Spring and Autumn period (nineteen) and no war

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Spring and Autumn period (nineteen) and no war

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(Chuzhuang Wang to establish dominance, to dominate the princes, he kept military force in the conquest of Chen Guohou, Chu Zhuangwang personally led his army against Zheng Guo, the war has been playing for more than three months, in accordance with past practice, when the Chu troops in the Central Plains rampage when another country Jin will come out interference, but this time, the internal contradictions have been postponed because of, not to wait until finally sent the army, the army has played Zheng Guo, full of the spirit, so at this time, there is no need to the army and the army to fight another battle? The Jin army coach what is considered the? Beijing Normal University professor Li Shan, for you wonderful about the "spring and Autumn Annals of the" war "and not". )

Chuzhuang Wang can a few years of continuous fighting, do not go home. Behind the strong national strength in support. Now the soldiers pointed to Zheng Guo, Zheng Guo resistance. Surrounded by Zheng Guo, a total of 17 days, Zheng Guo did not surrender. But Wai, the whole of the war around the city, Zheng ding. Zheng Guozhan l,. One, accounting for L, we sum, called "line into". Let's start with Chu talks, kyrgyzstan. Accounted for L, the time, the first result is out, not lucky, not. Then, what is called "? L, come to the palace, and out of the bus lane, kyrgyzstan". What do you mean? The Imperial Ancestral Temple inside, all the people cried a and every family to his chariot platoon into the alleys inside, accounting for, Ji, Geely is to fight to the death, the Imperial Ancestral Temple inside completely cry a, then every family to push the chariot out, the country is the envy to after all, Ji.

Zheng Guo indignation, "Shou Pi is crying", the city walls are crying. King Zhuang of Chu to see that this is the case, said bad, how the Zheng state the wall fighters crying? The spies say, said they have a result, said to fight with us, they want to the Imperial Ancestral Temple thoroughly cry for a field, the state is not the. A look at the Chuzhuang Wang, quickly retreat. Historical records with a reason, a person cry, underdog win, ancient to go abroad to fight, we dressed in mourning, is the truth. People often feel fear in their daily lives, because we have a sense of sudden events will make people die, know that they will die, the sudden outbreak of sound, the instinct of death consciousness to remind you of fear. People also have a solemn side, facing death, when you see the death of his comrades, even weak people will be strong. Crying will make people nervous, everyone will become strong. Chuzhuang Wang to see this, not fight back, so. He let you grasp the sense of propriety, tragic past. In addition, they want to feel the way in this way.

He retreated, Zheng Xiu and surrounded by walls, Chuzhuang wang. The ancient war "will be afraid of the siege, the anger, and the ants attached". Playing for three months, Chu does not necessarily win, attack difficult, heavy losses. Zheng Guoyou stone, Zheng Guo is a traitor, he said, the message, to lay the city. The Chu army enters the Zheng, Ben monarch palace to, a group of people out from the palace in, is in the middle of the Zheng Jun, with bare arms, a hooking, a hand tied, kneeling down. Chuzhuang Wang did not understand, say, when they surrender, that is, to surrender. King Zhuang of Chu to listen to what he had to say, "lonely", make you cherish a wrath to come to our country, "the prisoners Jiangnan, to the seaside, also the only life; the creeping Yici princes, the minister Qie, also the only life; does not obliterate the country to change that Jun, Yi in the nine county, Hui Jun, the solitary hope. Not dare hope, dare to the hinterland of the cloth, "Zhou Xuan King brother be sealed to Zheng, if read aloud to the fourth generation of the king of good. Let us go. Zhou Liwang Zheng Wu Zhou Xuan Wang Zheng Huan Gong, who was dead, ghosts are not small, they won't do. This is read in their speaking skills, good, let us to change our attitude to serve you. The actual county system, let us for the county, is your greatest grace. Soft in hard, said the stately. Chuzhuang Wang after listening, please hurry. The ministers do not "for no country, not a" do not agree. Chuzhuang Wang said, they put too low, if not, moral failure. This no end of trouble for the future. So, people can still put it. Can not destroy the country, so to conquer the Zheng Guo. (Chuzhuang Wang to attack Zheng Guo, the Jin Jin did not reflect, in after the victory of the war came in, they will do?)

