Mrs. Lin Biao is the son of a concubine "leaves group insider

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Mrs. Lin Biao is the son of a concubine "leaves group insider

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Ye Qun is the son of bristly fruit in nationwide choose a girlfriend thing, at that time be troubled by bubbling with noisely, and now it is known as a "farce". The "imperial concubine" event, not only so that we experience leaves stupid, more let a lot of people have a bad impression of Lin Biao, think once on the battlefield wise decision forest total, how to become a so do not know the immensity of heaven and earth of vulgar person?

In fact, this thing really and Lin Biao without the slightest relationship, all leaf group by "sneak" deception, carrying Lin Biao, a hand operation.

Ye group to refute the road, Lin Lin fruit character shy, rely on his free love, I do not know when to hold the grandson.

Lin Biao probably also have grandchildren, is this sentence leaf group over.

Then, ye said, mainly to look at the old men's daughters, have the right, on the selection of A.

Lin Biao nodded his head in silence, even if he agreed. Lin Biao is not thought to say something casually leaf group, even the matter to engage in a vigorous "Concubine" event, let many cadres of Lin Biao veiled criticism.

For example, Lin Biao in the vast expanse of old men, when he was Secretary of the Fuzhou military region commander Han Xianchu this very uncomfortable, to send to "imperial concubine" staff bluntly said: it looks like? Spread out, the impact of how bad.

But leaves the group with abnormal behaviour like, and in total disregard of Lin Biao's image, first sent a large number of "Lin Ban" the Secretary to all parts of the country, go to the Lin Biao's old men to help identify, the results did not find that leaves satisfied. Then, Lin Biao and goes in line with "Lady", let Huang Yongsheng, "the four King Kong" ladies to all parts of the country to run, full-time when Lin matchmaker.

Eventually, Qiu huizuo lady humic pull prize, for Lin Liguo chose a known as "Yang second" beauty, she is known as the Zhang Ning.

It is said that many of the fruits of Zhang Ning love at first sight. We also say that Zhang Ning is good, with leaf group listed the hard conditions, such as height, origin, the body, the teeth, walking posture, temperament, conversation and so on.

In this way, after investigation, Zhang Ning was elected as a result of his fiancee.

After the "913 incident", Lin Liguo was killed, Zhang Ning by Lin implicated, had a dark day. Later, she married the guards at the police officer, and had a son. And later divorced, eventually marrying the United states.

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