108 he will not be recognized as the hero, and is said to be a traitor, but he tried!

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108 he will not be recognized as the hero, and is said to be a traitor, but he tried!

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108 Liangshan heroes have force hero Lin Chong, wu song that fighting skill Gao, also have an Daoquan, Shaw let such a technology alongside the hero and Grandaddy of thieves, the king of the lives that are specific to piancai. But there is such a person, not only did not have time, there is no technology, but also no talent, and even was said to be a traitor to the people, he is the white day.

White wins the first appearance is to help Chao Gai and others rob birthday outline, it would have been a successful a, and go to the leaders of the group of relatively recent. If the normal development of the case, the white victory should be ranked in the front of the position. Like Songqing so no skill no credit, with can row in 76, white wins can by virtue of the status of the veteran, won a similar ranking, but in the end is in 106. Although a large part of the reason is because white wins his lack of hero, but for white wins he actually did maximum strength!

Our bad impression sources of white wins is because Bai Sheng was caught, not withstand torture, finally confessed Chao Gai them out. For this act of betrayal, as men are hated, and therefore we have to win the white contempt. But we look at the process, know Bai Sheng's difficulties.

Bai Sheng was caught after the first is tried by every means to deny, is not willing to move out of the Chao Gaideng seven people is linked with three or four meal, play is lacerated, blood DC, but Bai Sheng did not because bear the torture and confession. The storm force not only to outwit. This time prefect to white wins a set, say they know is led by Chao Gai the, let white wins not to continue for the rest of the six people suffer! White wins the heart of the defense immediately collapse and had a meal beaten, said Chao Gai is indeed headed by thieves, but six other people he did not know.

Actually from this period we can see that white wins is able to endure, also very handout spirit, we can't take Wu as tough and strong as iron and steel to the white wins, because Bai Sheng is a idle Chinese, usually also not exercising is not reading, so a bum, the critical moment can endure so long is a miracle, last confession is not because the pain of not flesh and betrayal, but because IQ is not prefect a set, set out to Chao Gai! Actually to say to cover the Chao Gai, is not really set up, because the government would have guessed Chao cover, here is just playing the truth out!

Compared with Lu Zhishen, Wu et al, he can not be considered complete hero, he is just an ordinary person, idle, there is no any skill. But as an ordinary person, can do white wins such a few? Or why a lot of traitors in the Anti Japanese war! White wins if you can bring a little intelligence, would not have such a despised notoriety!

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