Zhu Kunming: the most diligent emperor Chongzhen emperor Zhu Youjian - will subjugation

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Zhu Kunming: the most diligent emperor Chongzhen emperor Zhu Youjian - will subjugation

2016-07-22 04:51:22 906 ℃

Chongzhen, non King perished, but the interpretation of the scene of a tragedy is worth subjugation, sympathy!Chongzhen emperor came to power when facing the situation of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the northwest peasant army of Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong, northeast of Huang Taiji Manchu troops.

Domestic natural disasters continue to plague, frequently, "Hannan continued County Zhi", "the first year of Chongzhen, Shaanxi red blood all day. Five years of great famine, six years of flood, in the autumn of seven locusts, great famine, in September eight Xixiang Lueyang drought, waterlogging, the house is not. Nine years of drought locust, in the autumn of ten he no eleven years of summer locust my day...... Thirteen years of drought...... Fourteen year drought".

Hong Chengchou,,, Chen Qiyu, Hong Chengchou, Lu to other generals to Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong defeated, Li Zicheng left ten several people, Zhang Xianzhong is also calling on enemy to surrender, but with the invasion of the Qing, lost fleeting opportunities, Song Jin war defeat, the national strength and military power is a great loss, unable to destroy peasant army and after the Jin army.Chongzhen seventeen years, Li Zicheng hit Beijing, Mingjun generation, the young emperor, emperor of the Ming Dynasty Zhu by the analyzer in Jingshan xunguo suicide! Leave a testament: "I since the accession to the throne 17 years, although I am thin de bandits bow, the dry wrath, although all Zhu Chen error I, causing capital encroaching the usurper. I die, no see fathers face in the ground, since the crown, with hair covering. As the thief I split the corpse, not hurt people who."

To a party, diligent in political affairs, thrifty, not lust, six "criticizing oneself, but can not reverse the subjugation of the tragedy!

The history of Ming Dynasty, roving bandits biography ": monarch of national subjugation and Zhuang Liefei. And when the subjugation of the transport, and lack of national salvation. The disciples saw the focal work confused and feeble minded, larvae stand on ten for seven years. The head does not smell good, flat for Lee, Guo Zhi will not see the row, death caused by state subversion, and gave their lives for us!

Zhu Yuanzhang founded the Ming Empire, with such a diligent emperor of subjugation, and!

From the restoration of China, once more, the emperor kept the country, the monarch dead!