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What did the ancients eat? "Book of Songs" records: the total Vegetable & Fruit curling, reminiscent of a woman.

Text /段遥亭


When I was very young, the story of the great man Gen Gi Khan became a household name. For the dream of a mind teenager, Temujin is a perfect the prairie hero image; for a hero worship, if not into the road of Genghis Khan, the great loss. 700 years of history seems to be passed without a trace.

Is a light and poetic words. Murphy was born in the wind in the history of the heroic figure.

July 2008, when I took my daughter came to the foot of the Yin hit the horse on the grasslands, hero of the road leading to the Altai mountains had been deserted for a long time. I don't know what the color of the mount Gen Gi Khan is in Europe and Asia. In a cork street, a handicraft shop to see a picture of a beautifully framed Painted Leather -- late autumn season of grassland, the yellow grass; flows through the Grass River pan a blue and white waves; a tree branches dense trees drop leaves; a lone horse review behind the wilderness; the north wind blowing, affecting the horse's mane, flipping the tail of a horse. The painting of the white horse are plump and sturdy. to the scene, In late autumn horses are fat. Bargain after I bought this picture of the three-dimensional sense of great hand skin. Shop owner and I are about the same age, the appearance of forty years old. He smiled and asked me: "brother, you look good, you know what this picture is mean?""

"White horse squeals in the wind." I casually say.

"No, it's Gen Gi Khan's white horse." The picture is called "the echo of silence."

I heard the mood suddenly a tight.

From the 13th century to the 21st century of 700 years of records of the historian, iron railings autumn, horn contend, history of the sky disappeared how many heroes of tragedy and the sons and daughters of tenderness. I was in a summer autumn afternoon and a horse horse accidentaly across through the years. Only JIANGCHANG horse can kick off time of the diaphragm, the only tweeted Yan Hu Qiming neighing can through the historical gap grabbed the memory.

Otherwise, how can I lay this ordinary Han inadvertently encounter Tiemuzhen White horse squeals in the wind?

, of course, can not be separated from long ago, I admired the Chima bow to shoot a carving of the prairie hero. He tugged at my inner Mongolia, Cuba and. Chance is always waiting for the pious. By always carefully holding the inevitable finger.

I do not know the horse in the yuan history played a supporting role on the title page of the white horse name is what? Just remember a proverb - an old hand is a good guide.


A few years later, in the pages of Zhang Chengzhi again meet Tiemuzhen mounts: it has a golden body, a body carbon dark markings, and strips of light if the white yellow -- colors that I can't use Chinese to express, can only borrow Mongolian, said it is "Schaller g, Genghis Khan's horse color.

On the Mongolian culture of Zhang Chengzhi is have the right to speak, he had to jump the queue in Inner Mongolia, proficient in a variety of ethnic language and afterwards seeks in the Northeast Asian history research. I want to say is that as long as the heart has pursued, at any time will be able to meet the heart of god. Reiki is closely linked, the dream is everywhere. Zhang Chengzhi was originally described a head of the African continent distressed lion, forced to borrow the Asian giant mounts a metaphor. Visible Tiemuzhen mount how vivid, a horse across the history of the white horse is still alive in the hearts of the traveler, it is the image of the soul can break through time and space to try to save the end the suffering of the lion. Can soothe the pain of spectators African lion festival.

That is to say, Kublai Khan's horse Chalek "with a body if the light yellow white, a general statement is a horse campaign Quartet white BMW. Then I in Hohhot (domestication Street) sells the "silent echo paintings is some history, some concavity scenery. Picture tree green grass, bluish white river, blue and gray, black, brown, gray horse as a foil to the remnant of a page of the Mongol conquests history fault.

Shop owner called it silent echo, too gentle quiet. I immediately changed the name of White horse squeals in the wind, immediately give birth to Trinidad after Rongshou, horse play blood mud "lyrics. Spend a few hundred dollars to buy a 35 x 40 standard leather painting, a picture of process with the heroic epic. Value! Only 42 pounds, off the ice dream come. Why not?! But also got this piece of leather picture naming rights, really good!

Gen Gi Khan had a home. Only the West foot of Luoyang dust cloud, idle. I want to eavesdrop now is his command of Mongolia Army invincible throughout the sky. The sound has been shaking heaven and earth at the earth journey of sequestration. The tens of thousands of horses in Mongolia with the team of Tiemuzhen, it should be the world series cavalry ran farthest. They crossed the Volga River, across the Caucasus Mountains horses to the Mongol Empire flag curtains pulled to the distant central and West Asia. Thirteenth Century is perhaps the most glorious historical period for the cavalry and horse. Things on both sides of the old empire on the territory of the Eurasian launched a bimodal confrontation in the contest and conquer; Horseshoe, such as drumstick like percussion over the years of the rivers geography; wind and rain interleaving of jars filled with cries of the long-distance raid pijianzhirui fighting; in the West clouds mixed with a flower from my hometown Hulun Buir Grassland clouds, it uses soft arm as Genghis Khan obscured the enemy in the sun glare of the blade. Let the horseback Tiemuzhen squint eyes slender and deliberate decisive attack.


Around 1179, his father was also speed the Tata son poisoned after their subordinates discrete, widows and orphans was dangerous. Mother hoelun led Tiemuzhen and several brother displaced. The young age of hard experience, cultivate perseverance Tiemuzhen brave spirit. He later defected to the kerait leader Wang Han, took the opportunity to collect the dead father jioubu, gradually regain strength. After years of war, has eliminated the Tiemuzhen Tata son, and son ever, kerait, naimans ministry, unified the Mongolia plateau. In 1206, Tiemuzhen quriltai held a conference in Heyuan Wonan, built in Mongolia country, namely Khan, Gen Gi Khan!

