It is 15 times as large as the two Qinghai Lake therefore had strike violently

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It is 15 times as large as the two Qinghai Lake therefore had strike violently

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Vitoria lake, an area of 68 thousand and 800 square kilometers, one of Africa's great lakes, the third largest lake in the world, after the North American Lake Superior, is 15 times the size of Qinghai Lake.

The queen of England, Vitoria, reigned from 1837 to 1901, the most powerful period in britain. So the largest lake in Africa called Vitoria lake, the most famous waterfall waterfall in Africa called Vitoria, the capital of Seychelles called Vitoria, Vitoria desert and Vitoria Australia, Canada Vitoria, Hongkong Victoria Harbour. These names have witnessed the Empire's prosperity, but also the evidence of colonial aggression.

Before the colonial age, the world's longest river, the source of the Nile, was a mystery. The British explorer found upstream of Vitoria lake, the source of the nile.

Weiduoniya lake has a number of rivers into the lake in the north of the upper Nile, the White Nile, is the only outflow rivers, minerals are out to ensure that the characteristics of Vitoria lake, freshwater lake.

Vitoria lake surrounding ethnic cultures close to, because of colonial rule, only belong to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and three countries, but Tanzania occupies more than half of the lakeshore line.

Water resources in Africa is extremely rare in Kenya has many mountains from here, Tanzania and Uganda on Lake Vitoria for infighting, even at war. Uganda built the Erwin falls dam at the junction of Lake Vitoria and the White Nile, the first city in the upper nile.

Tanzania has long supported President Amin of Uganda's opposition, Uganda in 1978 the introduction of North Africa reinforcements Libya, the invasion of Tanzania south of the Kagera region of Vitoria lake. Later, Tanzania fought back strongly. Bhutan defeated the Allied forces of Uganda and Libya, and captured Uganda, the capital of Kampala, and destroyed Uganda.

Amin fled to Libya with four wives and more than 20 children, and later moved to Iraq and Saudi arabia. Tanzania Amin's rivals, and former president aubstadt specially designed for new leaders, but was removed but did not cease, the Uganda warlords in guerilla warfare against the Tanzania Uganda government control situation.

It was not until 1986 that the basic withdrawal of the Tanzania army, the new president took office, Uganda to restore peace. Tanzania in the war, a large number of Soviet weapons purchase, the huge military spending led to the Treasury deficit, due to the occupation of Uganda by neighboring countries blockade and sanctions, it is not worth the candle.

In general, in order to compete for the Vitoria lake water resources, Tanzania and Uganda are both.