Puyi: Li Lianying and Ci Xi are really smart in this way with food and drink

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Puyi: Li Lianying and Ci Xi are really smart in this way with food and drink

2017-08-12 23:06:25 130 ℃

The paper talks about Zhang, a meat only a day to prepare for Ci Xi, the amount will be fifty pounds of pork, a pig, a sheep, chickens and ducks each one. And in the name of Ci Xi, in fact a lot cheaper eunuch, such as Li Lianying. Pu Yi recalls, a eunuch named Hu Chaozi, and Li Lianying had a long wait, then Pu Yi, told him many of Li Lianying's stories.

This is the history from Puyi memoir, a system in a palace, called taste meal, Ci Xi is to prevent people from poison, specify a eunuch, put all the food taste again before the dinner, and then to bring the food to enjoy Ci Xi. In fact, according to common sense, it is the eunuch meal in the royal kitchen, with a variety of time, after all, just to prevent poisoning.

But Li Lianying is different, Li Lianying is in front of Ci Xi's favourite eunuch, Li Lianying is said to have a unique, the braid series especially good-looking, Ci Xi love Li Lianying, originated in Li Lianying with a lot of hair and hair. (see the importance of the girls hair) of Li Lianying's mouth will say, it will infer Ci Xi's mind, every word to Ci Xi heart, every word can say Ci Xi laughed.

Ci Xi Li Lianying also served well, of course as a man, arguably the taste of meals should not be big main job, but since the Li Lianying tube, who can't stop him. Li Lianying's taste of diet and others do not, he is to let the royal kitchen people, each meal and Ci Xi, are the same as the end to his own living room, in this way, although nominally a taste of food.

In fact, long away from the "taste" concept, Li Lianying is tasted meal taste full, then this way, Li Lian Ying has been like Ci Xi, eat the same food, enjoy the same treatment of the empress dowager. Plus Li Lianying is Ci Xi's personal eunuch, inseparable, even in Ci Xi to sleep after wait around. Thus Li Lianying and Ci Xi eat and drink with sleep is not strange.

PuYi on this matter, he was very angry, after the transformation of the Fushun war, thought very deeply. He believes that this is in the exploitation of people, and for the master Li Lianying for personal gain especially eunuch opinions. In the memories of their own three year old emperor when eating, PuYi said only remember very rich, a lot of style. But as for the taste, also did not have a good memory, almost forgotten what the specific taste.