Last eunuch secret: Kiyomi Kiko's bath let him stand

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Last eunuch secret: Kiyomi Kiko's bath let him stand

2017-08-12 23:06:15 153 ℃

Occupy a space for one person in the Chinese ancient eunuch is a class of people, but it is also the most tragic Eunuch in ancient society. Because they not only need to face the moment of physical torture, but also need to face the difficulties and master blame, even accidentally, will head landing.

In addition the eunuch formation is very cruel, has been criticized by people and discussion. So in the Qing Dynasty after the demise of the eunuch basic China abolished, the last eunuch is sun Yaoting, was born in a poor family. My parents have four brothers, he ranked second, because life is too difficult, and even did not eat rice, no way, his parents had to bring him to the palace was sent to the family, as a eunuch.

But Sun Yaoting became a eunuch or hard journey, 1912 revolution overthrew the Qing Dynasty, the founding of the Republic of China, but also ruined the eunuch Sun Yaoting road. But in 1916, Sun Yaoting's parents still did not give up, still sent him to the Forbidden City, because there are many royal Forbidden City in this life, so sun Yaoting finally succeeded as a eunuch.

The sun Yaoting experience is not simple, after the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, the new China three times. So he said some of the palace secret history or to understand many. Sun Yaoting was just a little eunuch, but because he is very intelligent, step by step to upgrade to the Queen's personal eunuch. In his old age. He once told others said some palace secret history, which said the palace empress who, in addition to all the infighting and intrigues rivalry, there are some special hobbies.

For example, special love bath, wash a day or even several times, and the bathing process make people blush, because the queen at bath time, never do it yourself. There must be people around. Let the maids and eunuchs to wash, and wash yourself in the process, no matter how they wash, don't move, fully enjoy the feeling. So open in the present society, this type of bath makes people feel embarrassed, not to mention in ancient times.

But as times change, the system had such a cruel dies in the dust of history, now only in the television to see the eunuch figure, they feel the vicissitudes of life!