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| Chinese left six weekend histories new restaurant Mao Zedong footprint

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We refer to the data in many, found that Mao Zedong has only been a handful of restaurants:

Hangzhou Lou Wailou Restaurant Restaurant

Eating meals: head, beggar chicken

Beijing Xinjiekou Shaanxi Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup Museum

Eat food: steamed, sliced beef mutton

Wuhan old city

Eating meals: four dishes and one soup, fresh bean curd, Tang Bao

Changsha huogongdian

Eat spicy food: 100, stewed beef tendon, braised fish, braised meat, Stinky tofu, spinach and seafood soup

Tianjin Zhengyang Spring Hotel

Eating meals: Roasted Duck etc.

Shaoshan hometown Hostel

Eat food: spicy chicken, mutton stew, boil stir-fried smoked pork, steamed fish, herring, fried spinach, tofu, fried melon, fried peppers

This restaurant has a characteristic, the food is really tasty."

Mao Zedong in Hangzhou to watch the Leifeng Pagoda site

In December 29, 1953 second Mao Zedong go out, visit the Qiantang River bridge and Liuhe pagoda.

In the Qiantang River bridge, when the party secretary Tan Zhenlin said that this bridge has two layers, walk, walking in the middle of the train car, walk on water ships, currently the country only a seat, Mao Zedong said: "in a few years, we will build a more advanced bridge."

Visit the Liuhe pagoda, Mao Zedong said: "the environment here, nice scenery!"

Wang Fang said: "this place visitors very much, those who come to Hangzhou for everyone to visit here."

At night, Tan Zhenlin and other leaders of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee Comrade Mao Zedong to please the famous Hangzhou restaurant to eat fish and Lou Wailou Restaurant Baked Chicken. The working personnel have tasted the delicious. Mao Zedong said: "this restaurant meal appreciation characteristics, the food is really tasty."

Later, this restaurant chef Han Afu to Zhongnanhai to Chairman Mao as a cook in Beijing, training a lot of apprentice.

"Find a restaurant to restaurant to eat."

In the summer of 1955 day, Mao Zedong to participate in the activities of the western suburbs. On the way home, when the car to outside the Fuchengmen, Mao Zedong said: "the hungry, want to eat."

Gao Zhi listen to Mao Zedong want to eat, said: "the president, not far away, in the city, we returned home, what else do not engage in, eat first."

Mao Zedong smoked, elongated voice said: "no, find a restaurant to restaurant to eat." Mao Zedong to a place.

High intelligence is a "old Shaanxi", has a special liking for the steamed mutton bubble love. He suddenly thought of a Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup restaurant, immediately said to Mao Zedong: "the president of Xinjiekou, Shaanxi has a Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup restaurant, we go to eat Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup!"

"Good." Mao Zedong happily agreed.

After careful arrangements, the car to open the door to the hotel. In the guidance of the staff and guards, Mao Zedong entered the restaurant, a fragrant smell. There are a lot of people in the restaurant to eat steamed bubble, no one who is recognized.

Mao Zedong came to a small room across the board to sit down. They are drinking tea, while waiting for dinner. A Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup end up. Here to eat paomo divided into large, medium and small, for they served in a bowl. The lamb cut into large slices, break the bread into small pieces of foam in a bowl. There are several small dishes, with spicy, coriander, Pickled Sweet Garlic etc..

Mao Zedong took a bowl, said: "I can't eat so much." Gao Zhi chopsticks bowl Mao Zedong steamed to Li Yinqiao and yourself. Mao Zedong picked up the bowl, eat with relish. He wishes to meet the restaurant, freely over the lives of ordinary people. Quietly sit in this small restaurant, for Mao Zedong, is a rare treat.

Mao Zedong eat, out of the lounge, was immediately recognized. The restaurant customers clapped Mao Zedong to nod waving out the door. "It was chairman mao." The jubilant.

They ate a total of six yuan payment triangle nine cents, several people out of pocket, how also do not have the meal. Gao Zhi explains the reasons for the store, it forgot to take the money, come tomorrow morning, the people in the shop mankoudaying. The next morning, Gao Zhi riding a bike, put the meal to the owner.

"Sanxian Doupi exquisite taste delicious"

April 3, 1958Mao Zedong in the old city of Wuhan

Mao Zedong loves China traditional and local characteristics of food. Wuhan old city is a time-honored Sanxian Doupi and renowned restaurant. In April 3, 1958, Mao Zedong came to the old city restaurant, tasting fresh bean curd.

Seven pm, Mao Zedong walked into the restaurant at the time, who also didn't expect Mao Zedong to come here. After getting off the bus, he went to the kitchen and master you talk before going to dinner.

When Mao Zedong said: "the taste of soybean hull is Hubei flavor, to keep." He ate a big plate, 3 foot two, and said: "praise Sanxian Doupi exquisite taste delicious, this is the flavor of Hubei." And told entourage: "you are eating, no waste."

During the meeting, Mao Zedong asked the restaurant workers: "your restaurant is cooperative or private?" The workers said: "the state." Hearing the answer, Mao Zedong said solemnly: "state employees to serve the people wholeheartedly. Restaurants should pay special attention to hygiene, protecting the health of the people."

After dinner, Mao Zedong and the staff shook hands goodbye, and then left the old city.

