Tangshan earthquake casualties, the great impact of the earthquake in Tangshan

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Tangshan earthquake casualties, the great impact of the earthquake in Tangshan

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Which year is the major earthquake in Tangshan

Is very clear answer to this question which in the Tangshan earthquake, Tangshan earthquake occurred on July 28, 1976 at three minutes 42 53 points, eight seconds, in Tangshan earthquake in the past 29 years the time constant with historians questioning the Tangshan earthquake is the question of what year, Tangshan earthquake is one of the largest earthquake in the history of our country and reached the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, Tangshan earthquake is occurred in 1976.

Tangshan earthquake.

In 1976, Tangshan region, the quake quickly swept the whole area of North China, and in fact, as early as 1973 is a South American scientist predict China may have an earthquake, but at that time the Chinese universal shockproof capability is not strong awareness is not high, so there would be no the scientist's words to heart, not unexpectedly, three years after the 1976 Tangshan occurred earthquake.

Tangshan earthquake lasted less than tens of seconds of time, but the damage is the continuation of the dozens of years, GMT the morning of July 28, 1976, Tangshan area near the outskirts of the farmers began feel the slight shake under the ground, but they did not put this in mind, and then, in the afternoon, after only a few hours to the Tangshan earthquake is a sudden outbreak of the.

At that time, scientists believe that the Tangshan earthquake is certain signs, because begin in March 1976 Tangshan area animals generally appear abnormal situation, generally speaking animals for the sensitive degree of the earthquake than humans to many times higher, so from March animals began to present large-scale escape madness fled the scene, but until 1976 July the Tangshan earthquake really began to emerge, the unreasonable behaviors of animals only one explanation.

Tangshan earthquake several levels

Distance from the Tangshan earthquake is now over many years, from 1978 to now constantly have people questioning the Tangshan earthquake a few this problem. In fact, experts for the Tangshan earthquake a few class, the problem had already made a clear answer, according to 3 days after the earthquake in Tangshan earthquake calculation data display, the Tangshan earthquake was 7.8, but there are also experts believe that the Tangshan earthquake at grade eight.

Tangshan earthquake.

When measuring the Tangshan earthquake when used is the United States the most popular international measurement of magnitude, is from the source to test and measurement results is the Tangshan earthquake has reached 7.8 earthquake is the most serious one of several earthquakes in the history of our country, and the intensity of the Tang Shan earthquake epicentre area reached 11 degrees, some places even reached a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 8.

In fact, there are foreign scientists for Tangshan earthquake a few this problem have different answers, they after the Tangshan earthquake, rushed to China measurement has been carried out and some Western scientists measured the results is Tangshan earthquake magnitude is the magnitude about 7.5, the intensity is 15 degrees, the numerals and Chinese scientists concluded that digital difference.

In this place of Tangshan earthquakes occur frequently, the Tangshan earthquake in the main shock is 7.8 to 8 between, and in Tangshan City Center District in densely populated areas, large earthquake has reached 8 or above, and after the Tangshan earthquake also occurred in the several aftershocks, after measurement, aftershocks of the biggest earthquake reached 5.5 magnitude and the minimum is grade one or two, if a comprehensive measure of Tangshan earthquake is a 7.8 magnitude of big earthquakes, intensity is 11 to 13 degrees between.

How many people have died in the earthquake in Tangshan

1976 July 28, the Tangshan earthquake, has become the modern history extremely rare caused significant casualties of geological disasters, in the geological disaster, the whole city into ruins sudden disaster on the international situation complex in China is undoubtedly the snow and frost, then the Tangshan earthquake in a total of death many people?

Tangshan earthquake.

The number of deaths caused by the incident, according to official statistics accurate digital for 242419 people, affected the statistics on the number of victims included living in Tangshan city of Japanese, American and other countries live in Tangshan city population. The earthquake also caused about 19 million people with different degrees of injury, and the whole Tangshan City and the surrounding 14 more than 83% of the town building was devastating damage, 50 km radius within the ruins, around a dozen province have felt.

