World War II Soviet women love to wear a dress war, the result is miserable

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World War II Soviet women love to wear a dress war, the result is miserable

2017-08-24 19:53:44 2418 ℃

War has always been a contest for men's rights, but women were not spared during World War ii. Today, we will check your female soldiers in major western countries during World War ii.

Soviet women: love to wear a dress war, the outcome is very tragic

A lot of people must have thought the same thing about me. It's so inconvenient to wear a skirt in the rough battlefield of the fire at that time. Isn't it really good for you to wear a skirt? Not really. I'll show you why you're wearing a skirt.

It is a European tradition that women wear skirts: women wear pants that are considered indecent and skirts are formal! So did the United States and the Soviet union. In fact, the history of women wearing pants in Europe and America began in 1960s ) the Soviet Union was earlier, probably after the end of World War ii. So, in the Second World War, it was the most normal thing for a Soviet woman to wear a skirt on the battlefield, and she might feel shy if she were wearing pants!

The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, female number 800 thousand, Germany announced the surrender of the Soviet Union, the female number has reached about 900000. This is a huge number, the French army has more freedom than more than 10 million, which is the largest in the history of human female team. Soviet women seem to have really built up half the sky.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of female soldiers were subjected to the ravages of German forces and domestic cleaning.

Nazi women: the least fighters, the world's best logistics team

According to the German soldiers who participated in the Second World War, German women soldiers are very different from other countries in the Second World War, especially the Soviet women. She said Russian war women were real soldiers. In addition to routine medical and communications work, many of them, like men, are snipers, scouts, tank soldiers and even pilots.

After the German invasion of Soviet Union in June 1941, the front lines expanded. Hitler ruled that single women between the ages of 25 and 17 had to do auxiliary work for the national defense forces for at least 1 years. As human resources dried up, the service of young women was extended. By 1945, worse still, young women were asked to serve indefinitely.

They called for the women, all of them young and beautiful, and they will be arranged, all kinds of training! There is a part of the female bear to collect information and detection officers loyalty mission! Poor, people will have their contemptuously called "officer mattress"!

British soldier: the only unit in World War II that has not been to the front line

Since the establishment of the British army in 1660, women have been banned from taking part in close combat missions. As long as women are concerned, they can only participate in the support and medical teams.

Women in Britain are generally nurses, secretaries, spies, and no fighters. Women volunteers who joined the British territorial assistance force were not on the front line, but they took on almost everything else.

Italy women: Anti Mussolini unusually fierce

The anti fascist guerrillas in Italy have made great contributions to the liberation of their own people, especially the famous anti fascist female guerrillas in Italy. They captured and decided Mussolini, held down at least 7 German divisions, accepted the surrender of 2 German infantry divisions, and liberated important cities such as Genoa, Turin, Milan and Venice alone.

Facts have proved that the Italian's fighting force is not low (laughs).

French women: women in World War II in the value of Yan play

In 1944, the free French tenth mountain division was fighting the German army in Italy, where a group of female soldiers became the most beautiful scenery. They drove along with the big troops in a truck. Most of them are truck drivers and paramedics. Women here, like others, face life risks at all times.

However, their smiles make us forget that this is the real battlefield. This is the French rose on the battlefield of Italy. Their heroic deeds are worthy of lasting memory.

American women soldiers: mobilization work done most in place

The Second World War, a large number of young American young woman gave up a comfortable life and a well paid job, took to the battlefield, become a glorious soldier. However, it is not easy for women to join the army. When the fascist fire ignited in Europe and Asia, the American women were no longer able to sit still and asked to join the army and plunge into the fight against fascism.

Besides the logistical support of the front line, the propaganda work of American women during World War II was the best!