Mao Zedong has three days of the information stored in the menu:

One: fried eel fillet, stir fried beef, fried yam, bean sprouts, tomatoes, egg. A: snakehead seed, Pickled Sweet Garlic, cooking flowers. Staple food: beans, shredded meat soup Steamed Rice. (Note: Lin Ke)

Two: fish lips, milk, chicken, fried chicken, smoked salt and Pepper Fried amaranth, burning bream, grilled eggplant, egg roll casserole. Cole: La Layu, dog meat, mixed with cucumber, peanuts. (three guests)

Three: baked, fried shredded meat, pickled mustard Pork Chop. A: salted egg, pig. Staple food: milk, bread, dumplings.

"Huogongdian in Stinky tofu, has three characteristics: smell, look dirty, eat very fragrant."

In April 12, 1958 Mao Zedong Changsha huogongdian tasting snacks

In Hunan folk many housewives will be made Stinky tofu, young Mao Zedong eat mother's Stinky tofu.

"Changsha huogongdian" the most famous Stinky tofu. "Huogongdian" selection of the finest soy tofu, and then soaked in tofu dipped bamboo shoots, letinous edodes, liquor, Liuyang fermented black bean in brine, the surface will give birth to white hair, gray color. Smell and hear the beginning, with the pan slowly fry until the color black, the surface after the expansion, they can be pulled out, aroma enticing, doused with garlic, pepper, sesame oil, the fragrant, crisp outside and tender inside the Stinky tofu.

In April 12, 1958, Mao Zedong came to the "huogongdian", and affectionately shook hands with everybody in the store. After they were brought to the upstairs a ready restaurant.

The young Mao Zedong has repeatedly been here, here known as food characteristics. This time, he ordered, or once cooked taste. Among them, a dish of Stinky tofu. Mao Zedong tasting, while said humorously: "huogongdian in Stinky tofu, has three characteristics: smell, look dirty, eat very fragrant."

As Mao Zedong said: "Stinky tofu is the labor's products, you should do. Huogongdian is people's favorite place, you should do well."

The evaluation of Mao Zedong, "Stinky tofu fame huogongdian" bigger, a lot of tourists to the Changsha are here to taste fresh, hoe.

Eat Roasted Duck spring hotel in Zhengyang

Mao Zedong in Tianjin Zhengyang spring hotel with managers and workers to talk

In August 13, 1958, after Mao Zedong visited Nankai University, Tianjin University in Tianjin, have lunch time. Mao Zedong wants to find a restaurant to eat lunch. After comparison, the staff chose Tianjin Changchun road Zhengyang spring hotel.

The hotel have finished, Mao Zedong and his entourage car came to the hotel, restaurant to sit on the two floor. Dish up quickly. Mao Zedong looked at Roasted Duck, very happy, and the entourage together to eat. Mao Zedong seldom go to a restaurant, eat very happy.

Mao Zedong eat quickly, he eat does not drink, do not pay attention to, so he soon finished. He sat on the seat, the street heard voices, car song people to stand at the window and looked out at the. It does not matter, immediately bring trouble to his entourage bring a sort of false alarm.

Mao Zedong opened the screen to see the street, just be opposite upstairs a woman saw the clothes, she can't help, joy and surprise to shout: "Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao long live!"

More and more people see the chairman mao. Applause and cheers shock in the streets. Mao Zedong waved to head out to you. The people on the street more excited. Shashi, people flocked to the "Zhengyang spring" from all sides, by thousands of people gathered tens of thousands of people. Traffic, the traffic police also followed the squeeze up, want to see Mao Zedong...... From 1 pm to 5 Mao Zedong has been "encirclement". The president always and the people at heart, the old man repeatedly went to the window and waved to everyone, applause. The fifth time Mao Zedong went to the window and waved to the people head for 5 minutes.

The Tianjin garrison with a platoon of troops pushed a "Warsaw" to promote the car crowd, crowded to the "Zhengyang spring" door, a strong warrior finally put Mao Zedong "push" of the car, by the soldiers in front of open, behind the cart, take a great effort, just out of the encirclement "". Afterwards, squeezing out the shoes and hats, pens, collect a few basket.

Back on the train, everyone said to Mao Zedong: "Sir, this is too dangerous, then do not like this." Mao Zedong accepted the advice, rarely in the street after dinner.

Eat Shaoshan flavor

Mao Zedong in June 1959 in Shaoshan

The afternoon of June 25, 1959, Mao Zedong ride through Xiangtan, arrived in Shaoshan rushed 6 points.

The hometown hostel prepared some Shaoshan dishes such as Mao Jie Feng: spicy chicken, mutton stew, boil stir-fried smoked pork, steamed fish, herring, fried spinach, tofu, fried melon and fried peppers. Have the pleasure of enjoying the flavor of Shaoshan with Luo Ruiqing, Wang Renzhong and Mao Zedong staff.

June 26th morning, noon to diet:

The main course: stir fried, fried, Poached Egg stir-fried smoked pork. Staple food: milk, fried cheese.

The main course: spinach, agaric, Double cooked pork slices soup, Dongan chicken. Staple food: Steamed Jiaozi, Steamed Rice.

This restaurant is honored, but also because of the arrival of Mao Zedong fame. In fact, it is not difficult to find, these restaurants are famous, but not a hotel, not to mention the senior. Mao Zedong not to enjoy the luxury hotel, there can not contact the masses, another layer of mind and he is a contact and understanding of the masses, to him the most happy thing is to have a civilian life.

(from "new Hunan review" in 2012 twentieth)

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