Here, eyeful is white skin beauty, Chinese a neglected riverside town

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Here, eyeful is white skin beauty, Chinese a neglected riverside town

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Where is the most white beauty in China? Have people say is Harbin, during the period of the Republic of China, Zhu Ziqing had been to Harbin, he said Harbin street is not a pure Chinese taste."The street eyeful is Russian, walking, sitting; there seemed to be more than a woman. * * *"

(Harbin Songhua River of the Russian beauty in the period of Republic of China)

In fact, this is in the period of the Republic of China Harbin, after the founding of new China, the Russian girl left Harbin, now go to Harbin, has not seen the streets are the Russians scene the.

(the location of Heihe in the northeast)

Now, most of the Chinese cities of Russian girls, I am afraid that is the Heihe. Heihe River is a neglected of the riverside town. However, it in the Chinese history but left the indelible mark, of course, the pen, some people think is China's historical humiliation of a pen.

When it comes to Heihe, we may feel strange, but mention the Treaty of aigun, you certainly are familiar with, May 28, 1858, officials in the Qing government and the czar of Russia in Aihui city signed a treaty of aigun, the provisions of the treaty in Heilongjiang to the north, outside the mountains to South of 60 million square kilometers of territory designated to Russia, Wusuli River east of 40 million square kilometers of land by the Russian condominium.

Today's Heihe Aihui town of Aihui District, Heihe City Aihui deputy Dutong government resident in the Qing dynasty. Maybe someone will ask, Aihui city is not later renamed Heihe? No In 1900, eight Power Allied forces during the war of aggression against China, the czar of Russia took the opportunity to invade the Northeast China, Aihui city first when one of them, the Russians burnt the city, the original Aihui city has disappeared, in the period of the Republic of China and reset the Aihui County, but Aihui county from old Aihui city or at a distance. Today is the Heihe City Aihui County of Heilongjiang Province, the predecessor of Aihui district.

(a building, Aihui city only Pavilion)

Heihe was remote, unremarkable, but becauseHeihe gold mineAnd gradually develop and grow, during the second Opium War, the Qing government was forced to cede Heilongjiang to the north, the Wusuli River in the east of the land to the Russians, the Russians found there was gold in some parts of the South Bank of the Heilongjiang Heihe and Mohe, cross-border exploitation.

Westernization Movement, the Qing government officials gradually realized the importance of mineral resources, so troops expelled the illegal mining on the southern bank of the Heilongjiang River, the Qing government began establishing enterprises in Heilongjiang River area, operating gold mines. Heihe City, also because of the development of gold and gradually developed.

How many gold deposits are there in Heihe? A little gold mining: Xunke Dong'an gold ore, rare Aihui District of steam gold, Aihui District Wu Dao Gou Gold Deposit, steam fungus gold, gold lake Tonghe, Aihui District Three Bush gold.

Since 1990s, with the rise of Sino Russian border trade, many Russians have come to Heihe to do business and settle down. Heihe has a lot of Russian beauty.

(Russian beauty)

So Heihe is a beautiful, there is gold in the city.

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