After winning the Gen Gi Khan title, the hard Kublai Khan's name was gradually surrounded by dignity.

Always feel to north of Inner Mongolia to visit the tomb of Gen Gi Khan. Sooner or later. When my daughter and I walk in the grasslands on horseback, he has hidden too long pride finally revived. It is suitable for the prairie hero is a hero gallop ahead with sword drawn place, it should be from the Mongolia plateau of the expedition. Su Lu spindle refers to the direction of the horses, bows and arrows, scimitar is warriors should be sharp and attire. Motor Corps was invincible has been extinguished in the heavy historical picture. The descendants of the Mongols seems to have forgotten that the glorious era of Gen Gi Khan, a symbol of war in ancient China. They hold obedient horse, helped the tourists stepped stirrup, yelling to sit on the saddle, pretending to go on a few laps, take a travel to show off the pictures. Time went by., Mongolia ancestors gallop Longbow expedition history has become a real illusion. At present is the plain real life. I have some helplessness and sadness of the heroic death. Look around, the grassland is still vast, vast grasslands are hard to see the wind and see the low grass and sheep poetic scene.


Tiemuzhen shadow flickering. Even the invincible army of Mongolia, it is impossible to have a veteran in battle yum. The horses in the confrontation in the battle to sharpen neighing, scimitar.

Gen Gi Khan broke up with huacizimu Empire has led to the first expedition to Mongolia taking the road guard corps.

In 1218, out of the Liao empire began in Mongolia and Central Asian countries khwarezmia border. Khwarezmia in business is famous in the world. After the rise of the Empire of Mongolia, a large number of khwarezmia businessmen came to Mongolia to engage in business, profit margins. The rare items they sold have aroused the strong interest of the nobles in Mongolia. Genghis Khan once issued a decree that the trade routes along the way to set up post, protects the flower business activities of assassination submodule businessmen, both sides gradually established the close trade relation.

Because it is under the brilliant culture of Arabia and Persia, the vast majority of the country, it is easy to give it a false impression. Genghis Khan is for flower assassination submodule power estimate is too high, therefore, to find a and the western country to establish diplomatic and trade relations and friendly. Therefore, Gen Gi Khan sent a large caravan mission to khwarezmia establish diplomatic relations. But when these messengers and caravan arrived at the flower border falsely assassination submodule of a perverse city (now Kazakhstan), keep where the will of the caravan carried gold and silver property the greedy. They killed all members to spy on behalf of the caravan, and ransacked all their belongings. The caravan was killed in the news, Gen Gi Khan was furious. Send special envoy to khwarezmia negotiations, request to punish the perpetrators. Khwarezmia King Maha arrogant follies not only refused Gen Gi Khan's request, also killed the Mongolia herald. Gen Gi Khan hears anger may not and, after the worship of longevity days, Gen Gi Khan issued a war mobilization. Mongolia Corps kicked off their first expedition.

The autumn of 1219, Gen Gi Khan led 200 thousand troops off the khwarezmia. Has overcome Otrar Town, military town bukara and khwarezmia Xindu Samarkand. They crossed the Caucasus mountains, across the plains of southern Russia, the Kipchak steppes and the Ukraine area. From the end of the run away in panic died in an island on the Caspian Sea, after his son was defeated and fled to India. The first expedition to victory. Is said to Genghis Khan called "Haizi" greatly broken flower assassination die drum tactics has also been listed as one of the world's three major tactics.

The expedition, they to war means to punish the killing Mongolian messengers and caravan flowers thorn submodule of (located in today's Central Asia), the expedition team far against the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea to the north, Iraq, Iran, India and other places, and the occupation of Ural and Volga rivers Casey. Two days after the expedition laid the foundation.

In addition to Gen Gi Khan personally guarding the Mongolia headquarters, will also occupy their packet to the philosophers. Will the Caspian Sea area, flower thorn submodule and Kipchaks haunt seal to the eldest son Jochi; son Chagatai sealed in Xiliao old haunt, renamed the "Chagatai Khanate", the area of the main in the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains in the western regions; three sons ogdai sealed in the naimans, renamed "Ogedei Khanate", boasts of frontal Er tixche River upstream and east of Lake Balkhash area; and Wonan River Casey and Mongolia homeland, letter to the Shou kitchen son tolui. He inherited Gen Gi Khan's central Wu Ruth (Mongolian national).

Afterwards Genghis's grandson Batu Khan, Hulagu, who has carried out two expeditions to the west, on the basis of the first expedition of the territorial expansion, establish the two sects in the northwest vassal state, the Khanate of Kipchak and Yili Khanate. The three expedition to make Gen Gi Khan and his descendants is world known as "the conqueror of the world".

They were established in the conquered regions, "four" ". Ruler of the Khanate of the four in descent from Genghis Khan's "golden family", blood each other connected to and serve the Central Plains of the Mongol Empire as a sovereign, and Yuan Dynasty Yilu interlinked.

Four the Khanate of the golden age of the silk road leading to the Yuan Dynasty, the prairie silk road to create the most bustling scene. The Kipchak khanate was an important link between the East and West cultural exchange and commercial trade center. Mongolian army three expeditions to the west, communication of the eastern and western economic and cultural ties, the Chinese invention, such as gunpowder, paper, printing, the compass spread to West Asia and Europe and other countries; at the same time will also be western astronomy, medicine, calendar was introduced into China. Mongolia army expedition has far-reaching influence on the history of world history and Chinese.

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