ground is the flood control measures adopted by most of the developed countries in the world today. Chinese craftsmen used it in the design of the Imperial Palace 600 years ago. The use of outdoor space in the Imperial Palace laying with soil with a brick, the gap between the big stones. When it rains, the gap between the masonry can be absorbed directly into the rain.

Ming and Qing two dynasties also stipulates that every spring, there must be someone to clear the ditch in the palace. Such as sixty years of Qianlong (1795) dig repair for ditches "samples of the old brick 235, innocent grey four thousand five hundred and sixty pounds, Mason 230 workers, masons 71 workers remove husband eight, clean up the husband four, husband dig five hundred and seventy-nine and a half, flat pad husband 47, Yun Fu a Yi_qianqibaiwushiliu name, a total of husband Erqianwubaiershiliu name semi"

Due to the importance of the court, the maintenance of a timely manner, so the ditch has always maintained a smooth flow. To Guangxu years, many of the Forbidden City Ditch collapsed blockage, the Qing government had to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to clear. The Forbidden City in the Qing Dynasty, the last ditch maintenance is this time, the maintenance siege were 3 years, eleven years Guangxu (1885) in April, until July Guangxu thirteen years to complete. According to records, the maintenance cost of more than 22 taels of silver. The maintenance not only dig up the river 2100 meters long river silt, but also the total length of about 8000 meters inside the Forbidden City of all the size of the ditch dug all over again.

It is this perfect drainage system and improve the follow-up maintenance, which makes it has more than and 90 courtyard, a total of 720 thousand square meters of the Forbidden City in 600 years has never occurred". Should we be ashamed to see the drainage system designed 600 years ago? (Wen / Jun Jun)


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