But in the event, on the death toll has been controversial, and in the WikiLeaks version of the Japanese, the Tangshan earthquake in China about caused 60 to 80 million people were killed, and publish in the United States Geological Bureau of statistics, about 65.5 million people died in the earthquake. Facing the different figures, the official 24 million is not convincing, at that time only in Tangshan City 110 million people were injured, including the earthquake magnitude, the Chinese government and foreign report have great disparity between.

So the Tangshan earthquake in a total death many people, these may not be elegant, but the earthquake caused the influence is enormous, people die can not be resurrected, this is also the hearts of the people of Tangshan is difficult to avoid the pain, this could have been avoided the earthquake caused such a significant casualties, had to let people have a deep reflection.

Tangshan earthquake relief

After the Tangshan earthquake, the Chinese government and people by the great shock, but also to stimulate the government and the Chinese people take the bull by the horns, the courage to overcome all the difficulties the strong spiritual power, which to the Tangshan earthquake relief brought new vitality.

Tangshan earthquake relief pictures

After the Tangshan earthquake, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for the first time to make instructions, regardless of everything in their power to the fastest and most accurate rescue of Tangshan earthquake affected areas and people, in order to win precious time for rescue work, the Chinese people's Liberation Army of various military, Central and all provinces and cities of the relevant departments and all units are action, the Beijing Military Region sent 2.7 million people, more than 140 medical assistance team, more than 6500 vehicles of different types of vehicles. Shenyang military region in the second day of the earthquake also rushed to the forefront of earthquake emergency rescue work.

Within seven days of the Tangshan earthquake, in a very short period of time, the army and the people throughout the country in number of rescue work has reached hundreds of thousands of people, sent by the various parts of different vehicle has reached more than 5000 vehicles, at the airport in Tangshan, then, in two days time rescue fly aircraft taking off and landing reached nearly 800 sorties, transporting the wounded thousands of people, carrying relief supplies to thousands of tons, the first time support the Tangshan and solve the urgent needs of the earthquake zone.

Tangshan earthquake relief work can be described as is timely and effective, in the shortest possible time focused on the power of the country of Tangshan post disaster rescue is admirable, but after the Tangshan earthquake, the Chinese government refused to foreign rescue teams to support relief, is when the government criticized, has become a major failing of the rescue work. Relief work after the earthquake in Tangshan has been basically completed in about 12 days, which is also known as a miracle in the history of the world's rescue.

The impact of the Tangshan earthquake

Tangshan earthquake occurred on July 28, 1976, the earthquake in 14 provinces and municipalities surrounding have felt different, the Beijing and Tianjin, an important political and economic center also fails escape by sheer luck, the whole city of Tangshan in overnight was reduced to ruins, the city of all traffic, electric power, communication, water supply and other facilities concerning people's livelihood has also been a devastating blow, the impact of the Tangshan earthquake can be described as is unprecedented, but also makes people was plunged into an abyss of suffering.

Tangshan earthquake relief pictures

1976 is also a great turning point in China, the occurrence of the Tangshan earthquake, not only caused the death of 242419 people, more important is that he took place in Beijing, China's political center of the geographical location. In the same year period, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, Zhu De the three of new China establishment has a huge impact on the great man died, a notorious gang of four attempts by the earthquake to the right to seek usurper, regardless of the people of disaster, serious impact on the post disaster relief and reconstruction work, can be said to Tangshan earthquake is caused by people the smashing of the gang of four catalyst, speed up the end of the process of the cultural revolution.

In Tangshan earthquake, and resilience of the Tangshan people, solidarity, dare to face the spirit of all disasters and challenges to us left a precious spiritual wealth, in the history of human civilization has a thick and heavy in a pen, after the Tangshan earthquake also attracted from the investigation of the scientists all over the world, as a natural giant test field, for future human exploration and Research on earthquake brought a lot of theoretical and practical foundation, strengthen the awareness of the earthquake disaster, earthquake disaster prevention work has thus entered the a big step.

The impact of the Tangshan earthquake is not only China, but also the whole of mankind, but the people of Tangshan have been a huge sacrifice is worthy of our mind.