The novels of Jin Yong inside the five inventory distortion was the most wanton woman, she

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The novels of Jin Yong inside the five inventory distortion was the most wanton woman, she

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In Mr. Jin Yong's novels, there is a wide variety of characters, some filled with justice, and some martial arts high-strength, some of the empress dowager, but it has a such several women, although one has wonderful Johnson who a good, good shape, but there is a scorpion snake like heart, is unrestrained, skittish.

Fourth, Kang min is the Tianlongbabu "one of the segment positive Chun's lover, but it is the most outstanding and most perverted a, the scheming, calculate the high especially for above the crowd. When Yasutoshi to get new clothes, go to the new clothes next door girls cut. People do not have their own do not want to, this kind of pathological heart has been to its death. He is not Duan Zhengchun, turned out to be a knife to kill him, let other mistresses have not. Also the apricot forest rebellion into a play and she leaned on the several important characters of their feminine charm to seduce, is a role can not be underestimated. Beauty face, the heart as she fits.

, Su Quan, which turned out to be "Lu Dingji" teach inside the dragon lady, finally become a trinket the oldest is capable of the highest wife. Andy just met her when the age of 34, is a beautiful young woman, gorgeous matchless. Andy a glance, has been coveted in the hearts of three feet.

Andy well behaved, in the Dragon teach first leader Hong and Su Quan, praising the leader, and with his wife, but not obviously insincere talk, and please, madam naturally to curry favor with the leader, this is Andy human sophistication of know-how.

Madame Hong Quan saw Andy is smiling on his face pinched, written implicit. This is two days after husband and wife sentiment reason foundation, Madame Hong first in the heart to small treasure this prick with a sense of intimacy, as big sister see naughty little brother. In Hong Antong the old man body, but Madame Hong won't find such a relaxed and happy feeling. Later two people together.

, Chun Hua Ma, the, although the "Legend of the fox," a book supporting role, but to the deepest impression in a supporting role, written best and most vivid. She looks not beautiful, but wins in really, more close to life.

For the blessing of the son, he can talk about what love? Just the desire of the life instinct impulse, but the kind of passion of the evil. She made a fortune's most willing to mistress, and her father in her life will be betrothed to her second day's. Two people tryst is described extremely vividly, romantic atmosphere at the scene became the best catalyst of lust, Lun and defeated Germany's lust.

Later he still with the Xu Zheng, not Fu'an Kang do little grandmother. Then he sent for me in her time, her face was red and pale, and wanted to laugh and cry. As everyone knows, the distinguished prime minister in the curtain, I do not know how many people can't tell dirty.

Chun Hua Ma karma this settled, before her death, Hu Fei begged Chen2 Jia luo4 dressed up as he went to see her, she finally saw the her "sweetheart", happy to die in the arms of her "sweetheart".

First, it is one of the dragon knife white Feng, "eight" segment positive Chun mistress, is the mother of Duan Yu. No doubt, love is a positive Chun knife white Feng, but this is a very self esteem, to the extreme alien woman. She felt Duan Zhengchun betrayed their sacred love vows. Choose an extreme way of revenge, to find a world's ugliest, most filthy, the meanest called sleep. This is called Duan Yanqing,Duan Yu is Duan Yanqing's flesh.

She did this thing, then impulse, but later must regret it, because she did not dare to make public, and did not dare to open their own daring acts. But it is a strange combination of circumstances saved Duan Yu's life, this is the genius of fiction.

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