The Jin the Zhao family and other family full of contradictions, take no ideas, now playing the Zheng, Jin not only organized forces, is very slow. "War and uncertainty, so delay". The Jin army came to north the Yellow River, Lin Xun is the commander of the father, "and Zheng and suppression for the people, Yan Chu to move, not after?." Do not hit, late, let the people of Chu was removed, and then clean up Zheng Guo. This is the attitude of the manager, this is the main and. Then with Wu Zi (old seeking politicians SAGE) statement. The point is to fight "the concept of smearing and moving", see each other have an opportunity. With Wu Zi Views: one is the moral penalty is not easy, people can not achieve the ultimate, what change, Zheng Guofu, people go, this is the punishment to Germany and, yes; two is the government is not easy, two years of war, and still taking Jia development, Army soldiers died by harmony the army, in unity, testimonies arranged in good order, this is "do not be evil"; the three is the ceremony is not easy, code is Sun Shuao credit, he developed in divided into five branches to coach on the right and left forces move first, stamina, behind the strong, around, in front of the thatched tall, tell behind the information, similar to the later semaphore, this is the new tactics, this is Sun Shuao's invention, this is the code. Li, Chu Zhuangwang selection, and relatives of the deceased, which was not off the blame, old friends loyal, not pro is so, no damage was the custom of the time, rewards and punishments and rewards and punishments, which makes the military etiquette not rebellious phenomenon in. (with Wu Zi is sage, the thorough analysis of the state of chu. At this time, Jin internal disagreements, who oppose it?).

Some people oppose with Wu Zi, is the first Yi (Xian Zhen offspring). When the first carriage with a lot of counsel give advice and suggestions. Xian Zhen temper big, Xiaoshan war, first in front of a carriage to scold, a woman will let you put a prisoner of war, and he spit. Then fight not wearing armor, personality. The first Yi temper big, inherited his ancestor's temper, stand out, so "Jin PA, Wu also Chenli division. This is a loss of nobility, force. There are enemies and not from, can not be described as martial." The first personal gains and losses on the war, the people can not brute courage. Irrational。 So out of this idea, with his troops across the river, the wicked. Xun Lin father cannot control the men, see army doctor Xun Shouyi that this battle to be fraught with grim possibilities, "out of the law, no Zang fierce". Against a good come is fierce. Now the first Yi practices as well as more violations? Whether right or wrong, the military commander to hear such a situation now. Xunzi first said, first Yi not killed, also can't escape back. Sure enough, after the failure of the war, a few years later, the first Yi feel that he was a crime, Dr. North came to the red, the family has been out of the. It's not the first to get here. At least the activities are not so frequent. When the individual interests on the national interest, and when it is not allowed. The first troops crossed the the Yellow River Yi Xun, Lin Fu no way. At this time, Han Jue ideas, now the problem, first Yi without authorization after the Yellow River, your worst sin, because you are the commander and his men to listen to. How to do? Since you one better than the Yellow River. Six Qing took the past, won no problem; in case of failure, Lingzui, six different, greatly too a rap?? this is not for the country consideration. He is the father Lin Xun fan, just after the Yellow River. With the formation of the Chu army confrontation, ye war broke out. (the father Lin Xun River, and the Chu army strategic confrontation, what is the reaction of Chu?)

The plan, Zheng Guo refused to accept the Crusade service, now ready to go north, to the edge of the the Yellow River. Zheng Guoli the Yellow River near. Yinma River to returned toward, show that Chu today to the Yellow River, has made unprecedented achievements, meaning went back. Now they crossed the the Yellow River father Lin Xun, how to do? The beginning, not ready to fight this battle, this do. But secretary Wu can (Wu Zixu ancestors) that can not go, he is good to see. Chu Zhuangwang haven't got an idea, sun shuao opposition, "Chen revenue in the past, this year into Zheng, without thing, war and not agile, the parameters of the flesh footed food almost?" jianhaojiushou. Sun Shuao knew the consumption of power and the people who were based on the article. He is not a general, put forward last year beat Chen this year to play Zheng, the national consumption

Big, people are tired, we still go. Wu Shen insisted. Wu Can said he was, "if the matter of the Czech Republic, Sun Shu without seeking men. The meat will not Jie, in the Jin army, can eat? "That you win no Mou, defeated, Jin people eat me. What is your job? He was ready to go back. Wu Shen immediately with Chuzhuang Wang analysis, Xun Lin father just came to power, decree no one listens, Yi was first. The soldiers do not know how to do. A dozen, prevail. In addition, you are the prince, he crossed the river, you will return to the people and state how? The two Chuzhuang Wang heard, hit it. Because of the war, after Chen Zheng had finished, with strong beat beat him, Jin, is the real. His heart is clear. Chuzhuang Wang ordered the withdrawal of play. He was accepted to withdraw, he stationed in the tube, today 30 l Zheng north, Chu waiting for other troops. Chu was determined after a war. In the war to try cutting edge. Chuzhuang Wang hit decision. This is against the armed forces formed. It entered the battle of ye in the beginning, the war will be like?