The ancient wolf how strong? 80 thousand men defeated 800 thousand

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The ancient wolf how strong? 80 thousand men defeated 800 thousand

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"Wolf 2" to see people excited, but there are a lot of people questioned the film too exaggerated, only single handedly could beat so many enemies. In this regard, Mr. T just want to say, special forces training intensity is not an ordinary person can imagine. We look at the history of those 6 to fly the "wolf" forces, their enemy in a hundred, or even an enemy 1000, and created a miracle in the military.

1. Wei Wuzu

In the Warring States period, Zhao Hu Dao and Qi "Knight" martial Knight "and called the elite. But both cannot resist the Wei infantry armed soldier. Wei Wuzu: when training Wuqi holding a spear, toting twenty changjon with a tire iron bow, while carrying three diets, the total weight of about 50 pounds, and Barry can immediately put into continuous fighting, as armed soldier.

Wu Qi, Wei Wu died fighting a "war of seventy-two, the rest are sixty-four victory, solution (the outstanding achievement end neither in victory nor defeat)". In 389 BC the Yin Jin battle in Wuqi foot fifty thousand, car ride, ride three thousand, beat five hundred thousand Qin, is the famous battle of Chinese history to win with fewer.

2. Guotie Eagle Rui Shi Qin

Qin 1898, Sima created the wrong Iron Eagle Rui Shi, Ma Wei Wu died to step beyond the war as the standard, can be an enemy ten Wei Wuzu, riding a war to transcend, horse riding war to Zhao Qi is beyond the knight. The selection method of Iron Eagle Rui Shi more demanding: in the selection based on Wei Wuzu, added a wide body armour, sword, a dagger and a fine iron leather shield, total weight of about 80 pounds; this close by, in the step of war, war, war, riding array such weapons are among the numerous tests, left to become Iron Eagle Rui shi. The Qin army two hundred thousand, Iron Eagle Rui Shi has only 1600 people, war war war horse fencing step are fine, almost all of them are invincible warriors!

The 3. government soldiers

The northern military is the aristocratic Xie Xuan from refugee selection brave soldiers, a team of mercenaries established.

In the year 383, with the rate of 800 thousand for reunification, Fu Jian army south, confidently declared: "I will whip millions of troops, even into the Yangtze River, is enough to let the Yangtze River flow." The only 80 thousand troops, including Xie Xuan sent 5000 northern army against the elite, broken before Qin 50 thousand, kills fifteen thousand. The battle, Xie Xuan and sent 8000 northern army attack, before the Qin collapse. This is the battle. The northern army fame.

In addition to a strong fighting force, the northern military also has a powerful influence on the political situation. From the beginning of Xie Xuan integration, the army became the gate valve of the mercenaries, who can control the northern military, who controlled the Southern Han regime, even the Royal Court of its command work.

4. Tang Zhaoxuan a-jun

A sword is a founding Li Shimin "Xuan jun". He used 1000 Xuanjia warriors broken Wang Shichong, captured more than 6000 people cut. In the world the ownership decided to Hulao war, Li Shimin only 3500 Xuan a big break enemy troops, more than ten million people. Moreover, Li Shimin "Great Khan" of the title is not Langdexuming, he almost every war took the lead, also dressed in a mysterious, led by a mysterious army general like a dark cloud pressure to the enemy.

5. Song Wei army back

The ZTE four, Yue Fei yuegujun is the most powerful, and he's "Wei army back" is the elite of the elite. Yuegujun heyday of about 100 thousand people, the Wei army back most elite cavalry has 8000 people, there are thousands of infantry..

Yancheng war, Yue Fei Wei army back to the first big break Golden Army Infantry elite kidnapper horse, with a small elite cavalry storming enemy, defeated Kim Wushu Jingji l.5 million people. However, Wushu gold not willing to fail, and build 30 thousand cavalry attack Ying Chang, Wei army back again in the big break golden riding, killing artificial blood, for the blood horse horse". In the battle of Zhuxian Town, Wei army back hitting 500 back Wei broken more than 10 troops in the gold record. Goldman has issued a "shake shake the mountain is easy, yuegujun hard feeling.

6 yuan Qie Xuejun

Qie Xuejun Gen Gi Khan picked up the elite guards, mainly by the nobles, generals and other feats of children, everyone is a soldier in Mongolia army, by Gen Gi Khan straight, enjoy exceptional privileges. The army is mainly in order to safeguard the rule of Gen Gi Khan, not easily on the battlefield, but Mongolia is known as the "patron saint of empire".